Protest in Pakistan

11 05 2011

Murder, go Protest. No Electricity, go Protest. No Gas, go Protest. Corruption, go Protest. Low salaries, go Protest. Teachers, go Protest. Poverty, go Protest. America, go go Protest. Qazi, always Protest.

But Protesting without action or strategy is just like pumping the dead body with lots of High grade Oxygen. The dead man doesn’t want to come back, but still PROTEST..!!!


Iftikhar Choudhary – Individual still or Institution

26 03 2008

Heralding the release of Choudhary Iftikhar; one is prone to think whether the current corruption-riddled society and system would digest him, when its convoluted state couldn’t handle the birth pangs of justice and had to throw up on November 9th? Wary does it sound and it is. But the quandary is to be shared with all and sundry. The maximum risk one could envisage is the Political camps; the army has decided to call it off, after grueling 8 years though sparsely productive financially in remittances and American aid to keep the inflated balloon intact and braving dissent in the recent years, the hegemony at the top are thinking wisely; the army knows the exit route to save face.

What if politicians don’t deliver again this time? Odds are high though; and the political past is nothing to be proud of. Media matured, public even more. Politicians have started to feel the heat. Fluke or fumble and public outpour is not going to spare anyone. 8 years of tremendous patience and paltry values in the foreign representation and stature, public is hurt and wounded. Adding insult to injury with rising and spiralling inflation and unemployment with imposed ‘terrorism’ from which the whole world seems innocuous and unprepared and unheard about but Pakistan is the focal and favourite spot for the ‘terrorists’ to play and practice with not-for-children-below-3-years-of-age toys.

Alas, the public has been given a voice to speak and delinquently they are vehemently using it, irking the Government every now and then. The very voice rung the highest walls of conspiracies that Richard Boucher seems to be going empty handed whilst trying to convince Nawaz Sharif to aid the American cause in Afghanistan.

Does this mean, the story of Afghanistan is nearing an end. Karzai is to meet Shaukat in London and play golf and their wives sip tea? Too early to say.

While Musharraf seems to be going the brave way of seeing things happening not his way, though, but accepting it is commendable equally. With the king’s party counting its lost card and gritting by sitting in opposition, the game is far from over. Unapparent is still the policy the new political facade is to follow. Pakistani Nation is prone to short memory, a 5 year plan and target should be memorized and spoon fed. Current years plans? Economic recovery, educational reforms, Judiciary and what not. The whole field lays bare but inundated by wild fires and mushrooms. Tread cautiously, ravines on either sides don’t allow faltering feet a second chance.

Fall Of Bhutto – Inside Story – Pakistan Finally Cornered

27 12 2007

One of the greatest fall after Dhaka, including Zia’s assassination, comes the fall of Bhutto family. Fall as in after Benazir, nobody from the blood line replaces her. Even if, in case, there is one, or if one sees Bilawal replacing her, its not soon. He is young and still a new born juvenile in terms of Politics. By the time he is ready to take the reins, the scenario might not even recognise him. And if, against the odds, he is in control, the name of Bhutto family would be perished in the books of history. All has been lost by this family.

Now the world, out of frustration, is condemning and Pakistan, as usual, promising full investigation with presumed results to be out within no time. The result is already out, that suicide attacks in Pakistan leave no trail behind. End of Story. Moreover, sarcastic was the cleaning up of the suspected evidence which lay bare on the streets of Rawalpindi. However, the world is now bracing up, as lobbies wanted, to paint Pakistan, permanently as a rogue state where nobody is safe. But ground realities are quite different. This is evident by handling of the situation, which came as an outpour in protest was meagre. The anticipated outlash from the inside, from the public, was not that warm as it should have been. Its as cold as December. And so shall it remain. The iron hand behind the curtains have drawn up the plans to remove every nail and stone by tooth and nail.

A little perspective on Benazir as to what possibly was the cause that led to this demeanor and ferocious step resulting in her full elimination. Firstly was her pro-West protocol that she brought in; wherein she was ready to hand over Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, secondly countering the terrorists, who currently are infested in the bordering areas of Afghanistan and seem to flourish and prosper and spread after the incident towards more into inside of Pakistan, which irked not few. Thirdly, she wasn’t seen in the higher levels of administration as that nationalist and pro Pakistan, which was quite evident with her father who was the founding member of Bangladesh. Period.

With the recent infrastructure development, adding road networks, pruning the local administration with applied accountability for finances, no matter how frail the element of accountability was but it wasn’t left onto the papers this time. Quite evident. One must land into Pakistan to see it. But, for now nobody is heading to Pakistan which is itself in a deep quandary to tackle the situation which is to multiply on the international level. Things are going to the worse graph level, which is no good sign and Pakistan would have braced for this.

With the protocol that she came in, she was confirmed on the sniper’s target. And she didn’t take heed of this. Neither did she prepare herself to the risks that posed to her life directly, or that she was put under a confidence that she is safe. And none other than inside man or men would have done this. Now, a bit of homework in the ranks of PPP would have to be carried out as to who went defect while just walking behind her. That inside man knew what her schedule was and where she is to surface before the public. Now get the point? All the specific and sensitive details about her movement was known to some one within the ranks. Naheed Khan? No her stature and reach cannot be that far reaching. The Khan with her name shouldn’t be doubted as well. Amin Fahim? Possibly. Nawaz Sharif? Hmm, his brother had some cleaning done in Lahore when he was the Chief Minister. Asif Ali Zardari? A very prospective candidate in this murderous scheme, as Mir Murtaza Bhutto, was touted to be killed under the dictate of Zardari, but still not completely investigated. And what is investigated to the end in Pakistan? To date even the assaulters of Liaquat Ali Khan’s life are still unknown to the public.

This was confirmed and the rumour was rife that next expected Prime Minister was Benazir. This was a concern for all at the higher levels, the third time for Benazir would be quite destroying for the future of Pakistan. And that Pakistan is getting ready to mould the next phase of the New World Order minus America. Many of the promising projects have taken off and ready to pay off; and no eclipse was to be allowed. Pakistan has to cash that. And some of the lobbies are finding this hard to digest. And they had Benazir to put a tight nooze on these. But alas, this couldn’t be materialised. Nor it would be.

A little perspective on how the incident took place. Very conveniently, everything is blamed on the suicide attackers and why shouldn’t it be? The suicide bomber is no more to defend his position. Whether that attacker was in his senses, or was he a drug addict programmed and brain washed for a morsel after the so called ‘assignment’. The very suicide bomber, if presumed to be a drug addict, is unaware of the consequences, apparently.

After the congregation, Benazir headed to her residence in Islamabad or was to take a flight back to Karachi, the road that was taken, according to plans which are sensitive, such plans change at the last minute for the safety of sensitive personalities, which is also evident in Hollywood films, e.g. Miami Vice, the supply point, wherein was changed in the final encounter over the telephone. Thus with this apparutus and designs, someone knew what was to come and deliberately nothing was changed. She was taken to the road of incident. Starting from the driver and the security advisor, the driver presumably could have defected or was already working, insiduously, for the agencies. Taking down the road, plans were there, that Benazir had to surface from the rooftop of the vehicle to respond to the waving crowds out to see their leaders. The perpetrators, were among the crowds not in handfuls but in multiple numbers spread all over the road from the start till end to carry out the mission without a miss. The plan was more perfect than prevention which was scathed to the core. Someone defected with lots of blank cheques.

This is how the fairy tale of politics abruptly ends. This is no nightmare. One of the most acknowledged leaders is no more. No matter how negative her approach was but she has left behind Pakistan in a squirming condition. Although plans would be in place.

But one thing is confirmed the commando has been most of the greatest asset and expensive to the global economy.


The Angel Sheds the Uniform and Emergency II

15 12 2007

Loser at the moment stands out to be, unfortunately, Imran Khan, who however has gained momentum in the Student circles who aspire and greatly desire change at all levels including theirs. But yet again, the cards are drawn and known at the higher levels. Levels which are incomprehensible, as garbs of deceit and conspiracy blended with ulterior hypocrisy is the norm in the parliament of Pakistan including the constitution. Blotched at every nook and to the core.

The revolutionary guards too have a history which took birth from the Universities, but status quo of Pakistan is much more different. Different classes, different languages, difference of provinces, has drawn up the stealth lines between the very people sharing the same ideology. The ideology which may not be obsolete but has taken the back seat or pushed back. And pushed back so diligently and between the crevices of inflation, disorder, corruption, the masses have been efficiently duped and reduced into a herd of sheep destined to the slaughter house and then reborn again to repeat the cycles.

Yet again, with the upcoming elections on January 8, for which the international lobbies have made it like their ‘own’ mandate, Lord knows how, but however they are keen to change to their aspirations; aspiration which wouldn’t go in the favour of Pakistan. On the forefront being America (read Umreeka Bahadur). On the eve of emergency, which was touted and flayed upon by all and sundry and local columnists labeled it as ‘Emergency Plus’, naive countries like Holland too were on the fore to cut economic relations with Pakistan. Such communities should know the ground realities as to where they are seen and where they should be seen and what standing do they have in the world order. Holland is nothing but Tulips, Tourism and open stalls of Marijuana being sold like caviar like delicacies. Such economies are run on coffee shops and souvenirs.

This very much reflects the lax foreign policy of Pakistan. It can’t be offensive when it has the Bomb. The much feared but still an asset for the Muslim world, but nonetheless always on target, whether being a press conference or some army base off the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The real concern right now making round is this capability; and capability of Pakistan ‘only’. Right reserved. Musharraf is quite very right in preserving the slogan, ‘Pakistan First’.

So now, even after the very coy tactic of getting the book, Military Inc. out on racks, the military gave a cold shoulder and the book was buried and Aisha Siddiqa, the championed author of the publication was nonetheless revealed of her connections with the Indian High Commission and her travel frequencies between India and England. Against Pakistan, the troika of England, India, America is very much rotating around the ideology of bringing Pakistan at a compromising position. But Pakistan Military was quite deft in playing her cards carefully; controlling the inert rifts caused through the connivance of the politicians who have gone beyond conviction to show their insincerity to Pakistan and more carnal affiliation with the earnings through the private means to disrupt the Pakistani show.

But why Pakistan is in focus. Why Pakistan on target? This question CANNOT be answered by the oft faith selling politicians. Only the sincere brass, unfortunately, the military has the answer. Its quite unfortunate for the military to be on the cross roads every time there was a calamity. And foreign lobbies left no stone unturned to criss-cross military with evil motives.

Even if assumed military is no good, neither are the politicians minus Imran Khan.

And a word for the media, not much different from the political echelons. GEO projected itself to be another purchasable, off the rack and non nationalist commercial item. Freedom for GEO is like allowing the llamas to run wild in the city when maps are not made for them. Strict measures ought to be taken to have an eagle’s eye on them. Benazir, who claims herself to be ‘too’ secular, didn’t allow media to drag her facts out in the open. Then why is it the military deviled when he allowed much more freedom. Double standards don’t work in the West but they are exported here.

One message to the West – Import our politicians in your system, and then we’ll see whether you flourish or wait for Japan to reprimand you with sanctions every now and then; and then we would allow your inspectors to comment and supervise our elections. When you can train our military men to your advantage why not the politicians? Although Jinnah, the veteran didn’t have to take any from you. Period.

Musharraf and The Pandora Box

24 11 2007

Not a week which goes empty without any rustle or riffle in the Pakistani melodrama. Political forces at their helm with quite a lot preparations, ongoing to stage protests, long marches, ticket sale for the upcoming elections; something or the other is waiting to pounce in the middle and grab attention while wooing the locals. Pakistani scenario is alive and kicking.

From the grim defeat in the One Day series, Shoaib Malik has at least cemented his place for a year, at least; irrespective whether he is a good show himself with results for his team or not for the rest of the year but the hammer has been struck. Naive decisions coming in too quick, where fools rush in obviously. It was that one day victory which wasn’t in itself a decider whence Shoaib Malik got to retain the crown.

While the Hero of Cricket, rather the King Khan of cricket was bailed out of the jail following his staunch stance of hunger strike which lasted for well over 50+ hours and indeed without a morsel and a drop of water.  At such a sensitive age where the joints too aren’t that responsive, Imran Khan has showed tremendous resilience to the status quo of Pakistan and raised himself as a mature and understanding politician. But I would rather again stay on the fact that still he has to learn from this peers a.k.a Nawaz and Qazi who have flouted and ditched him several times. But he hit the iron at the right time. This time it was Jamaat e Islami that it exposed the intricacies and the ‘bad’ truth the Punjab University was keeping this long.

Jamiat, the student faction of the Jamaat, doesn’t come out clean; either now or previously. With tarnished image emanating from the gruesome murders back in the 80’s and following after that, refer to link – for more details in Urdu. Black history has been chalked out on the walls of the academia in Lahore. Such that, student division which is normally keep aloof from the outside world had to take the brunt to be a burning charcoal to keep the bandwagon of Jamaat e Islami going on till today. But the dent has been placed. Swift and silent. Jamaat has still to recover. All that is needed is lifting of some of the plates and the restive volcano is no more so.

More so, Nawaz has been lucky to cast off his home sickness once more time, this time at the behest of the Government which previously was too obedient to Bibi Jee. Now Bibi is in, Government has her surrounded, sometimes in Lahore or Karachi. But since her return, she has not been able to move the crowds against the dictator, which tells how much she is trapped after the NRO. Bibi jee you were warned. But time has to play the cards or is it Shujaat and Pervez Ilahi Duo? Who knows. Now Nawaz gets the clear signal to head back in to corner the Bibi finally.  Most probably and possibly, PML (Q) and PML (N) are to form the alliance, but after much compromise and hopefully Shahbaz who is already in the good books of the Military would take the seat. Shaukat has given the sign already; and who else is equally competent after him? Shahbaz is the answer or perhaps Pervez. But quite an exchange of delights would be there at the table of M and Q leagues. PPP fear this and fears alot. A bit of rigging and PPP would be out again for another 5 years and out of the picture finally. Hope so.

With America being put a noose around its neck, thanks to Pakistan, its Afghan dilletante is costing it to be a bit pricy that Bush administration has reduced itself to ‘request’ the Musharraf administration to reconsider the emergency option again. Super Powers too have something to miss out on and allow others to be like Chavez and Castro.

The reciprocation of the bomb blasts today in Rawalpindi is a clear indication India is very much involved and around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 3 blasts in India killing scores of civilians and then 2 attacks in answer to the previous one was a bit harsher as the Rawalpindi attack was on a bus carrying Defence officials. Now how risky was that can’t be revealed openly. Though its a tremendous loss, but has been fizzled out soon.

Politicians and media are being allowed to wake up but in a civilised manner. And complied did they. A brash child respects a deserved treatment and the General knows where the engine goes crank.

Emergency & 9th November and Beyond

9 11 2007

6 days since the promulgation of the emergency. Media, most of it is under the locks, but no public turmoil seems to be outpouring against it save GEO news, which was and still is quite vocal for the emergency that seems only existing on GEO. The public response, particularly, the business community welcomed the move. Ironic. The business community cannot be bought overnight, but how come the community sides with the General?

Seeing this trend, the trend of serenity of an issue which was taken up quite seriously, where some of the EU countries and only 1 from the Far East, ‘Japan’, have upped the pressure through their usual threatening tones of banning Pakistan their aid and ending her tumultuous and tiring marriage with Common Wealth.

Now, with the expected protest call given by the Bibi jee, which was efficiently foiled yet again, which reflects management from Punjab’s side which is going strong and also non callous response of the public, situation at the ground level seems normal and life is going as it is. No restlessness, as planned and tried-to-be-instigated was visible. The conspirators and think tanks which see in Benazir the opening up of the nuclear assets and handing over the Doctor over the US, she already has proved the very political behaviour to devour Pakistan by providing the lists of the Sikh freedom fighters back in the early 90’s to buy the Prime Minister’s post, the treacherous way to which goes through many deals and White House, want her to be on the forefront and vocal about her position. The sheep of Pakistan a.k.a the Public, are short sighted and have loss of memory; even so, many might not be able to recall the former name of Faisalabad. With such mindset, democracy is another game to bank on the monetary reserves which saw the graph rising though gradually.

Now with elements gaining strength in Swat valley, situation there is still not being taken to note by the military. If it does, the fate would same as Bugti and Lal Masjid. Period.

With the current situation, in the NWFP, race is on for the future stakeholder of Pakistan between 2 contenders, Bibi and Military; latter being in the power, Bibi stresses interim government to oversee transparent elections which wouldn’t be possible under the current regime which would influence the elections in February to be swayed in their favour to keep the Bibi out. Possible, perhaps.

Emergency could be a herald, to gain time for more homework as pressure mounts with each passing day. The present Government, till now managed, with the plethora of projects being completed in more of a rush than calculated to woo more of voters who seldom have voted for any of these advocates of democracy carrying tainted history and democracy.

What is to Come?

Now with the facts available; no public outpour on emergency, Government now showing lax to allow some media channels which are screaming at the top pitch in futile reflecting their biased opinion and propaganda rich purposes to derail the Government. The conspirators would resort to some tactic to see the Government on its toes and doldrums. What could that move be? More of attacks? Possible. More of unrest in NWFP? Perhaps. Free hand to the militants in Swat who aren’t Taliban as realities confirm them to be Uzbeks; Ahmed Shah Masood too had an Uzbek background and also had Indian support and enjoyed public relations with the latter. The militancy would then be geared up at the border; foreign pressure would mount on the military. But they too wouldn’t be sitting without a plan. Maps would have been drawn by now, strategies chalked out, locals would have been invited for more rigorous support in return of peace and tranquility and control.

Much is to be seen, coming weeks are crucial for Pakistan.

The upcoming long march (between 15 and 18th of November) in protest of emergency would again be taken with an iron fist as precedented and wouldn’t show any promise but would keep investors on the wary, still. But politicians cooing while pigeonholed, would at least have something to exhibit that they too form the part of the game and that they shouldn’t be stashed out from deck of options the foreign lobbies have before them. But politicians too would be shown the exit this 15th which justifies the long march to justify their political ‘existence’ or be left out, simple.

Let’s wait and watch, how the stars form and the term in the Wild Wild West too coming to its ebb of end, things would change a bit quickly. Possible perhaps.

Emergency – After-birth like Pangs of the Media

5 11 2007

With the emergency in effect and going strong with 50+ hours already passed and also seems to cross 50+ days as well. The General had it planned. And that too very well.

Although, this comment should have waited for yet another 18+ hours to surface; but the birth like pangs of the media; local and international, altogether in a chorus are condemning the act, really put it into action. This also voices that international conspiracies now have got a jolt although with such a pressure the emergency might not sustain for long. But when its army and hellbent, things get sturdy and precarious, like Bugti.

Just out of curiosity, is there any other country which is going through such trials? Is there any country where disparity, conspiracy, lobbying, sponsored violence is at this helm? No. Its Pakistan where the odds meet. Underlying sustainability with overtured susceptibility of the nation is worth of note. The vulnerability is amongst the ranks, the civilian ranks a.k.a politicians who on the grounds of personal gains and competition are out to add fuel to the fire. Most of the politicians are under arrest or house arrest.

Noteworthy is, no suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle, not even a cycle in these past 50 hours. Emergency is indeed paying off. At last. But the media has been put under strict surveillance and suspension until further notice, so as not to invite more of the ill-educated, sponsored, financed people who are given impetus on the calls of so called nationalist politicians. History is awash with examples. And history not far.

Possible indications or symptoms for the emergency could be the underlying purpose to halt the judges who were on the verge to go against the ruling General. On the other hand, if this was couldn’t be avoided, was the Civilian party ready to face the heat in Swat Valley? Was the civilian leadership ready to sacrifice the earnest and sincere blood of its workers. Benazir could have. 150+ casualties of 18th October incident is much evidence. Period.

Media blacked out, politicians behind bars, protestors tear gassed, newspaper offices attacked, ambassadors and diplomats are busy inviting their representing governments to up the amp the pressure on Pakistan government to end the saga. But the question is still unanswered, why Pakistan? Is CNN, Fox News allowed to go against the Government and nose-diving dollar? Are they allowed to show the falling bodies of their soldiers who are fighting an unknown and garbed enemy which might be sponsored by their own bosses? Hell no. Multiple diplomatic hypocrisy where questions are not allowed. Period.

With the restive with media for some days, the Government of Pakistan has allowed itself some room to play and plan around. And plans are there. Some rumours are rife that the current development is a setup to get Benazir somehow on the forefront as the representative. Having her has never been so easy for the prospects of Pakistan. Lord knows, what would her priorities be the 3rd time. Would this be the last one, please?

With US aid intact after the emergency put into action, the act in itself was pre-planned and for quite some time. And now the ratification. Although if Iftikhar Chaudhary is not reinstated, he leaves with blotch less conscience.

Emergency heralded a sign of good faith, evidencing release of the 211 soldier captives at the hands of the local warriors in the Swat valley. So much so, the aftermath of the emergency is already showing signs. But the media writhes in after-birth pangs, pointing to international financing to put media in the front row to instigate some movement, agitation to bring Pakistan yet again into notice albeit to frighten away investors. Investors might have taken the road back but elections wouldn’t be scared away. International pressure again. Vietnam, devastated after the war records 8%-9% of economic growth per annum, not to mention its shipping industry is second to China’s in the region. Country in the yesteryears in tatters and Pakistan with its status quo languishes. International media and agencies press for democracy but not economic reforms. Hypocrisy maintained.

Nonetheless, it pained to see Dr. Shahid Masood trying his level best to project the situation as a crises although life in Pakistan was normal. Some parts and some businesses recorded slow progress, but not as such as the media wants the world to ‘assume’. Assumption is a trump card media effectively used to change opinions.

But nonetheless, concluding, after-birth like pangs of the media could lead to abortion; abortion of its rights if it doesn’t set itself right. Only 2 parties stands out to benefit from the emergency; Rumour engine and the Stock Market. The latter fell approximately 500 points on the first day, much could be associated with the former. The ticker was kept moving, with rumours like Imran Khan got killed and Musharraf under house arrest. Emergency is yet to show more of this. Fingers crossed.

News is around that the Jang office has been attacked. Columnists in Fatima Bhutto might want to rest their pens for a while. You might have awakened the bear out of hibernation when the season didn’t even start.

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