Protest in Pakistan

11 05 2011

Murder, go Protest. No Electricity, go Protest. No Gas, go Protest. Corruption, go Protest. Low salaries, go Protest. Teachers, go Protest. Poverty, go Protest. America, go go Protest. Qazi, always Protest.

But Protesting without action or strategy is just like pumping the dead body with lots of High grade Oxygen. The dead man doesn’t want to come back, but still PROTEST..!!!


Pakistanis – Remittances are not the ONLY Answer..!! VIVA – Vote is Voice of Allah

7 05 2011

6 million Pakistanis around the globe. Majority residing in Middle East. Most of them don’t know how to use the internet. The message is intended to be read and spread. Word of Mouth.

Pakistan, today, is the crossroads of history. Never, unprecedented, has any nation ever faced such multitude of dilemma, dichotomy amid its crumbling system. Examples are there but with such odds and negatives playing totally against the public, now the Army and the intelligence a.k.a ISI also joins the coterie and shares the grunt and the brunt. The global abuse. The media abuse. You Pakistanis have unfolded this unto yourself. One by acquiesced and silenced acceptance of the status quo and disowning your own country with no innovative sense and want of change. Hence hounds make rounds of our fates. Secondly by NOT voting. Vote or Note. Your choice.

No dictator, no leader, no councilor has ever stopped you from voting. Vote is power. Vote is language. Vote is right. Vote is Voice. Vote is better than watching Priyanka Chopras and Katrina Kaifs. Forget Saif and Shahrukh just for an hour’s sake and vote. Vote and just Vote.

Overseas Pakistanis are people who had talent but ON SALE..!! Yet they were limited in their visions. Instead of procreating opportunities at home through business ownership or roadside career initiation for the purpose, overseas Pakistanis saw 1 dollar to 86 degraded Pakistani Rupees as a better option.
But at what better price..?? At the cost of fading memories and their own people. Overseas Pakistanis thought, better metalled and black solid roads are way to making fortunes but nonetheless, dreams can only be achieved if Pakistan is on the top of the dream list.

With a 12 billion dollar contribution to Pakistan, the duty doesn’t end there. But its otherwise presumed. What have you done to Pakistan and for Pakistan. Your wife adorns the best of lawns and you consider that riches..? Your child takes a spider-man flashing on his backpack would make him stand out..? Would upgrading your wheel caps of your car bring you additional praise? You are most scorned than otherwise, but if you realise.

Show offs, over stretching yourself for the social status quo only lasts for 15 minutes on an average in any event. Your wife’s jewelery is only talked about that long. Your child’s Nike shoes are history when they get soiled. What are you running after..? Money..? Security..? Peace of mind..? Do you have it all yet..?

To stand out, to make it, you have to think out of the box, think but not like women. Think of giving back to have it back.
To start with the first step. How many Pakistanis have you endeared and touched their lives upon..? How many unemployed Pakistanis have got employment letter through your efforts (not to be read as reference)..? How many languages do you speak..? How many businesses have you opened up..? Are you trustworthy even to sell socks by the roadside..? How big is your unseen ego if you want to open up a roadside Fruit Chaat Shop (given if you are a graduate and a postgraduate)..? You want ego or money..? How good are you in public relations..? How often you mingle with people..? Do you often talk about mobile apps in a get together..?? If so, they you are a waste and your 12 billion dollars are just a pretext to acquiesce your own conscience.

Do you even smile without this this occurring to you that this person might ‘ask’ you for something. How many lives have you touched..? How many roads have been repaired with your own hands..? How many streets remain clean in your locality with your connivance..? Have you ever thought, the trash and waste your household in Pakistan disposes on daily basis, accentuated with the number of households by at least 50 times would be enough to generate electricity, if that project is on your mind ever..??

Are you really making a difference as a PAKISTANI..?? Are you really business minded for other Pakistanis..?? Have you ever thought that by recruiting Pakistanis in your own organisations will just empower you (provided a common vision is agreed upon, which again is unlikely)..??

Where do you stand..?? Economically..? Or are you just made to fill the coffers of the foreigners and make your own boss richer by the day and stay satiated with peanuts yourself..?? Justice or corporate bigotry..??

Now do you see the big picture..??

Do you want a change in Pakistan..?? Not the Theepa change but REAL change.

Then add this little thought of contributing VOTE on the election day. Make a difference. Don’t leave it to the hounds and dogs of the Parliament. Oh Hazrat Parliament.!!

Do you leave your children and wives at the mercy of the Police Wallahs when you travel abroad. Do you entrust the local councilor to take care of the daily chores of your household..?? Do you leave your property papers with the Patwaari..?

If not, then why the bloody country is left upon them..? 12 billion dollars is what we just DON’T want. We want your voice. The freedom of having complete justice. Voice your concern. Stick with the truth. When was the last time you spoke only and just only truth..?

Politics of Pakistan is an abandoned child. More worse than that, you abandoned it in the darker and filthier streets of degradation yourself. So why blame the already corrupt. You gave them the way. History.

Now what..?? CHANGE..!! With action and just action..!!

But are you ready for it..?? Are you serious about it..??

Pakistan Pa’aindabad.

Dubai’s RERA and Zardari’s a Lutera / Wikileaks – Business of Blunders

10 12 2010

Wikileaks has done it. The global leaders did it again…Blunders and lots of blunders this time. East to West, everyone’s seems to be taking cover while Wikileaks seems to rain all over, with loads of stories of unprecedented mistrust and deceit.

Please no more Hiccups and Leaks - Earning Desperately in Progress

The most naive, the most obedient, the most unscrupulous, the most illogical of what has been said behind the iron curtains has been peeled off and drilled out. Wikileaks has done business on blunders. Assange is just one another smart guy out there.

His arrest might not assuage the rising career in the underworld of Hacking and cracking but has sent tremors an uplifting message to all and sundry that vice and vice versa have to live together but some have to put their acts together to avoid this embarrassment.

Don't Say A Word - Hush Assange

Nawaz, Chaudharies, Zardaris, Altaf Hussain, the Army, the Establishment of Pakistan have been at the centre point for Wikileaks. The puppets were they but the public is more aware and awake. The drop scene seems to be planned. New recruits and players have to be brought on board without spilling a drop of blood and oil. Both are precious in bureaucracy.

Wikileaks - Whistle Blower of the World

The damage is done. It cannot be rolled back or switched off. The moment Wikileaks raised the curtains and unfolded the drama, all politicians were bare baking their skins in the sunlight of media which burned their masks. Scathed and scratched almost everywhere, expect a retributive response in the coming weeks, a fiesta for the next year.

Speaking of the next year, Dubai’s DEWA is hiking its utilities’ bills by 15% for the end consumers, a herald which calls for Plan B options for consumers. Either have 2 jobs or 1 job + a part time business but something and everything has to be moving or YOU move OUT of the country.

Dubai's DEWA - Tax Free Utility

From January effective, the Government of the UAE has reduced the residence visa validity to 2 years which is 2/3rd of increase in the renewal income for the sponsor of the visa. So an expat has no say whatsoever. Award yourself the certificate of loyalty which comes with no viable and comprehensive fiscal value but could, that too could, save your neck at your job. The moment your service is outsourced to Bangalore, you aren’t employable by Bangalore even. Wake up and smell the Coffee. Rather taste it..!! Its even better.

Such are the laws in the Middle East which shall enable the employers to save AED 678 million. But what would employees save..?? Their life..?? or Wife..?. Unpredictable like the Pakistani Cricket Team. Rumours are up as usual; Javed Miandad is slated to be the coach. Yet again..?? Is it the money or is it fame or Nationalism Javed Sahab..??

Dubai’ RERA is pulling together its act of silent prospect and spectator all these years since 2001 when EMAAR or NAKHEEL launched the first ever property. Now RERA has little room to manoeuvre as developers have skipped but Investors didn’t skip any of the payment they were asked to rather had to pay. As non payment in the Middle East leads to the lock up, be it a credit card or a car installment or property installment. Developers have and had much say and liberty as opposed to investors who didn’t have control on either the contract nor their payments stuck in the escrow accounts. Now they wander in limbo.

Dubai's RERA - Real Estate's Boss

Countless projects, promised to be delivered by 2009, haven’t till started at all. Many projects are delayed for 3 years. This is one mess history should remember and keep recalling to invite recession again and again. Somebody should come forward and write a book on what happened with Real Estate in Middle East and Dubai. The Glitz, the Glamour, the Frustration is the perfect title of the book. Follow the link here – What to Ask RERA. Read the comments of the frustrated investors.
Also read this – EXCLUSIVE: Poor Dubai building quality will damage market – Bin Ghalaita

Middle East is a subject now. Should be taken up seriously as a major in Universities.

Hey Investors, did we say to invest out of your countries..?? We really sympathise for the finances you have lost, but till further notice, your property and your bank account has an outstanding credit to be paid, by January next year, or else.
We know you’re unemployed for the past one year but Happy New Year..!! Jingle Bells Jingle Bells all the way to the Lock UP..!! Meet Santa there as he missed his installment for this month of his carriage. There aren’t any deers so he has to fix a petrol generated engine to run this carriage which unfortunately isn’t anymore. All impounded. Welcome to the Bonded Labour Zone.

Meanwhile enjoy this. That is me with the first prize at the Toastmasters Club.

Iblees ka Sajda

26 12 2009

The awaited NRO is defeated and buried but unearthed the same old faces who would want to come back for a kill yet sometime again, if we falter. We have been for the last 62 years. The glimmer of hope that each one of us awaited finally came. Reaching there seemed easy but for how long is the question. Shall we redress the stage to allow more of the black sheep again? Can’t we do away with our age old beliefs and rituals of blind faith?

Can we ever stop to bow before whom our elders bowed to? Is it catastrophic to differ? Is it a sin to change? Is it a shame to innovate and experiment? Is it a taboo to think out of the box? Is it a stigma to let off the past and rise yourself to the concurrent?

We have to change. We, as the youth of Pakistan, have the courage, the attitude, the ability, the vision, the energy to believe and bring change. Change awaits change.

“Jawaanoan Ko Peeroan Ka Ustaad Kar..”

Jawaans, decide your fate, decide your national vision and you won’t be following the precedents. Your ancestors spent their fate, never knowing you would be there. So why walk the circle like the blinded cow, which walks miles to grind that it cannot consume? Are you forced?
We are the blind cow, which is worshipped in the neighbourhood but we are not revealed upon us our capabilities, our future. Our blinded futures, our blinded faith is the blank cheque for the corrupted higher ups. We are the sons of welfare states.
The day we realize this, our mothers would give birth to Ghazis and Shaheeds and NOT anymore Afia Siddiqis.

This had to come here where the shambles would shatter and we could think so openly and vividly. The nation has got a strong ground to feel that fervour of a new beginning. Every nation is destined to rise, we didn’t after 1947, the last time we culminated the power of belief, honesty, integrity and faith.

Yet again the heavens have decided to end the spate of hell for us. Now, we have a much more treacherous road uphill, down upon which the daggers flash in the night and eyes prowling to hunt; hunt our self respect, the wish to emanate ourselves from the shackles of the system which has rot us down to the last core but not completely. We stand fallen, but not defeated and defeated would never we be.

Change is coming. Either you are a part of it or just a spectator watching it. The pace is picking up. All we have to do is the Sajda of Iblees he denied. The Sajda to the corrupt system, the Sajda to ill will has to end, just once. The first step, the first sajda, the first denial is important. Change yourself and you would have changed the world around you. Decide, Sajda, Denial and be yourself.

Pakistan Pa’aindabad.

Photos – Last Moments of Bhutto

30 12 2007

The killer and bomber are two seperate individualsThe killer and bomber are two seperate individualsThe killer and bomber are two seperate individualsThe killer and bomber are two seperate individuals

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