Benazir and the Bomb Blast – Who did it? PPP did it

18 10 2007

Well, now Benazir, steps into the van to take rest. 11 hours in waiting, she gets restlesss. To ward off the workers, who thronged in from every nook of Pakistan, something sympathetic for Benazir had to be put up. So she wants to get back to Bilawal house and leave it to the rest to bear, a bomb is triggered. This was preplanned for sure. The moment she resigns to the cabin, the twin bombs go off.

Why not earlier? Why not when she left the Airport? Why not when the Bus got onto the Shah Faisal Road? Why right after 11 hours, at that particular point, where its believed the lighting too was dimmer than before.

Well, by now, PPP workers have gathered much hatred against the Government, with this move, the party wants to have its votes permanent and loyalty in the first place, so this was the right card in a sensitive moment. Another political gimmick to gather sympathy. More the casualties and more the conspiracy from the Angel’s side gets into darkness. Benazir comes out clean. Why? Why because her own protectors got hurt and wounded. At the end of the day, Government and Arbab Ghulam would have to bear the brunt, as the bombs were fixed in the Police cars.

See the twist? Police car, owned and controlled by the Government, whereas the Government would have tried its maximum to control the whole procession with added security measures. But in the end, according to some reports, some spokespersons were of the view that Government failed to protect. In the first place, why would, if the Government really targeted her, use its own protocol and formal vehicles which could be identified without any complications?

Secondly, getting her own coterie wounded, would wash away their sinister plans. The impact of which is concrete loyalty is confirmed from the party workers who, might get swayed, through Government tactics (which had previously tried to much extent) which were executed quite skillfully, not to mention, the Reconciliatory Ordinance was such an engineered program which had done much damage at the upper level.

Moreover, 11 hours of wait too got much of nerves. So continuing the scenario, she gets the information that ‘this’ is the place; she steps down, bombs explode, she is escorted in a nearby Mercedes parked lowly and hideously in a nearby side street which goes down into the darkness all the way to Bilawal house, as right after the explosion she was safely in the House within 15 minutes, while the people in millions get stranded and run around in chaotic circles. See the connection? Possible. Possible in Pakistani Politics.

Later today, its expected that a call for a ‘Black’ Day in protest would be called for those who got wounded or died. And a note for the families who lost their near and dear ones, Benazir is not coming to your houses for condolences so no need for much formalities, please.

P.S – The propaganda of Reconciliatory Ordinance and Deal with Musharraf got into the back seat after the explosions. The Ordinance lays buried under the rubble of Human Flesh. Thus, Benazir and her coterie might have orchestrated it to have their names and repute at the stake of Ordinance card of the Government to be struck off and medals be awaited which are etched with blood of their own party workers.

People of Pakistan are nothing but sheep.




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19 10 2007

well this artcile seems to be one sided. Simply say that you dont want PPP to win the elections. Lets say she made the deal with Muhsraaf. but i guess the people who welcomed her yesterday were not sent by the Musharaf. Secondly if she had to do it her self than not that close to her truck, and Mind u Mr etzaz Hussain got senseless as wel when this all happened.Is she or Pakistan in a position to loose him? and regarding SHE not going to the victims houses. Does any one of the present government goes? 2 assasination attacks on musharaf did he go? NO. announcing money is not everything. Every one was expecting this. Intelligence reports, then taliban warning BIBI. this was expected to happen. Saying that PPP did on purpose or the government involved, I guess its the most non sense thing to say.secondly,more then 10,000 policemen, rangers were there, and still they couldnt do anything. and that mercedes was with the convoy since the start. So stop taking sides, and if you wanna express something, be neutral. One thIng is for sure that BIBI stil has the vite bank in pakistan no matter what and that she showed yesterday. :_). Long live Pk.

19 10 2007

Your scenario, though speculative, is plausible & entirely possible.
Unfortunately, public memory is very short otherwise they would do well to remember BB’s reaction to Mir Murtaza’s murder & her total laxity in pursuing the killers.
If she can be totally dismissive of her own brother’s murder, then to sacrifice 100+ of her poor, illiterate minions should be child’s play.

19 10 2007
Faisal Khan

As you read the BBC, as you go through GEO website, this starts becoming more ample that PPP is the one behind it.

I will not give indications but will only pray and expect that she gets caught and face a similar punishment as her father did.

20 10 2007
B Ali

I think every one could answer me one simple question ” who is the main beneficiary of this tragic incident?”, ofcourse PPP first and then Musharaf (possibly can postpon elections). May God protect our country ( I wish I could hang all these corrupt politicians, and also some corrupt media anchors).

4 12 2007

Asalam Alaikum

First of all prayers for the sacrificed peoples on the 18th october blast.
viewing from different angles, expertise, views, i come to understand that
all this is the trick of establishment which always support PPP from its begining.
Major.R.Aslam Baig says that all kind of these attackes are made to increase the
importance of a personality or a party that will safeguard their interest and they
will safeguards target interest like PPP. So this is only a number for PPP to sharpe
their politics on the name of sacrifice but this is not a sacrifice this is another kind of Extra Judicial Killings like in past done by docaits, robbers, in the police uniforms taken from interior sindh i.e Nawabshah, Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur, etc, in Karachi,Hyderabar,Sukkur etc where MQM got big support. This is not a suicide bombing it’s a preplaned boomb blast by Benazir. Let’s suppose current govt. got total failure in stoping suicide boombs then what Mr.Malik former head of FIA did with special squat sent with Benazir by British Security company.

Shaikh Rasheed: Benazir should reward 10,00,000/person martyred in 18th oct from the wealth taken by robbing National Treasure of Pakistan. She is giving Rs.5000/person injured or died in this blast. Whole responsiblity is on Benazir because she knows what are the threats if their were. Somebody warns me that i will shot u down then what justice is i am doing to let 10 peoples with me as a human sheild to die for me there are more options to save 10 peoples life with mine.

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

15 01 2008
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3 02 2010
hateem bhatti

aslam u alikum every 1 if we follow the life of M

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