Railway Track – Bilour Attack

15 10 2011

Dear Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Sahab,

Pakistan Railway - Will it make a comeback

Train is part of our rural culture. Any primary grade book will depict a smoke billowing and track chugging Train crossing in the background, with the fresh and lively culture of our villages in the foreground.

For us, the grown up, the expatriates, trains carry a sentimental value. The train stations, the lively scene of it springing back into life, the hustle and bustle of getting off and on the train, the loading and unloading, the chant and rant of the porters upon its arrival and the deserted look after its departure intrinsically is a picture of everyone’s life. The real Desi (South Asian) life with which we have been brought up. It is just etched into our minds. Trains run in our blood.

Memories breathe the smoke of the trains. We live our memories on those tracks still. But is the railway living to our expectations? Who has robbed it off the life out of our railways? Bilour Sahab, are you listening?

You have dilapidated the railway and it feels you have skinned me alive. There was once I could wait for hours just to catch the glimpse of it crossing at exactly 6.00 o’Clock arriving at Lahore from Rawalpindi. The sound, the roar, the magnanimity, the wonder, the fascination – railway was just all. It was a journey of a thousand miles each day for us. Life is well captured at the rail station. Why o why? Bilour Sahab, why?

UK has 15,000 Km of railway tracks. 5000+ Km of which run on electricity. The railway tracks that run in parallel can go up to 12 at some places. Europe thrives on railway economy. The signature of any region is railway access. UK has one of the busiest railway networks in Europe. 20% more than France, 60% more than Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherland and Norway combined. Do you feel pinged? Apply for a post in UK railway. Even a peon’s post for you would suffice to bring it down. A dead rat on the tracks and the railway would rot.

Bilour Sahab, either you’re on the payroll of Toyota and Ford working on their mission to phase out Railway and replace with heavier vehicular imports. Mercedes will NEVER hire you as you’re un-affordable and standard-less. Period.

Pakistan Railway - needs another Rafiq Sehgal?

While if this is not enough, destruction of Indian Railways can be possible too. But would Sarhadi Gandhi allow you to do that from the pits of the ashes he shall be in? Indian Railway is the 4th largest in the world. Spanning a complete 64,000+ Km of railway, it transported 7 billion people in 2009. Just imagine had you been the Minister and you levied at least 1 rupee on these 7 billion nuts – Swiss banks would never been happier. So to say. Bilour Sahab, you are not a good Banya. And even if you are, your resume is not well written. Fact is, you have never learnt to use the typewriter, what can be expected. Not your fault.

Better to amend your name under a known Trademark – Ghulam Ahmed Bilour ‘Scrappiya’ or if more reasonable, ‘Kabaariya’ – would look more prominent and will fetch quite a few million hits from the headhunters. How’s Bilouria Kabaariya Group as a name for your company?

India’s recently added metros in Delhi and Mumbai gross 6.7+ million passengers daily. Just imagine if you get to be a Federal Minister of United Indian Railways, how delighted would Sarhadi Gandhi be in the riverbed of Ganga? Was he cremated or buried?

If such is the progress of Indian Railways, it will supersede your earnings per day. Better you inject ANP weaponry system that your party so skillfully got installed in Karachi. Export your expertise Bilour Sahab. You will have a fleet of able advisors soon. The writer of this post would surely want to be on your side to support you. By the way how many years do you have more to live Bilour Sahab..??

Railway’s dead already. But what’s the next Ministry being awarded to you? Fisheries, they don’t drive though, driving them nuts will be a challenge still. But who knows, Bilawal Chemical Factory can be set up to mega-pollute it. Education Ministry already has got its last rights done. Doesn’t matter. Health, don’t ask, the dead have more calcium on their bones than the living dead.

What other Ministry, Bilour Sahab? Help me brainstorm. Perhaps the Prime Ministry? Who knows. But please next time I see you have a Ministry, Sohrab Bicycles and Servis shoes should have gone down. Please.


A concerned Dengue Mosquito.

P.S – Would any of the 180 million crowd stand up and hurl a shoe at this AS*-A-WHOLE..??


Budget – Mystery or History

5 06 2011

Budget’s out, public’s in while the politicians are having a bash yet again. They rule the graveyard; while the grave dwellers aren’t getting any light either. Loadshedding, KESC, mudslinging, infrastructure, terrorism, foreign policy, everything and everyone is in a squander. A shabby one.

The Finance Minister is just another face-change, loyal employee who came up with the budget on time. Something in Pakistan is on time. Trains are never. While security lapses would never be. To be or not to be.

But where is our international relationship heading for? Anyone gave serious thought. But no, don’t. If the Governments hears this, expect another ministry with 10 pseudo ministers would be heading 10 or so committees solely to study and research the plight, the flight of overseas Pakistanis and their status quos. So please, let Pakistanis live. No more tax cuts for such an idea.

International relations are always built on..?? Bulls or bullets or billets..?? Commerce, economics, MOUs and technology sharing and power sharing. Has anyone heard or seen any Pakistani conglomerate, or business group ever coming up with a rock solid idea? An idea to boost and promote Pakistan. Any at least body formation? Council, team..? Nothing. On the ground. No willingness. No seriousness.

To better international relations, we need business representation. Better relations. Better access. But please don’t export LABOURERS. They aren’t living a good life outside Pakistan even. They work 18 hours and are underpaid and underfed. Export your mangoes and more. Export quality, finished goods, business entrepreneurs but not jobs. Much of it has taken flight.

A body to reform the export policies and procedures should be in place, starting with Sialkot, which has the camaraderie of having its own private airport. Access should be made to international publications to promote skills, industries and products. Export policy, on freelance mode, should be taken up at universities in Pakistan. International relations offers wide array of customer base. Invite and be invited. GEO or JEENAY do. Give and take.

But be honest. What you have, offer..!! Don’t over commit. Explore and connect. How difficult?
Further to such initiatives, a rapport building and supporting group should be in place to have a check.

Have I started to sound boring..? Yeah. As nobody has ventured into this arena ever. Non-taxable countries are hubs and nearest to Pakistan but entrepreneurs are again scarce. Scary statistics, expensive visas, stricter policies. Multiply and quadruple your money, Governments are interested in that. India is doing the same, exporting products and business owners.

King of Fruits - Politicians

Pakistan produces mangoes, which are exported. It also produced politicians, never exported. That is the problem. Let American Senate, the respected Senate, have 2-3 Pakistani politicians, only provincial members (MPAs), to be selected in their House. I bet, no green patch or forestry shall exist in America. Even South America might sanction import of carrots. Sticks are history.

Business Circle

International relations can be given a boost if business circles are encouraged to invest in sports industry. Teams should be represented in every sport, Tempest freerunning is a good emerging sport. Some Pakistani should read and take the cause ahead.
Education, representation, Business units, exports and lesser imports should pave the way for better international relations.

Political class is just crass. Undependable. So why not a civilian movement. Why not a behemoth move that of Sir Syed of innovating the status quo. No rocket science involved. Public opinion should be given a formal voice and draft of action. Action is what missing from the scene. Negative action is all around. Positive action..? No actors.

Is anyone listening..? PTI’s sit-in in Multan is coming on 25th. Summers, heat, terrorism, bomb blasts, prayers, Ramazan approaching fast. Better gear up for more mangoes.

Protest in Pakistan

11 05 2011

Murder, go Protest. No Electricity, go Protest. No Gas, go Protest. Corruption, go Protest. Low salaries, go Protest. Teachers, go Protest. Poverty, go Protest. America, go go Protest. Qazi, always Protest.

But Protesting without action or strategy is just like pumping the dead body with lots of High grade Oxygen. The dead man doesn’t want to come back, but still PROTEST..!!!

In-Kill-aab – Imran Khan, Wake Up to the History’s Call!!

21 07 2010

Ramazan’s approaching fast and prices are rising faster. Welcome Ramazan..!! Let’s hope Ramazan isn’t fortunate enough to evidence more imploding-from-poverty oriented suicides and improvised suicide attacks. Let’s hope and just hope.

The collective conscience of the public is DEAD..!! From yesterday’s Nurse’s episode, we had another on coming up from Jacobabad. The veracity, the non-callousness, the abrupt abuse of silence and injustice is so rife that a Divine intervention like Ghenghis Khan awaits this nation to be placed in rigorous cleansing mode. The abject absence of leadership and electricity, umm, does that sound familiar..? Perhaps, as Raja sahab isn’t the fit and misfit to run this electric chair.

Bilawal - Walking the trail which others did already

From Pakistan to Zombistan. Where do we head to next..?? Bilawal or Bakhtawar..? Naheed Khan, perhaps your office might re-open again, next to PM’s pretty soon. Start dusting it. The end seems nowhere as Army or Democracy is a circle of nuisance and oblivion infested with system and schemes of corruption. Kiyani gets the extension, while Zardari, Gillani & Co are counting their extended ‘bonus’ time till 2012 or 2013? Again the people’s movement or people altogether have been let to the dogs again.

Retired Army men are singing the tunes which no one wants to listen. Hey Ho! Javed Hashmi lands in Hospital while the Minister of NWFP (yeah its still NWFP for me as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa doesn’t improve my country men’s economic situation), loses his son to the eternal homeland. Everyone has to end up there, but where does posterity or audacity point our priorities to? IMF and World Bank are another begging bowl while the foreign bank accounts are already brimming but no one to question or be brought to justice.

The Judiciary is treading cautiously; the sensitive issue of misplaced and missing persons is not being taken. Zardari has his cards adeptly placed and dealt to avoid the missing persons to be noticed. Swiss cases or Swiss watches, the Judiciary has to play the sweep deftly but people can’t wait. They grow impatient with the rising temperatures while the rain water drains the electricity from the poles and electrocuted the WAPDA workers but cannot electrocute the Rajas and my Split air conditioner.

While Karachi has the same old 90’s story being re-enacted again. Nobody to take notice with the splash of dozens of media men who have grown their harvest of arrogance and consider themselves invincibles. Hence everyone or anyone searching for survival has to be a part of any cartel or conglomerates. ANP another bunch of living zombies are out there to lose every part of the Railway. The railway tracks have to be declared as national treasures. Linking Afghanistan and India was upto Islamabad and railways was always the good backbone to support such a scheme. Scheme it is as it shall be merrier for a counted 2% ruling elite of the country.

Karachi - Festering grounds of easy money, and blood

The Army given the carrot, while the public still kept under open arrest with dearth of issues of electricity, gas, power, flour, mango issue (perhaps could be stocked as Ramazan is approaching but mangoes need larger cold storages for which separate rental power plants would be needed to be installed in Gilgit or they get overheated and noticed.), sugar cane issue, police caning issue, education problem, infrastucture problem. Any remaining percentage of people who deceive or escape the above doctored calamities, are then fed efficiently as fodder to the suicide bombers. Americans get bombed on the other side, while anti-Americans on this side. Either the police should be replaced by Afghan refugees or Pakistani nation should get a new name for itself – United States of Pakistan (USP or USB – United States of Buffer Zone..??)

The nation is in a turmoil instead, although the children are on vacations, the roads would have been then. No economic policy seems to be fit or be introduced. The ruling elite counts its days and Bilawal wants to jump leagues of miles on his birthdays to see himself as the (Lord Forbid) PM. Well, Bilawal, remember Mujeeb ur Rehman?? He had his daughter studying then before being shot. So you should leave some Bhutto (or Zardari) legacy back in the UK.

Imran Khan - The unscathed option?

Imran Khan has been dealing, without deliberate notice, with the national status-quo but media are wary of his approach and vision. The youth of Pakistan side with him but nonetheless, the projection is missing. The team is there under the feathers of Khan but then again a great uprising or uprooting has to be either staged or else expect a comeback. But opium drained or opium injected nation is in deep slumber. A push, what push is needed. Imran are you upto the task? Your connect is just missing. You aren’t media’s favourite child. Although Dr. Shahid Masood covered you comprehensively and majority of anchors favour you but then again the spark seems missing. Either sit down with the top echelons of your party and brainstorm where things need repairing and listening. PP160 was a feat but what next? Where are we heading down to?

Shouldn’t you consider a mindset counselling of the JI first. The jawaans and the youth of JI are organised, charged and theologically attached to your concept and vision. We need serious regrouping. Going solo is brave but for how long. We need an army of civilians to take responsibility and control. Only and only attitude change can bring a major shift in the politics of Pakistan. Reach them to their very attitudes and address them. Regroup the youth in their localities to take care of everything. Make them see their localities not only growing but peaceful and much more cleaner. Our blunderous votes have limited the retarted and discarded class to Islamabad enclave. That is their reach, not further. Let’s forget them but also our localities and societies cannot be left to such hounds. Expecting beasts to milk the sheep? Is it? We need a social pilot project.

Imran, people hear you but want to see you too.

PP34 – Sargodha – Shaheen’s Frontier

7 07 2010

Beloved Countrymen..

PP160 might have been a victory for the opponents but not without unanticipated and unexpected stress the opponents were put through. The trials and tribulations for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf are carving and paving ways ahead in the future for the better of the nations, at least with a vision.

Maira Vote Pakistan..!!

Maira Vote Pakistan..!!

PP160 was an apparatus and a litmus test which Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf passed with higher confidence, although it lost in numbers and defeat of number is never a defeat, as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf doesn’t believe in the politics of rigging. Rather it believes in the social revival and economic improvement of Pakistan’s own people.

PP160 was heavily rigged, which enabled PML (N) to carve a victory. A victory which is lame and weak in its foundation can never last as the awareness and knowledge of the public has outgrown the political but dishonest manipulation of the other parties. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes in honesty before executing its much transparent policies of politics.

PML (N) secured 29,000 votes which includes thousands of fake votes, while Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf rallied much better with 19,000+ votes without rigging and with lesser opportunity of fairness and equal right to contest. The banners and posters were mutilated and removed to lessen the influence, but Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes in ruling the hearts rather the fake Diamonds which cannot be traded twice.

The Shaheens of Change

The Shaheens of Change

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf knows its strategy, which is based on honesty and cooperation. Your cooperation is again requested this time for Sargodha. Let’s bring a CHANGE. Sargodha needs a CHANGE. You are the CHANGE, you can show the CHANGE with your own VOTE.
Start the winds of CHANGE from Sargodha. The city of Shaheens. Only and only Shaheens know the limit of skies.

Kargaz ka Jahaan Aur, Shahee’n Ka Aur.

Vote is Victory and Vote is independent of Note. Vote for Principles, Vote for Jinnah, Vote for Pakistan. Pakistan is your vote. Please don’t waste it. Vote so that the world knows your thoughts are born in Freedom, the freedom Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf envisions for its future generations.

Pakistan Paáindabad.

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22 06 2010

Nadia Khan - Pinnacle of Live but Stupid Dancing

Dear Nadia,

It’s good to see you as a Brand. But what is the benefit to the watchers..??

Following is a summary which I’m sure will not be read and broadcasted; but it’s good to suggest which would be constructive.

• Firstly, your program is so unproductive. For almost 2 and a half hours, we don’t get to learn or be aware of something important. And yes, dancing or singing or Happy 2 You isn’t a productive informative part.
• Most of the people who are invited don’t reflect the direct issues of Pakistan. Media and dancers and music makers aren’t our direct and noble culture and representation. Musicians, drummers and guitarists are only important in one corner of any event or marriage and nobody gives the importance that your programme seems to give.
• The dancing and music part of your programme is just another pain in the neck and unbearable. If you remember, you invited Syed Mustafa Kamal and you couldn’t actually pull up your act of being entertaining. It seems, music means more to your survival rather than the program’s.
• And look at your sets, its just sloppy, heavy, expensive and just dominating everywhere. The colour scheme is such gothic and pessimistic that it cannot be imagined to be near decent. Waste of money and time.
• And a definite show failure is HAPPY 2 YOU part. Is it really important to dance to your tunes while someone is being greeted by his / her own sibling living with them; they could greet the birthdays to them without going through your show..? They can manage that, but you should arrange and introduce something more useful. Suggestions are coming through in the next part of this mail, provided you are still patient and surviving till this part to take this much criticism.

Suggestions –

• Invite people from intellectual / productive circles;
o professors,
o business intellects,
o sportsmen,
o SMB business leads,
o innovators and inventors,
o School / University students,
o deserving patients / doctors / achievers,
o deprived but educated class,
o Freedom Fighters,
o retired Army men,
o Historians,
o IT heads who accomplished much in Pakistan and abroad,
o Business and Civic planners,
o Writers,
o Bloggers,
o Columnists (you haven’t invited greats like Haroon Rasheed, Hassan Nisar, Javed Chaudhary, Raoof Klaasra, Munnu Bhai, Abdul Qadir Hassan, Zaid Hamid and many more),
o Artists (not dancing artists please..!!!),
o Teachers,
o Technically Skilled greats,
o Idea hunters,
o Head Hunters,
o Networkers,
o Professionals,
o less than ordinary people who are often ignored by us and specially by your programme,
o Policemen who struggle to make ends meet,
o degraded class of our society,
o Honest Leaders like Imran Khan (although he was there but more and more is needed)
o Brain stormers
o Creative teams and groups
• Sayings about greats like Saadi, Iqbal, Rumi, Oscar Wilde, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Quaid, Syed Ahmed Shaheed, Tarek Bin Ziad, Hazrat Ali (Razi Alla Taála Anhu), Hazrat Omer (Razi Allah Taála Anhu) should be published and discussed. There is so much to discuss and think about but you just stick to movies, songs, dance competitions. GROW UP..!!! Your idea isn’t selling enough..!!
• Topics which need special treatment and larger than life attention and coverage would be
o Civic and Infrastructure repair emergency – Ideas should be suggested and discussed. A new movie cannot feed a single needy. While an idea cannot be stopped, armies can be.
o Educational emergency – the utmost important topic which no channel is so brave enough to take up.
o Business Emergency – markets which are open to Pakistan should be brought to light. Products which are still not in focus should be introduced. Small markets and products which can be regulated should be shown to the public. Your programme is just a fodder to the already gossiping women of our society. Time free and gossiping women in our society are just another waste and menace to the male circles. Conspiracy most of the time comes in from the Feminine circles. Keep them busy.
o Image Emergency – what kind of image is being projected for Pakistan..?? Have we ever thought how a Pakistani conducts himself / herself in the foreign countries…? what steps would be appropriate to re-order the population on one stead. How they should wear, walk and deal in the Public Relations area.
o Unexplored Industries – Children and youth have to be channelled through newer industries. Your programme seems to project that ONLY and ONLY MEDIA is the only remaining industry in Pakistan which can survive.
o Job hunt industry / portal – many Pakistanis are searching for jobs in and around Pakistan. Create awareness in Pakistanis that the other Pakistani wouldn’t be scouring and hunting other Pakistani’s job. This is common but sick mindset in our culture.
Our duty was to bring our opinion and suggestions to your notice. But you tend to be paid by those who might not stand this CHANGE AGENT voice to be effective.

We can’t pay you and its not necessary to listen our voice too. But we don’t want any more nuisance, please..!!

(This was in response to yesterday’s (22.JUNE.2010) broadcast of Nadeem Ahmed Saify’s interview. The whole content of it was so unrelated and illogical.)

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Aafia ka Pakistan – Jaagay Ga?? – Open Letter to All Parties , Agencies, Government Departments and People of Pakistan

11 02 2010

Dear Patriots, Shaheeds, Ghazis, the Ruled, the Rulers, Pakistanis and Anti-Pakistanis,

Our silence has yielded another daughter to be stripped and paraded naked. Kudos to our characters, kudos to our existence, kudos to our dead souls, kudos to our elders who instructed us the theory of silence, kudos to the curriculum which is made void of spiritual and social uplift. How shall we avoid Salahuddin, Tariq Bin Ziyad, Mohammad bin Qasim and how shall we face Hazrat Umer and what better workable excuse shall we give to your Nabi (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam); shall we bring in our best of minds and government secretaries who would compile some lame but rich worded explanations? The first time in 1947 looted, plundered, killed and raped in hoards, then innumerable times after that. We are indeed living corpses and Hajjaj, in this context, was much better.

Even more, if this didn’t soothe and deepen our slumber, we have acquiesced our voice further, we set on a course of utter slavery of silence. We are silent and so we survive, on our knees, we speak and we are droned, so hush and we breathe the breath of death, the death of pharaohs, everyday. Can we get a timeline when shall we rise from the embers? Do we deserve some apathy, some innocence, some answer, some dignity? Can we rise or shall we remain disgraced every day and for eternity.

Have we not imported unfathomable humiliation in aid, loans, and dictators, oft blackmailed and hence we are looked down upon, frowned upon and losing our mindset to trivial notions that finds us displaced, confused to think that this is the end.

But it is not. It’s just the beginning of the awakening. Masses are arising, the storms out of streams flow down in red, since blood turned white. The sand dunes stand mountains when mountains moved when they shouldn’t have.

This is what we deserved? Lillah, we didn’t ask for this. But the Meer Jafars and Meer Sadiqs of our souls restrained us to our bellies while our intellect was casted away before hounds of the nights and jackals of the day. But who gave you the right to hand over our fates, dignity and self respect? But what is self respect, we might have to give up more of it to know it, but whose? Of course more of Aafias are plentiful? You failed. And you made us fail, miserably; in our systems, in our own land which should have been a shelter is the most unsafe prison, in our national vision which existed until the nation was liberated and then the nation was held hostage for years till now. The bondage and shackles can be undone if you desire you, if you step forward, if we look up to the jackals in their eyes and set out to rout their dark, warm refuges.

Blood, waste, shaheeds, corrupts, illiterates, dirty streets and dirty gallows; haven’t we achieved much? Now its the time of the greater awakening. Those who shall miss the call, miss the history to be on their sides.

Yeh Waqt e Aghaaz, Arzoo e Inqilaab Tehra

Kay Ab Iblees ka Musalmaan Hona

History before setting aside gives 3 chances, we have missed 2 already. Shall we face our history to be remembered finally? Time is unto us, daggers are drawn, spears ready to be splintered, intention of annihilation and disperse and Diaspora. We don’t want another bloodier emigration yet again. Our ancestors and ladies have given much already.

Would a million more rapes and sexual abuse of our women and their silent shrieks open your eyes? Would the blood of thousand innocents droned be the ink of your pen to be raised who razed our lands where once our RS.30 billion grazed?

Afia was a respectable educated doctor and a daughter of the East. You cannot fight her war as she is American? Your pen and education never went for any silenced, looted and plundered. Our history is awash with such numerous and yet insignificant examples.

To soothe her pain, gift her Chak Shahzad Mansion of Pervez Musharraf he so blatantly and preposterously has laid his claim onto. His days were counted, his fate should be too. But do you care enough? Do you mumble in your sleep even? Can you whisper even in ferocious, ignoble and louds hoards and crowds? But shall we care as we prosper under the garb and wings of the White Houses and Downing Street as they stay and lay ready to receive us with our glamour and honour that so dearly await us. Do we care as our children mingle and take pride in speaking language which is not their own and abhor their own as standards of the vultures don’t change but Shaheens are ‘sold’ so dearly and eagerly.

But shall you understand, it takes a ripple to cause a flood, a motion to cause a stir, a whisper to a deafening noise, a stone to gather the mountains at its back; but alas we tend to see the mountains between our fingers and like the reduced spectrum, but when the fingers amputated aren’t that microscopic.

Time is now; these words descend from the blood taken in pints by this land. It has to erupt and spew out the dirt, the ever ravaging dirt which has to be washed away. Life isn’t without a cause and life taken away without a purpose stirs a movement. Musalmaan were left devoid of any spiritual life and set out on the enlightened but fiery path to salvation. But they didn’t know, Jinnah didn’t know what followed was the valley of suffering, vultures, broken pens, broken swords, annihilated intellect and raped souls. We are the dwellers of darkness, oft afraid to express, wish and dream. The dark and shadows were never to be confided in but we solemnly took refuge to have our women hunted and devoured.

The public again was blindfolded to vote and step out for those who never carried flowers until the coffins were placed before them. Democracy, milit-o-cracy or meritocracy? We have to decide. The political will is dead and cannot be undead further. People have to realise and break the cycle. Democracies are protecting the family run businesses of parties. Their wives party out and lose thousands in casinos while their workers wait in abeyance to have a connection resolved, their children either admitted while the masters cast their fortunes bet the Machchar colonies for years to come.

Shall you rise or would the public stand for you. But till when? Our pens and spirits are weaving a culture, a magic, a revolution, an attitude which shall ring in the gallows and the hallways of the castles. The castle-woods aren’t to remain for long. Whence the youth and the fury culminate together, the time is already up, the wake-up call is about to be sounded, the dawn of tomorrows is to ascend in these times.

How many Aafias are we to surrender? Would you surrender your daughter and would you mind her to be searched in the most ignoble way a father wouldn’t stand? Not even the most stone hearted dictator father would stand that as a chance. So many Aafiyas, Shazias, Bushras, Fatimas and Zainabs have repealed and lost their zeal and purpose of a respectable life. Thanks to you, to your educated and sold away silence as only then you are eligible to walk the higher lanes of Islamabad with your puppies.

The society is judged by its prisoners and so are we, the Begging Prisoners of Asia. Reminds much of that era when England was inundated with them, when Paris was in late 1500s. Then one fine day, a hurled stone from the crowd was enough to cleanse.

And cleansing is what we wait. Hopeless was your system and so shall it remain, but now the system in its last, like the shimmery glowing flare of the candle. But this candle has to be doused permanently which has been spreading the thick and corrupt darkness, the candle the political parties employ and trick the gullible awaam-zaaday; but we knew the time that was to appoint Aafia as the one who would open the doors with trembling yet victorious hands. The Doors to self determination.

Every heart and soul now stands a chance, last final chance and we are up to it. We are answerable NOT to the system but to Jinnah, who laid upon us the responsibility to the state, parents and then to ourselves.

The hour approaches soon and fast, the nation has silently realised the tinge and the pain of losing their character at the hands of others who wish to see our generations with the begging bowl the depth of which gets deeper always when our woman loses her life and self-esteem.

We were led and we lost, now we shall lead and the system shall follow suit or be casted away for the new Pakistan which has been given impetus by the desperate Aafia.

No more Aafias and Zainabs to be lynched. Its your turn to take this turn.

People of Pakistan, rise shall we, why not on our own accords and intent, rather the bugle of wars are sounded and the fires that warm the fists are lit up seen from afar and then we draw out from our recluses and warmer blankets to see the enemies, then at our gates.

See the writings on the wall chalked out from the burning ashes or else we’ll have to see the pools and piles of blood and bodies whilst no hand to write or carry.

Pakistan Paáindabad.

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