How to Sell to Bigger Clients..? Fighting the Demon-Mafia

24 05 2013
Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales to Bigger Clients

Fighting the Demons – Selling to Bigger Clients

Video games have fascinated me. Even today, First Person Shoot games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault is still my passionate addiction. What’s more fascinating are the heroic pursuits of heroes battling larger-than-life demons and monsters, in pursuit of getting their dream heroine, caged and locked in the darkest dungeons, where no ordinary access password works, out of the clutches of the demonic-mafia.

Even then, the lone hero does it – dismantles the castle, crushes the skull of the demon and makes the bosses look minions. So how is it cracked..? Well if its a sick Bollywood flick, then its the curse or the prayer of the ever sicker Bollywood mother left with a breath or two but still survives for the next 3 hours and so does the prayer or curse.

If its a Hollywood flick, then its the staff of Gandalf, the illogical wand of Harry potter, or the inherited powers of the fallen gods. But it does end happily.

Now the same is true when pitching larger-than-life clients and brands for selling your solution and product – what’s the first reaction..? A spine chilling feeling running down with a trickle of sweat, a remorse that you can’t beat the odds and the already installed competitor who enjoys monthly maintenance charges for a solution which is 100 years old.

Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales

Selling to Bigger Clients

So how to sell larger clients..? No need to curse the client or its sheer pride of credibility it has earned through the years. Well its the preparation – study the clients, get the email addresses, subscribe to the latest updates, connect on LinkedIn, get introductions, study the events, the showcasing of the models, study the competitors of the client – this helps in creating a stronger business cases. Study your competitors on how they have set their foot in the door.

Allow your business case to be justified with a proportionate and comprehensive analysis of the competitor – this operation should be spread well up to 3 weeks to a month and a half. Once all the homework is set, the challenges, big clients have bigger issues. No one has ever reached and experienced Utopia, so the options of improving are just everywhere. The inches we have, are just everywhere around us (Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday).

So pick up a client, start studying, go back to the University level like Harry Potter, crack your knuckles and start the magic. No demon should then be an impossibility if you’re eyeing the crown.

See you at the top.


Sales Prospecting and Karachi Earthquake

16 04 2013
Earthquake and Sales Prospecting

How Earthquake and Sales Prospecting Relate

Well that were some strong jolts felt here in Karachi. The earthquake jolt originated from Iran – Pakistan border.

What was noticed, when earthquake hits, people throw in the frantic and people do notice and register the influence of the panic – which is negative. People then start rushing and gushing and blushing, whatever is possible. Journalists get an incident to report and people get to phone to inform their acquaintances of their safety.

Point is, how does this related to sales discussion – well here is the proposition – when and during earthquake, people cause the panic, they just don’t think twice of the reaction of the people around them, they just have one focus, safety for one and for all.

So what are we doing while Sales prospecting – do we have the focus..? If we don’t, we don’t cause the stir to initiate the sales discussion. Sales prospecting is all about confident attitude projection – most sales guys, not experts friends, the sales guys hesitate. Reason? The focus is not there, start revising your visions and dream goals. Plus, don’t just sit there and care what would people say, get out there and start talking with passion. Passion comes with powerful dreams..!!

Selling requires you to create JoltSo cause the frantic, get noticed, get your company the sales records hitting the roof and blowing through it.

Start talking without FEAR..!! FEAR is the call to take action in the path of FEAR. FEAR is invitation. Go and meet it head-on. 

Create the JOLT FACTORY Sales deserve..!!

Mini-Oscars | Red-Chillis for Missing Persons Case | Morning Shows | SEO in UAE

3 03 2012

So Pakistan is rejoicing the first-ever Oscar, Amir Khan couldn’t what a documentary could. Note to Amir – consider shifting to Pakistan?

The acid casualties in Pakistan aren’t a norm yet it exists, uncommon and unheard even if retrospected 10 levels down and up the family tree and pedigree of our ancestors, relatives and neighbours and already abandoned neighbourhoods. So its fairly uncommon. Even the Maasis (house-maids, daily wage workers) don’t report such an incident.

So a problem existing but in minimalist and microscopic terrain amid the ignorant classes, way too ignorant – that’s recognised and awarded. Bravo! What’s next?

A documentary on missing persons anyone? Sharmeen? Maya Khan? Mehreen Jabbar? Anyone? Filming secretly in developed countries will be dangerous, 50 years for piracy, perhaps 500 lashes for 500 years for filming controversial, political and classified reality.

Enough said, Pakistan morning shows simply suck. Non-productive, colourful and utterly stupid. Nadia Khan was the Founding Father, she too brought disgrace to herself with heavier furniture and conversation draped with high-bollywood mantras. Totally FLOP, then sacked. Never heard again. Recently coming into limelight is Maya. Rest is history washed with tears but seldom any remorse. Morning shows are simply a pain in the head. Non-serious, big coffee barrels, fashion talk, interrupting pseudo giggling and show goes on. Idea is more the colours and stupidity, a fraction more viewers to show the sponsors. 4 ka Funda, sub Thannda and this is Dhanda (business).


Biological Father of already-defunct Railways

This week’s personal favourite personality is – Ghulam Ahmed Bilour – next in line to win the Mini-Oscars for his unforgettable Nobel-sized innovative contribution in bringing down sick economic units in just no time.

U.A.E’s favourite searches have never gone beyond Facebook, Google, Hotmail, Dubizzle and here and there. Guys, research, innovate, market, Tag-it, Like-it, Prof-it. Simple. Come out of the box.

Cornered, idea-less, work-less? Not alone. Emerging markets and even more higher rising Oil prices – a concern for all. Solution? Shift to Social Media, build, populate favourite searches – research the searches. People are still clueless with internet. Bring it on, bring up new.

New topic – which washing powder is better, economical? I have to go shopping – so start pouring in the brands here.

Railway Track – Bilour Attack

15 10 2011

Dear Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Sahab,

Pakistan Railway - Will it make a comeback

Train is part of our rural culture. Any primary grade book will depict a smoke billowing and track chugging Train crossing in the background, with the fresh and lively culture of our villages in the foreground.

For us, the grown up, the expatriates, trains carry a sentimental value. The train stations, the lively scene of it springing back into life, the hustle and bustle of getting off and on the train, the loading and unloading, the chant and rant of the porters upon its arrival and the deserted look after its departure intrinsically is a picture of everyone’s life. The real Desi (South Asian) life with which we have been brought up. It is just etched into our minds. Trains run in our blood.

Memories breathe the smoke of the trains. We live our memories on those tracks still. But is the railway living to our expectations? Who has robbed it off the life out of our railways? Bilour Sahab, are you listening?

You have dilapidated the railway and it feels you have skinned me alive. There was once I could wait for hours just to catch the glimpse of it crossing at exactly 6.00 o’Clock arriving at Lahore from Rawalpindi. The sound, the roar, the magnanimity, the wonder, the fascination – railway was just all. It was a journey of a thousand miles each day for us. Life is well captured at the rail station. Why o why? Bilour Sahab, why?

UK has 15,000 Km of railway tracks. 5000+ Km of which run on electricity. The railway tracks that run in parallel can go up to 12 at some places. Europe thrives on railway economy. The signature of any region is railway access. UK has one of the busiest railway networks in Europe. 20% more than France, 60% more than Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherland and Norway combined. Do you feel pinged? Apply for a post in UK railway. Even a peon’s post for you would suffice to bring it down. A dead rat on the tracks and the railway would rot.

Bilour Sahab, either you’re on the payroll of Toyota and Ford working on their mission to phase out Railway and replace with heavier vehicular imports. Mercedes will NEVER hire you as you’re un-affordable and standard-less. Period.

Pakistan Railway - needs another Rafiq Sehgal?

While if this is not enough, destruction of Indian Railways can be possible too. But would Sarhadi Gandhi allow you to do that from the pits of the ashes he shall be in? Indian Railway is the 4th largest in the world. Spanning a complete 64,000+ Km of railway, it transported 7 billion people in 2009. Just imagine had you been the Minister and you levied at least 1 rupee on these 7 billion nuts – Swiss banks would never been happier. So to say. Bilour Sahab, you are not a good Banya. And even if you are, your resume is not well written. Fact is, you have never learnt to use the typewriter, what can be expected. Not your fault.

Better to amend your name under a known Trademark – Ghulam Ahmed Bilour ‘Scrappiya’ or if more reasonable, ‘Kabaariya’ – would look more prominent and will fetch quite a few million hits from the headhunters. How’s Bilouria Kabaariya Group as a name for your company?

India’s recently added metros in Delhi and Mumbai gross 6.7+ million passengers daily. Just imagine if you get to be a Federal Minister of United Indian Railways, how delighted would Sarhadi Gandhi be in the riverbed of Ganga? Was he cremated or buried?

If such is the progress of Indian Railways, it will supersede your earnings per day. Better you inject ANP weaponry system that your party so skillfully got installed in Karachi. Export your expertise Bilour Sahab. You will have a fleet of able advisors soon. The writer of this post would surely want to be on your side to support you. By the way how many years do you have more to live Bilour Sahab..??

Railway’s dead already. But what’s the next Ministry being awarded to you? Fisheries, they don’t drive though, driving them nuts will be a challenge still. But who knows, Bilawal Chemical Factory can be set up to mega-pollute it. Education Ministry already has got its last rights done. Doesn’t matter. Health, don’t ask, the dead have more calcium on their bones than the living dead.

What other Ministry, Bilour Sahab? Help me brainstorm. Perhaps the Prime Ministry? Who knows. But please next time I see you have a Ministry, Sohrab Bicycles and Servis shoes should have gone down. Please.


A concerned Dengue Mosquito.

P.S – Would any of the 180 million crowd stand up and hurl a shoe at this AS*-A-WHOLE..??

Budget – Mystery or History

5 06 2011

Budget’s out, public’s in while the politicians are having a bash yet again. They rule the graveyard; while the grave dwellers aren’t getting any light either. Loadshedding, KESC, mudslinging, infrastructure, terrorism, foreign policy, everything and everyone is in a squander. A shabby one.

The Finance Minister is just another face-change, loyal employee who came up with the budget on time. Something in Pakistan is on time. Trains are never. While security lapses would never be. To be or not to be.

But where is our international relationship heading for? Anyone gave serious thought. But no, don’t. If the Governments hears this, expect another ministry with 10 pseudo ministers would be heading 10 or so committees solely to study and research the plight, the flight of overseas Pakistanis and their status quos. So please, let Pakistanis live. No more tax cuts for such an idea.

International relations are always built on..?? Bulls or bullets or billets..?? Commerce, economics, MOUs and technology sharing and power sharing. Has anyone heard or seen any Pakistani conglomerate, or business group ever coming up with a rock solid idea? An idea to boost and promote Pakistan. Any at least body formation? Council, team..? Nothing. On the ground. No willingness. No seriousness.

To better international relations, we need business representation. Better relations. Better access. But please don’t export LABOURERS. They aren’t living a good life outside Pakistan even. They work 18 hours and are underpaid and underfed. Export your mangoes and more. Export quality, finished goods, business entrepreneurs but not jobs. Much of it has taken flight.

A body to reform the export policies and procedures should be in place, starting with Sialkot, which has the camaraderie of having its own private airport. Access should be made to international publications to promote skills, industries and products. Export policy, on freelance mode, should be taken up at universities in Pakistan. International relations offers wide array of customer base. Invite and be invited. GEO or JEENAY do. Give and take.

But be honest. What you have, offer..!! Don’t over commit. Explore and connect. How difficult?
Further to such initiatives, a rapport building and supporting group should be in place to have a check.

Have I started to sound boring..? Yeah. As nobody has ventured into this arena ever. Non-taxable countries are hubs and nearest to Pakistan but entrepreneurs are again scarce. Scary statistics, expensive visas, stricter policies. Multiply and quadruple your money, Governments are interested in that. India is doing the same, exporting products and business owners.

King of Fruits - Politicians

Pakistan produces mangoes, which are exported. It also produced politicians, never exported. That is the problem. Let American Senate, the respected Senate, have 2-3 Pakistani politicians, only provincial members (MPAs), to be selected in their House. I bet, no green patch or forestry shall exist in America. Even South America might sanction import of carrots. Sticks are history.

Business Circle

International relations can be given a boost if business circles are encouraged to invest in sports industry. Teams should be represented in every sport, Tempest freerunning is a good emerging sport. Some Pakistani should read and take the cause ahead.
Education, representation, Business units, exports and lesser imports should pave the way for better international relations.

Political class is just crass. Undependable. So why not a civilian movement. Why not a behemoth move that of Sir Syed of innovating the status quo. No rocket science involved. Public opinion should be given a formal voice and draft of action. Action is what missing from the scene. Negative action is all around. Positive action..? No actors.

Is anyone listening..? PTI’s sit-in in Multan is coming on 25th. Summers, heat, terrorism, bomb blasts, prayers, Ramazan approaching fast. Better gear up for more mangoes.

Protest in Pakistan

11 05 2011

Murder, go Protest. No Electricity, go Protest. No Gas, go Protest. Corruption, go Protest. Low salaries, go Protest. Teachers, go Protest. Poverty, go Protest. America, go go Protest. Qazi, always Protest.

But Protesting without action or strategy is just like pumping the dead body with lots of High grade Oxygen. The dead man doesn’t want to come back, but still PROTEST..!!!

Pakistanis – Remittances are not the ONLY Answer..!! VIVA – Vote is Voice of Allah

7 05 2011

6 million Pakistanis around the globe. Majority residing in Middle East. Most of them don’t know how to use the internet. The message is intended to be read and spread. Word of Mouth.

Pakistan, today, is the crossroads of history. Never, unprecedented, has any nation ever faced such multitude of dilemma, dichotomy amid its crumbling system. Examples are there but with such odds and negatives playing totally against the public, now the Army and the intelligence a.k.a ISI also joins the coterie and shares the grunt and the brunt. The global abuse. The media abuse. You Pakistanis have unfolded this unto yourself. One by acquiesced and silenced acceptance of the status quo and disowning your own country with no innovative sense and want of change. Hence hounds make rounds of our fates. Secondly by NOT voting. Vote or Note. Your choice.

No dictator, no leader, no councilor has ever stopped you from voting. Vote is power. Vote is language. Vote is right. Vote is Voice. Vote is better than watching Priyanka Chopras and Katrina Kaifs. Forget Saif and Shahrukh just for an hour’s sake and vote. Vote and just Vote.

Overseas Pakistanis are people who had talent but ON SALE..!! Yet they were limited in their visions. Instead of procreating opportunities at home through business ownership or roadside career initiation for the purpose, overseas Pakistanis saw 1 dollar to 86 degraded Pakistani Rupees as a better option.
But at what better price..?? At the cost of fading memories and their own people. Overseas Pakistanis thought, better metalled and black solid roads are way to making fortunes but nonetheless, dreams can only be achieved if Pakistan is on the top of the dream list.

With a 12 billion dollar contribution to Pakistan, the duty doesn’t end there. But its otherwise presumed. What have you done to Pakistan and for Pakistan. Your wife adorns the best of lawns and you consider that riches..? Your child takes a spider-man flashing on his backpack would make him stand out..? Would upgrading your wheel caps of your car bring you additional praise? You are most scorned than otherwise, but if you realise.

Show offs, over stretching yourself for the social status quo only lasts for 15 minutes on an average in any event. Your wife’s jewelery is only talked about that long. Your child’s Nike shoes are history when they get soiled. What are you running after..? Money..? Security..? Peace of mind..? Do you have it all yet..?

To stand out, to make it, you have to think out of the box, think but not like women. Think of giving back to have it back.
To start with the first step. How many Pakistanis have you endeared and touched their lives upon..? How many unemployed Pakistanis have got employment letter through your efforts (not to be read as reference)..? How many languages do you speak..? How many businesses have you opened up..? Are you trustworthy even to sell socks by the roadside..? How big is your unseen ego if you want to open up a roadside Fruit Chaat Shop (given if you are a graduate and a postgraduate)..? You want ego or money..? How good are you in public relations..? How often you mingle with people..? Do you often talk about mobile apps in a get together..?? If so, they you are a waste and your 12 billion dollars are just a pretext to acquiesce your own conscience.

Do you even smile without this this occurring to you that this person might ‘ask’ you for something. How many lives have you touched..? How many roads have been repaired with your own hands..? How many streets remain clean in your locality with your connivance..? Have you ever thought, the trash and waste your household in Pakistan disposes on daily basis, accentuated with the number of households by at least 50 times would be enough to generate electricity, if that project is on your mind ever..??

Are you really making a difference as a PAKISTANI..?? Are you really business minded for other Pakistanis..?? Have you ever thought that by recruiting Pakistanis in your own organisations will just empower you (provided a common vision is agreed upon, which again is unlikely)..??

Where do you stand..?? Economically..? Or are you just made to fill the coffers of the foreigners and make your own boss richer by the day and stay satiated with peanuts yourself..?? Justice or corporate bigotry..??

Now do you see the big picture..??

Do you want a change in Pakistan..?? Not the Theepa change but REAL change.

Then add this little thought of contributing VOTE on the election day. Make a difference. Don’t leave it to the hounds and dogs of the Parliament. Oh Hazrat Parliament.!!

Do you leave your children and wives at the mercy of the Police Wallahs when you travel abroad. Do you entrust the local councilor to take care of the daily chores of your household..?? Do you leave your property papers with the Patwaari..?

If not, then why the bloody country is left upon them..? 12 billion dollars is what we just DON’T want. We want your voice. The freedom of having complete justice. Voice your concern. Stick with the truth. When was the last time you spoke only and just only truth..?

Politics of Pakistan is an abandoned child. More worse than that, you abandoned it in the darker and filthier streets of degradation yourself. So why blame the already corrupt. You gave them the way. History.

Now what..?? CHANGE..!! With action and just action..!!

But are you ready for it..?? Are you serious about it..??

Pakistan Pa’aindabad.

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