Musharraf and The Pandora Box

24 11 2007

Not a week which goes empty without any rustle or riffle in the Pakistani melodrama. Political forces at their helm with quite a lot preparations, ongoing to stage protests, long marches, ticket sale for the upcoming elections; something or the other is waiting to pounce in the middle and grab attention while wooing the locals. Pakistani scenario is alive and kicking.

From the grim defeat in the One Day series, Shoaib Malik has at least cemented his place for a year, at least; irrespective whether he is a good show himself with results for his team or not for the rest of the year but the hammer has been struck. Naive decisions coming in too quick, where fools rush in obviously. It was that one day victory which wasn’t in itself a decider whence Shoaib Malik got to retain the crown.

While the Hero of Cricket, rather the King Khan of cricket was bailed out of the jail following his staunch stance of hunger strike which lasted for well over 50+ hours and indeed without a morsel and a drop of water.  At such a sensitive age where the joints too aren’t that responsive, Imran Khan has showed tremendous resilience to the status quo of Pakistan and raised himself as a mature and understanding politician. But I would rather again stay on the fact that still he has to learn from this peers a.k.a Nawaz and Qazi who have flouted and ditched him several times. But he hit the iron at the right time. This time it was Jamaat e Islami that it exposed the intricacies and the ‘bad’ truth the Punjab University was keeping this long.

Jamiat, the student faction of the Jamaat, doesn’t come out clean; either now or previously. With tarnished image emanating from the gruesome murders back in the 80’s and following after that, refer to link – for more details in Urdu. Black history has been chalked out on the walls of the academia in Lahore. Such that, student division which is normally keep aloof from the outside world had to take the brunt to be a burning charcoal to keep the bandwagon of Jamaat e Islami going on till today. But the dent has been placed. Swift and silent. Jamaat has still to recover. All that is needed is lifting of some of the plates and the restive volcano is no more so.

More so, Nawaz has been lucky to cast off his home sickness once more time, this time at the behest of the Government which previously was too obedient to Bibi Jee. Now Bibi is in, Government has her surrounded, sometimes in Lahore or Karachi. But since her return, she has not been able to move the crowds against the dictator, which tells how much she is trapped after the NRO. Bibi jee you were warned. But time has to play the cards or is it Shujaat and Pervez Ilahi Duo? Who knows. Now Nawaz gets the clear signal to head back in to corner the Bibi finally.  Most probably and possibly, PML (Q) and PML (N) are to form the alliance, but after much compromise and hopefully Shahbaz who is already in the good books of the Military would take the seat. Shaukat has given the sign already; and who else is equally competent after him? Shahbaz is the answer or perhaps Pervez. But quite an exchange of delights would be there at the table of M and Q leagues. PPP fear this and fears alot. A bit of rigging and PPP would be out again for another 5 years and out of the picture finally. Hope so.

With America being put a noose around its neck, thanks to Pakistan, its Afghan dilletante is costing it to be a bit pricy that Bush administration has reduced itself to ‘request’ the Musharraf administration to reconsider the emergency option again. Super Powers too have something to miss out on and allow others to be like Chavez and Castro.

The reciprocation of the bomb blasts today in Rawalpindi is a clear indication India is very much involved and around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 3 blasts in India killing scores of civilians and then 2 attacks in answer to the previous one was a bit harsher as the Rawalpindi attack was on a bus carrying Defence officials. Now how risky was that can’t be revealed openly. Though its a tremendous loss, but has been fizzled out soon.

Politicians and media are being allowed to wake up but in a civilised manner. And complied did they. A brash child respects a deserved treatment and the General knows where the engine goes crank.




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25 11 2007
26 11 2007

An interesting round-up 🙂

27 11 2007

go ono youtube and type in against benazir bhutto and watch the video (even if you like bhutto)

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