How to Sell to Bigger Clients..? Fighting the Demon-Mafia

24 05 2013
Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales to Bigger Clients

Fighting the Demons – Selling to Bigger Clients

Video games have fascinated me. Even today, First Person Shoot games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault is still my passionate addiction. What’s more fascinating are the heroic pursuits of heroes battling larger-than-life demons and monsters, in pursuit of getting their dream heroine, caged and locked in the darkest dungeons, where no ordinary access password works, out of the clutches of the demonic-mafia.

Even then, the lone hero does it – dismantles the castle, crushes the skull of the demon and makes the bosses look minions. So how is it cracked..? Well if its a sick Bollywood flick, then its the curse or the prayer of the ever sicker Bollywood mother left with a breath or two but still survives for the next 3 hours and so does the prayer or curse.

If its a Hollywood flick, then its the staff of Gandalf, the illogical wand of Harry potter, or the inherited powers of the fallen gods. But it does end happily.

Now the same is true when pitching larger-than-life clients and brands for selling your solution and product – what’s the first reaction..? A spine chilling feeling running down with a trickle of sweat, a remorse that you can’t beat the odds and the already installed competitor who enjoys monthly maintenance charges for a solution which is 100 years old.

Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales

Selling to Bigger Clients

So how to sell larger clients..? No need to curse the client or its sheer pride of credibility it has earned through the years. Well its the preparation – study the clients, get the email addresses, subscribe to the latest updates, connect on LinkedIn, get introductions, study the events, the showcasing of the models, study the competitors of the client – this helps in creating a stronger business cases. Study your competitors on how they have set their foot in the door.

Allow your business case to be justified with a proportionate and comprehensive analysis of the competitor – this operation should be spread well up to 3 weeks to a month and a half. Once all the homework is set, the challenges, big clients have bigger issues. No one has ever reached and experienced Utopia, so the options of improving are just everywhere. The inches we have, are just everywhere around us (Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday).

So pick up a client, start studying, go back to the University level like Harry Potter, crack your knuckles and start the magic. No demon should then be an impossibility if you’re eyeing the crown.

See you at the top.


Emergency – After-birth like Pangs of the Media

5 11 2007

With the emergency in effect and going strong with 50+ hours already passed and also seems to cross 50+ days as well. The General had it planned. And that too very well.

Although, this comment should have waited for yet another 18+ hours to surface; but the birth like pangs of the media; local and international, altogether in a chorus are condemning the act, really put it into action. This also voices that international conspiracies now have got a jolt although with such a pressure the emergency might not sustain for long. But when its army and hellbent, things get sturdy and precarious, like Bugti.

Just out of curiosity, is there any other country which is going through such trials? Is there any country where disparity, conspiracy, lobbying, sponsored violence is at this helm? No. Its Pakistan where the odds meet. Underlying sustainability with overtured susceptibility of the nation is worth of note. The vulnerability is amongst the ranks, the civilian ranks a.k.a politicians who on the grounds of personal gains and competition are out to add fuel to the fire. Most of the politicians are under arrest or house arrest.

Noteworthy is, no suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle, not even a cycle in these past 50 hours. Emergency is indeed paying off. At last. But the media has been put under strict surveillance and suspension until further notice, so as not to invite more of the ill-educated, sponsored, financed people who are given impetus on the calls of so called nationalist politicians. History is awash with examples. And history not far.

Possible indications or symptoms for the emergency could be the underlying purpose to halt the judges who were on the verge to go against the ruling General. On the other hand, if this was couldn’t be avoided, was the Civilian party ready to face the heat in Swat Valley? Was the civilian leadership ready to sacrifice the earnest and sincere blood of its workers. Benazir could have. 150+ casualties of 18th October incident is much evidence. Period.

Media blacked out, politicians behind bars, protestors tear gassed, newspaper offices attacked, ambassadors and diplomats are busy inviting their representing governments to up the amp the pressure on Pakistan government to end the saga. But the question is still unanswered, why Pakistan? Is CNN, Fox News allowed to go against the Government and nose-diving dollar? Are they allowed to show the falling bodies of their soldiers who are fighting an unknown and garbed enemy which might be sponsored by their own bosses? Hell no. Multiple diplomatic hypocrisy where questions are not allowed. Period.

With the restive with media for some days, the Government of Pakistan has allowed itself some room to play and plan around. And plans are there. Some rumours are rife that the current development is a setup to get Benazir somehow on the forefront as the representative. Having her has never been so easy for the prospects of Pakistan. Lord knows, what would her priorities be the 3rd time. Would this be the last one, please?

With US aid intact after the emergency put into action, the act in itself was pre-planned and for quite some time. And now the ratification. Although if Iftikhar Chaudhary is not reinstated, he leaves with blotch less conscience.

Emergency heralded a sign of good faith, evidencing release of the 211 soldier captives at the hands of the local warriors in the Swat valley. So much so, the aftermath of the emergency is already showing signs. But the media writhes in after-birth pangs, pointing to international financing to put media in the front row to instigate some movement, agitation to bring Pakistan yet again into notice albeit to frighten away investors. Investors might have taken the road back but elections wouldn’t be scared away. International pressure again. Vietnam, devastated after the war records 8%-9% of economic growth per annum, not to mention its shipping industry is second to China’s in the region. Country in the yesteryears in tatters and Pakistan with its status quo languishes. International media and agencies press for democracy but not economic reforms. Hypocrisy maintained.

Nonetheless, it pained to see Dr. Shahid Masood trying his level best to project the situation as a crises although life in Pakistan was normal. Some parts and some businesses recorded slow progress, but not as such as the media wants the world to ‘assume’. Assumption is a trump card media effectively used to change opinions.

But nonetheless, concluding, after-birth like pangs of the media could lead to abortion; abortion of its rights if it doesn’t set itself right. Only 2 parties stands out to benefit from the emergency; Rumour engine and the Stock Market. The latter fell approximately 500 points on the first day, much could be associated with the former. The ticker was kept moving, with rumours like Imran Khan got killed and Musharraf under house arrest. Emergency is yet to show more of this. Fingers crossed.

News is around that the Jang office has been attacked. Columnists in Fatima Bhutto might want to rest their pens for a while. You might have awakened the bear out of hibernation when the season didn’t even start.

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