Emergency – Another Covert Musharraf and Iftikhar Partnership in the Making

3 11 2007

With the headlines already made since this evening. Pakistan has yet another time been put into a coma, although a short one this time. So much already said and more done than said. Let’s read between the lines as to what has caused this ruckus which caught most of us with surprise.

9th March is appropriate to start with. Or a little earlier than this; before this day, Rule of Law was not respected. Musharraf played a card, Chaudhary Iftikhar was mishandled and dismissed on puny charges, if such charges are taken in seriously, then many of the coterie of the present and earlier governments would have to seek self-exile and that too British sponsored. After the 9th, the public of Pakistan was given a new life. Although the form in 1947 but the spirit waited. The West stresses on the restoration of Democracy; but what has Democracy evolved for the people of Pakistan? Nothing but princely mansions never to be seen and questioned by the Pakistani citizen. Now after the respect was exposed; the respect of the Supreme Court and rule of Law, if noticed no democratic was that vocal for it. Why? They knew that if legislation, courts, Chief Justice are introduced as upholding rule of law, the heydays of usurping the public tax – money would be history. This was unacceptable. For this very conspiring notion of corruption, Jinnah was put to rest earlier. If the constitution and rule of Law awakes, black and white business sees the door. Musharraf tried this with the black garb of the political ascetic. But alas, the People of Pakistan can digest those who rob them of their pennies and build their mansions and factories.

So now, with the emergency in place, another pawn, another development. The Government’s anti-petition was under hearing and the Government knew it that it had lost ground. Now upcoming is the 18th of November when the President had to take oath as the President for the next 5 years and colluding was the Swat encounter which has geared up unanticipatingly; kudos to the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, which is overseeing terrorist activities in and around the NWFP and Baluchistan. Pakistan has to take note of this.

Under a very planned scheme, the Pakistan Military has been framed into this. Once it is made to believe by the people that Pakistan Military is against the very own people, the ground to act gets more stressed and limited and options do get lesser. Not to mention the Indian hand is very much active here. Nobody ever heard of Maulana Fazlullah, who camps alongside the border where he might be getting assistance from the Indian Consultate. Everone’s speaking of the Taliban here and there, but what about unseen forces which are out to bring ill-repute to the Pakistan Military. Then the unabated and uninformed American bombing is yet another cause of disrespect gaining against the Pakistan Military.

A well conceived notion is being imbibed into the common people against the Pakistan Military. Seeing this and the recent development going in behind and inside the books of law, a.k.a Chaudhary Iftikhar considering the legitimacy of Musharraf holding double oaths. Musharraf had to confront the two way road. Either the legal and legislative route or the one which allows more intensive decisive actions on such elements.

Not to mention, the Lal Masjid issue was leniently dealt with in its infancy. But where did from the weapons land in the Madrassah? Indian hand? Foreign financing? Probably, possibly. Indian elements with the connivance of Afghan compatriots and US dollars, much magic is going unnoticed.

Now with the emergency in place, Musharraf has options to sweep out such elements. But the initiators of rogue upsurge are themselves the holders of constitutional democracy. Musharraf would have to consider the ‘loss’ of such elements to consider the welfare of the State.

Nonetheless, what can be pre-maturely assessed, is that the President and the Chief of Army Staff had an intensive discourse with other of his comrades. The decision to eliminate the elements working in and out of Pakistan to destabilise it would have been reached and this ‘Emergency’ is the first card played.

Nonetheless, this emergency was mandatory. As the public now again, blindly stood up for the lady, who previously doesn’t have a nice track record. Proven but the public is just a herd of sheep which offers its leather for purses which hold the money but never bringing back the sheep, ever, life. Moreover had the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of illegitimacy of double oaths, the unruly elements springing up would have had some space to get dynamic. Democracy has proved beyond doubt in history that it holds position to be bloated and failed. Nothing positive can be expected as long as its Muslim nations.

The last card would be the reinstatement of Chaudhary Iftikhar as the Chief Justice. This is what I read in between. Probably, possible.




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