Protest in Pakistan

11 05 2011

Murder, go Protest. No Electricity, go Protest. No Gas, go Protest. Corruption, go Protest. Low salaries, go Protest. Teachers, go Protest. Poverty, go Protest. America, go go Protest. Qazi, always Protest.

But Protesting without action or strategy is just like pumping the dead body with lots of High grade Oxygen. The dead man doesn’t want to come back, but still PROTEST..!!!


Iblees ka Sajda

26 12 2009

The awaited NRO is defeated and buried but unearthed the same old faces who would want to come back for a kill yet sometime again, if we falter. We have been for the last 62 years. The glimmer of hope that each one of us awaited finally came. Reaching there seemed easy but for how long is the question. Shall we redress the stage to allow more of the black sheep again? Can’t we do away with our age old beliefs and rituals of blind faith?

Can we ever stop to bow before whom our elders bowed to? Is it catastrophic to differ? Is it a sin to change? Is it a shame to innovate and experiment? Is it a taboo to think out of the box? Is it a stigma to let off the past and rise yourself to the concurrent?

We have to change. We, as the youth of Pakistan, have the courage, the attitude, the ability, the vision, the energy to believe and bring change. Change awaits change.

“Jawaanoan Ko Peeroan Ka Ustaad Kar..”

Jawaans, decide your fate, decide your national vision and you won’t be following the precedents. Your ancestors spent their fate, never knowing you would be there. So why walk the circle like the blinded cow, which walks miles to grind that it cannot consume? Are you forced?
We are the blind cow, which is worshipped in the neighbourhood but we are not revealed upon us our capabilities, our future. Our blinded futures, our blinded faith is the blank cheque for the corrupted higher ups. We are the sons of welfare states.
The day we realize this, our mothers would give birth to Ghazis and Shaheeds and NOT anymore Afia Siddiqis.

This had to come here where the shambles would shatter and we could think so openly and vividly. The nation has got a strong ground to feel that fervour of a new beginning. Every nation is destined to rise, we didn’t after 1947, the last time we culminated the power of belief, honesty, integrity and faith.

Yet again the heavens have decided to end the spate of hell for us. Now, we have a much more treacherous road uphill, down upon which the daggers flash in the night and eyes prowling to hunt; hunt our self respect, the wish to emanate ourselves from the shackles of the system which has rot us down to the last core but not completely. We stand fallen, but not defeated and defeated would never we be.

Change is coming. Either you are a part of it or just a spectator watching it. The pace is picking up. All we have to do is the Sajda of Iblees he denied. The Sajda to the corrupt system, the Sajda to ill will has to end, just once. The first step, the first sajda, the first denial is important. Change yourself and you would have changed the world around you. Decide, Sajda, Denial and be yourself.

Pakistan Pa’aindabad.

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