Iftikhar Choudhary – Individual still or Institution

26 03 2008

Heralding the release of Choudhary Iftikhar; one is prone to think whether the current corruption-riddled society and system would digest him, when its convoluted state couldn’t handle the birth pangs of justice and had to throw up on November 9th? Wary does it sound and it is. But the quandary is to be shared with all and sundry. The maximum risk one could envisage is the Political camps; the army has decided to call it off, after grueling 8 years though sparsely productive financially in remittances and American aid to keep the inflated balloon intact and braving dissent in the recent years, the hegemony at the top are thinking wisely; the army knows the exit route to save face.

What if politicians don’t deliver again this time? Odds are high though; and the political past is nothing to be proud of. Media matured, public even more. Politicians have started to feel the heat. Fluke or fumble and public outpour is not going to spare anyone. 8 years of tremendous patience and paltry values in the foreign representation and stature, public is hurt and wounded. Adding insult to injury with rising and spiralling inflation and unemployment with imposed ‘terrorism’ from which the whole world seems innocuous and unprepared and unheard about but Pakistan is the focal and favourite spot for the ‘terrorists’ to play and practice with not-for-children-below-3-years-of-age toys.

Alas, the public has been given a voice to speak and delinquently they are vehemently using it, irking the Government every now and then. The very voice rung the highest walls of conspiracies that Richard Boucher seems to be going empty handed whilst trying to convince Nawaz Sharif to aid the American cause in Afghanistan.

Does this mean, the story of Afghanistan is nearing an end. Karzai is to meet Shaukat in London and play golf and their wives sip tea? Too early to say.

While Musharraf seems to be going the brave way of seeing things happening not his way, though, but accepting it is commendable equally. With the king’s party counting its lost card and gritting by sitting in opposition, the game is far from over. Unapparent is still the policy the new political facade is to follow. Pakistani Nation is prone to short memory, a 5 year plan and target should be memorized and spoon fed. Current years plans? Economic recovery, educational reforms, Judiciary and what not. The whole field lays bare but inundated by wild fires and mushrooms. Tread cautiously, ravines on either sides don’t allow faltering feet a second chance.




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25 05 2008

Mohtaram Chief Justice Sahab.
Jamey Raho Hyderabad city aap k sath hay.
Irfan +92-345-2238166

3 07 2008

completely agree.


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