The Angel Sheds the Uniform and Emergency II

15 12 2007

Loser at the moment stands out to be, unfortunately, Imran Khan, who however has gained momentum in the Student circles who aspire and greatly desire change at all levels including theirs. But yet again, the cards are drawn and known at the higher levels. Levels which are incomprehensible, as garbs of deceit and conspiracy blended with ulterior hypocrisy is the norm in the parliament of Pakistan including the constitution. Blotched at every nook and to the core.

The revolutionary guards too have a history which took birth from the Universities, but status quo of Pakistan is much more different. Different classes, different languages, difference of provinces, has drawn up the stealth lines between the very people sharing the same ideology. The ideology which may not be obsolete but has taken the back seat or pushed back. And pushed back so diligently and between the crevices of inflation, disorder, corruption, the masses have been efficiently duped and reduced into a herd of sheep destined to the slaughter house and then reborn again to repeat the cycles.

Yet again, with the upcoming elections on January 8, for which the international lobbies have made it like their ‘own’ mandate, Lord knows how, but however they are keen to change to their aspirations; aspiration which wouldn’t go in the favour of Pakistan. On the forefront being America (read Umreeka Bahadur). On the eve of emergency, which was touted and flayed upon by all and sundry and local columnists labeled it as ‘Emergency Plus’, naive countries like Holland too were on the fore to cut economic relations with Pakistan. Such communities should know the ground realities as to where they are seen and where they should be seen and what standing do they have in the world order. Holland is nothing but Tulips, Tourism and open stalls of Marijuana being sold like caviar like delicacies. Such economies are run on coffee shops and souvenirs.

This very much reflects the lax foreign policy of Pakistan. It can’t be offensive when it has the Bomb. The much feared but still an asset for the Muslim world, but nonetheless always on target, whether being a press conference or some army base off the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The real concern right now making round is this capability; and capability of Pakistan ‘only’. Right reserved. Musharraf is quite very right in preserving the slogan, ‘Pakistan First’.

So now, even after the very coy tactic of getting the book, Military Inc. out on racks, the military gave a cold shoulder and the book was buried and Aisha Siddiqa, the championed author of the publication was nonetheless revealed of her connections with the Indian High Commission and her travel frequencies between India and England. Against Pakistan, the troika of England, India, America is very much rotating around the ideology of bringing Pakistan at a compromising position. But Pakistan Military was quite deft in playing her cards carefully; controlling the inert rifts caused through the connivance of the politicians who have gone beyond conviction to show their insincerity to Pakistan and more carnal affiliation with the earnings through the private means to disrupt the Pakistani show.

But why Pakistan is in focus. Why Pakistan on target? This question CANNOT be answered by the oft faith selling politicians. Only the sincere brass, unfortunately, the military has the answer. Its quite unfortunate for the military to be on the cross roads every time there was a calamity. And foreign lobbies left no stone unturned to criss-cross military with evil motives.

Even if assumed military is no good, neither are the politicians minus Imran Khan.

And a word for the media, not much different from the political echelons. GEO projected itself to be another purchasable, off the rack and non nationalist commercial item. Freedom for GEO is like allowing the llamas to run wild in the city when maps are not made for them. Strict measures ought to be taken to have an eagle’s eye on them. Benazir, who claims herself to be ‘too’ secular, didn’t allow media to drag her facts out in the open. Then why is it the military deviled when he allowed much more freedom. Double standards don’t work in the West but they are exported here.

One message to the West – Import our politicians in your system, and then we’ll see whether you flourish or wait for Japan to reprimand you with sanctions every now and then; and then we would allow your inspectors to comment and supervise our elections. When you can train our military men to your advantage why not the politicians? Although Jinnah, the veteran didn’t have to take any from you. Period.




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10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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