The Angel Sheds the Uniform and Emergency

15 12 2007

46 years of loyalty and dedicated ones with accolades that could occupy the whole office desk. The General, emotional, but went through the trough quite slyly. Another card, with which he was expert of and sailed his country to the shores everytime it was ‘externally’ pressured and brought to a brink of ultimate decision to reprimand. Be it AQ Khan or the internal but worsening judiciary crises, the Commando commandeered swiftly but patiently. But nonetheless, this too has to pass, with raised eyebrows around him and sullen whispers to onself of those behind him, who reflected the opportunistic ‘loyalty’ in his uniform, the absence of which might see some of his flanks in the civilian rows squirm, although a bit.

The opposition and sitting outside the ruling parliament had a day to rejoice over the event which was indeed heavy but the Commando controlled unlike his rivals, the Bibi who didn’t descend on the ground but shed her tears before her steps and Nawaz too obliged upon given safe passage and haven and reaching Lahore. The very gulf between the ‘corrupt’ civilians and trained army personnel highlights the priorities and terse training which molds the army ranks for superior show of stubborn nationalism whereas the counterparts have little to show in this regard. For this very bold reason and characterisitic, the Commando was dearer than others present to the masses although, the economic indicators have improved under him but nonetheless, some of the whiners can be found in abundant on the streets and in focus in the international media casting the not very sublime nature of the government but still managing it to taint it.

What now? Elections are around, the bugle is sounding, parties are preparing to welcome the precedented ‘Lota’ culture in the politics, which has to change and many desire it.

Now more on the political parties and the political atmosphere for which the public is to blame, again. Same old faces and the Pakistani nation continues to believe the bluffers again. Same age old tactics, but now wrapped in attractive cover, no no this isn’t any advertisement for safety blades featuring some I-want-to-be-adored-no-matter-what economic (read cheap) model. What has a woman to do with blades? Brains aren’t there but brawns when it comes to advertising in the third world countries.

So the political parties are fueling up the gantry to launch their offensive with apparently no profile which suggests that they have learnt a lesson. Nawaz Sharif is a case in point. 7 years of exile; rather opposition and what is the outcome? Long history of financially sponsoring feuds which irk the Government, be it Musharraf or anyone. Let the dust settle, have this written, the opposition would pounce again, right after the elections, on the seemingly baseless fact that elections were rigged. And this is to continue for 3-4 months after elections, holding the nation, the structure, the government cornered with a runny nose.

What Democracy? Which democracy are they (Nawaz , Bibi & Co.) are advocating? The democracy which ensures their premiership everytime? In this context, Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher, Bush Sr, Bill Clinton should have filed a petition in the Pakistan Courts to have them granted ‘provisional’ Pakistani nationality with a clause to have initiated a political party. And with this, they can initiate a course of lavish well being, with remote and expensive estates all around the world with many workers who would continue flattering him and putting a noose around the nation to have them elected in their parties and the assembly. Perhaps, they stood unlucky. Where is Tony Blair now? Nowhere in the news. He did his job. Period. Gone down the history into nothingness and anonymity.

But here, they wish to be the kings of their parties, tightly holding onto their seats till the last breath, a culture very well introduced by the Father of Democracy, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

And they whine about 7 years of military rule. Under what right? Upcoming elections are to be yet again a Zoo going activity with much fervour but the end result? Only pennies. It’s better to nail down the parties, the media and let Musharraf and his coterie to make way for yet another term. Take Tony as a guide for a composite and potent stable government.

Loser till now stands the firm and straightforward, Imran.





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