How to Sell in Conferences and How to QUIT Smoking

10 06 2013

Selling at Conferences

Quitting smoking is easy, doesn’t even require the will-power – how to do it, keep on reading till you’re ready in the end.

Selling in conferences. The most enjoyable part of your career and day – free lunches, coffees and many to connect with at the same frequency. The other days, the script gets longer, the time to connect takes even more longer, the calibre of the other person too could become a challenge for the appointments.

Conferences means lots of cards are exchanged and so many follow ups. The cold is out when calling and following up with these guys, and they are not at all uglier than the rest. So how do we go about pitching them our business..?

Solution 1 – Pitch them without qualifying – that will invite not curious and interested people but an audience that will sooner get aloof from you. Who is so interested in your solutions and pacakges..? Were they ever..? BAD BAD SOLUTION, DOLUTION (Dilute- Solution, you get Diluted and your product gets the Acidic Solution)

Solution 2 – Talk, NOT business, but general topics – that is a good recipe to get you out of the door and never be invited again. If you’re a talkshow host, you’ll probably create a mound out of a general topic to speak about. But does that connect usually with your prospect and your conference contact, probably they don’t even have that time to listen to you and your fluffy stories which reveal your intent. BAD DOLUTION again. (What’s DOLUTION, Read Solution 1 with complete focus again, don’t get jumpy on getting to quitting smoking, that’ll never come until the 3rd installment of this article)

Solution 3 – Listen, Exchange Cards, Go Around, Sell only Confidence – prepare chic taglines for your profession and what you’re good at in public relations. Always listen intently to the other person. Remember, its just the 45 seconds for you to impress. DON’T SELL, simply IMPRESS..!!

Now that is something you can stick to.

Tip 1 – Get cards printed at wholesale rates and quantity, your personality check is primarily reflected from the slick cards. So get down to some serious spending for your special VIP cards to get that very VIP slot for your business.

Tip – 2 – Get suited perfectly. One that kills the ladies and impresses the men to approach you. Follow – GQ and Effortless Gent to get an idea how’s men’s suiting should kill.

Tip – 3 – Add a flair to your style. A little prepped up confidence and well done hairdo will just do the lasting magic with rest of the things falling in place. Your shoes should speak highly of your confidence, it travels downside up. Clean, neat, shiny shoes always entice attention.

Smoking Kills


Commit yourself to rigorous, disciplined and calendar-planned workout series and commit to it like a soldier. Secret is, your mind has to control, or win the control over your body. The nicotine part is done by the body. There will come a time where your body will scream and cry to QUIT it, just QUIT for the eternal slavery.

Chain your body to your mind which is ‘seriously’ committed to a series of bone breaking workouts, your mind will takeover the throne it deserves or else let your mind shift and be placed at your knees, subservient to your protruding bellies and blackened lungs.

See you at the top.


Closing Sales – the Hard part?

18 01 2013


So once you’re done with presenting the benefits and values of your business proposition to your prospect, who is still qualified and has established the trust – what comes next sends jitters down the spine for many sales professionals.

If you’re one of those, who seem to take forever in closing a sale – this one is just for you. Keep on reading.

Now, once the presentation is done – what are the next steps to lead the prospect to close the sale. How to do it? (The Million Dollar question)

Firstly, keep in mind, the prospect will have a clear picture, or seemingly clear picture of the whole ideas and is expecting the deal going to the next phase. So be straightforward and treat the closing of sales as a whole process where mental and verbal contribution of the prospect is a must. Now the sales guy has to begin the process – with questions, objection handling and sales-specific questions?

Questions like – what part of the project do you think you can exceptionally excel?

Questions like – what product would you want to go for first? (Give options) This one or that one?

Questions like – why does this product fascinates you..? (Get the prospect involved)

Questions like – is there anything you think will not work in this project, if we work together?

Questions like – (ask straight) When do you want to start? (Give options again), this week or that week?

Questions like – How would you want to pay for this product – credit card or cash?

Questions like – How will project help you in realising your purpose? (Getting the prospect involved emotionally)

BUT NEVER EVER PUSH for Sales in the end? Don’t sound pushy but be persuasive!! Period. Keep asking the right questions, giving options, giving alternate solutions. Pushy parents are not welcome and have to face 9-1-1 someday. So DON’T PUSH. Period.

Keep the control in your hand – if the prospect says he wants to start later, suggest that the slot might not be available with you and if you want to maximize, let’s start off now.

Questions like – if everything is okay with you, shall we start now?

Now, more on persuasion – Sales people can proceed the sales-closing process in various way – some innovated, some tried, some traditional and some more – idea is to get the prospect involved.

Hard Close (Commanding) – (Time-based Tip) – This might be the last time we extend the offer and we will need your answer NOW..!! *

Medium Close (Foreground Suggestion) – My superior told me the discount offer price expires this 31st at midnight. *

Soft Close (Background Suggestion) – Think over it and I’ll give you a call at 10 o’Clock tomorrow morning. *

Always maintain the control. Listen to the responses of the prospect. Give options, don’t let the other person loose in the open, there are many scavengers out there who might outsmart you.

Be confident once you’re finished with the business talk – the prospect is mentally under your control. Know that, the prospect IS..!!

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