How to Sell to Bigger Clients..? Fighting the Demon-Mafia

24 05 2013
Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales to Bigger Clients

Fighting the Demons – Selling to Bigger Clients

Video games have fascinated me. Even today, First Person Shoot games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault is still my passionate addiction. What’s more fascinating are the heroic pursuits of heroes battling larger-than-life demons and monsters, in pursuit of getting their dream heroine, caged and locked in the darkest dungeons, where no ordinary access password works, out of the clutches of the demonic-mafia.

Even then, the lone hero does it – dismantles the castle, crushes the skull of the demon and makes the bosses look minions. So how is it cracked..? Well if its a sick Bollywood flick, then its the curse or the prayer of the ever sicker Bollywood mother left with a breath or two but still survives for the next 3 hours and so does the prayer or curse.

If its a Hollywood flick, then its the staff of Gandalf, the illogical wand of Harry potter, or the inherited powers of the fallen gods. But it does end happily.

Now the same is true when pitching larger-than-life clients and brands for selling your solution and product – what’s the first reaction..? A spine chilling feeling running down with a trickle of sweat, a remorse that you can’t beat the odds and the already installed competitor who enjoys monthly maintenance charges for a solution which is 100 years old.

Selling to Bigger Clients - Sales

Selling to Bigger Clients

So how to sell larger clients..? No need to curse the client or its sheer pride of credibility it has earned through the years. Well its the preparation – study the clients, get the email addresses, subscribe to the latest updates, connect on LinkedIn, get introductions, study the events, the showcasing of the models, study the competitors of the client – this helps in creating a stronger business cases. Study your competitors on how they have set their foot in the door.

Allow your business case to be justified with a proportionate and comprehensive analysis of the competitor – this operation should be spread well up to 3 weeks to a month and a half. Once all the homework is set, the challenges, big clients have bigger issues. No one has ever reached and experienced Utopia, so the options of improving are just everywhere. The inches we have, are just everywhere around us (Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday).

So pick up a client, start studying, go back to the University level like Harry Potter, crack your knuckles and start the magic. No demon should then be an impossibility if you’re eyeing the crown.

See you at the top.


FAILED Sales – Lip Service to Relationship Marketing (Building)

3 05 2013
Building Sales Relationship

Sales and Marketing

May is ON, now the targets are set for you to hit the ground and set the sales rocking..!! Consider that you’re a new hire, 2nd month on the go. Or you could be a ‘traditional’ salesman and a long timer employee but nothing yet on the road of accomplishment coming your way. The run of the mill is again the same. New month but same old, deafening and boring ‘sales’ routine. You hate it, so does your boss..!! You’re NOT fired yet, as you have gained the experience which is expensive to replace in your place.

So now, you’re pitching clients. But wait, do you really know what your client is..? What the priorities are for your client..? What is the work environment of your client..? What is the background of your prospective client..?

Perhaps that client met you on the road and you exchanged cards, if you really did before started to pitch your product or company, people don’t want to hear anymore about companies or products, they’re already living in a tight consumer’s world where water could be scarce but advertising campaigns of splashing are not.

RECIPE OF CERTAIN DEATH – Start pitching even without noticing or knowing what the other client’s wearing. That was a pun but understanding, researching a client requires a deeper level of understanding which breeds greater trust. TRUST brings down the defenses, that is only possible if you invest enough time in building relationship not the SALES CHART first.

So how do you build a relation..? Introduce, exchange cards, FULL STOP..!! Start listening from here – what do they do, what is their organisation, invite your prospect to sell you before you sell to them, understand their work culture, the challenges, the drawbacks, the benefits, the growth standards, aspirations, inspirations. When you listen, a couple of defense line is broken and brought down, but the TRUST is not yet affixed in you, you’re just a spectator yet and no player listens to the spectators, they keep their play on.

Now, you start asking intelligent questions – this builds the channel which brings them to your company’s doorsteps and your products. Ask like what if there was a solution that would help them generate more productivity, more growth, what their (prospect’s) interest is, what is still lacking, what kind of avenues they seek to grow and prosper, financial growth. Start analyzing and suggesting what they should do – here you being their mind programming. With suggestions and advises, they start listening to you now, more defenses GONE..!! Trust replaces.

FAILED Sales - Lip Service To RelationshipsOnce you know they are eager, keep your ears and eyes open to changes – the psychological change is necessary which is not possible when thick bricked walls of FEAR, ill-trust are higher than your anticipation. Know the pain, which is not possible if you’re not emotionally intelligent to unlock it.

Sales is like a date – the perfect one is not the first one or the last one. You invest in everyone of them to get the perfect results.

So start building relationships by asking questions and suggesting help to them to improve. People love sociable people who are occasional salesman. See then your sales rocketing.

Sales Closing, and so it begins..

10 04 2013

Selling, Sales, Sale skills, Selling SkillsThe hardest part – closing? But what about the previous process? If the initial homework is setup gingerly, the prospecting, the selection mode before prospecting, the calculation of the project / sales plan before all this. The perfecting of the sales pitch, the preparation, the attire, the appointments, the voice pitch – all just matters in selling.

Once need analysis is caricatured, the features are blended with the needs – customers are only selfish about their need satiation folks, nothing more, with added passion, the ride to the closing is just an easy ball game. But not that easy. Hang on.

Here are some handy tips to take care of before you even venture out there to combat the competing vultures – 

  • Have the ultimate goal of the meeting – Sales have to be committed by both the sides.
  • Have a complete knowledge of the concerns of your prospects – needs, demands, change analysis, improvement and so much so on.
  • Scrutinise your proposal before your prospect does – be the devil’s advocate and slam hard your proposal on the wall – survival to salvation is a logical game, never to be left to luck and charms. Miracles only happen with angels.
  • Storytell your sales and achievements – get the prospects’ frequency toned up or down to your level – play the game the way you want to with storytelling.
  • Have an explanation ready for recommendations for your solution and product.
  • Have a Plan – B ready – if this doesn’t go ahead, the other plan and artillery will work.
  • If presentation starts to sound boring, the feeling is automatic for the sales expert, be quick to find out the leakages in the interest of the person.

After all the embellishments above achieved and embedded within the proposal – go straight, like a patriotic countrymen and start the closing. Straightforward and confident questioning in closing will create a space for the other person to manoeuvre around and give either of the signals – the affirmation or rejection, which is totally natural in sales call.

Closing the Sales – some useful tips

  • Start thinking like a ‘Closer’ – Able and expert closers have three qualities – Prompt, Persistent and Focused – upgrading skills at questioning and dialogue engagement.
  • Setting clear objective of the meeting – vagueness doesn’t support success, at any level, vague information is good for college statistics but in Sales you have to get and grow like a professional.
  • Check whether the customer is ready – ask questions, directly, openly but not being pushy, never push in a sale closing. Never. Questions like – ‘How would this work for you’ or ‘How do you see yourself in this program / project?’ or ‘Do you agree?’ or ‘Does any of this make sense to you?’
  • Close confidently – Summarise what you’re offering but lightly. Then initiate a final check to make sure the prospect has understood the proposal and surfaces the objections withheld still.
  • Close and ask for the business – upon sensing the green signals – ask for the business directly, E.g.: ‘Shall we start today / now?’ or ‘Are you giving us a go-ahead now?’

Let me know what I’ve missed. Share your thoughts. Follow me at Twitter with kaptainmirza

Write up inspired from – 

The Most Important Sales Skill of All by Geoffrey James (@Sales_Source) and 

8 Tips for a Tough Sell by Sally Hogshead

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