SCAM & PONZI Selling Hit, Selling Split – How..?

10 05 2013

SCAMs are way too attractive, at first, just like the first date, till the end until exposed. So how does the black market thrive so fervently and feverishly amid the internet so much around..? Question is greed blinds everyone, specially the working class.



DUBAI SCAM – Gruesome Details

The latest to surface is this Dubai Project and Assignment scam, which allegedly has swindled a million Dirhams from 6000 people. Reportedly, some people have lost their entire life savings kept for children’s education and marriage, has been lost. The pain is immense and the act seems to be gruesome.

Idea was to get an initial security deposit of AED 500 ($136) for 10 PDF assignments to be converted to word – earning AED 100 ($36.7) per assignment. That promises neat sum of profits. Many people lost as big as AED 50,000 (approx $13,000) of their life saving and some lost around AED 100,000 (approx $30,000) on this scheme. Converting PDFs to word format is almost automatic now, many tools available but these Dubai people read less and work more for their bosses, so they went after extra income promises to secure their futures, to some extent. But delusional.

Remember the PONZI scheme and Uncle Madoff? They purportedly weaved an attractive scheme to lure investors which many did. PONZI fever is on since 1920’s. Uncle Madoff, made a whopping $65 billion, eluding the Government, the investors and celebrities.



So How Do They Do It?

Simple, they make it look very attractive. In returns and in exhibition. Schemers and spammers and scammers are smart, witty and well planned in their theory. Their homework, their attire, is near to perfect. They dress up like a millionaire for the first impression. Doesn’t that signal a good professional, slick attire is the key to getting a sale or at least the foot in the door.

Schemers make it big by showing themselves big and talking big – big here means passion. Theft too is a passion and why would just enjoy fraud with the fear of landing behind bars, the passion, the lust, the love of money surpasses the fear.

Passion in Anything Gives it a Success

Even in Sales, passion has to measure up or even counter fear. Your passion has to reduce fear to a minion. Seek the drive, the dream, the burning desire to counter and challenge your fear. The fear is nothing but the sign board by the road leading you to the destination of your life.

Schemers promise returns. Big returns, low investments and sometimes higher investments.  Sales people too show the big promises of their product, if it doesn’t measure up, salesman doesn’t show up. Very unprofessional.

In selling industry, learn your product, how it works but more importantly, how it benefits the other person. If you start thinking how the other person will benefit, your sales approach will benefit and increase the sales.

Schemers and PONZI approach with trust. They build it, run it, expose it and then they run. In Sales too, you build trust and rapport before the defenses of the person are down and he is ready to receive your counsel taking you as an adviser. Purport yourself as a consultant and less of a salesman running for commission, that will see a steady growth in your sales management.

Dubai SCAM stings 6000 PeopleSchemers benefit their immediate contacts by giving immediate returns and profits by earning less for themselves in the initial stages. In sales, if you sell the benefits with emotional connection, people will start trusting you. People don’t buy brands, they buy the emotions connected with the brands and products. Create the emotional relationship with your product. But keep your product genuine.

LUST – PONZI works on building lust for more in less time. More in less and even more in even less. In sales, your career will go bust if you’re in lust. You will sell but shall sell short and eventually the company, the customers will sniff you out. People are more smarter than they used to be.

PONZI Vs. Pyramid Plans

But PONZI is not to be confused with Pyramid schemes. Every other structure and organisation is based on a Pyramid, starting with your notorious boss, who earns the most, while you at the bottom rung of the pyramid, is earning the least but slogging the most. Isn’t that PONZI now? Illegal is Pyramiding, which is another name for PONZI.

Credit Card

Credit Card Selling

Schemers pressure into making an investment. So does the traditional salesman. Traditional selling is already gone. Credit Card selling in Middle East is so notorious with traditional methods, they put cold calling to a shame.

Do the Homework

PONZI Schemers do a lot of homework so as not to get exposed. Idea is make money, buy islands, make money again, let your primary investors take a bit from your earnings, make money again and flee. Flee to West Indies and enjoy the cocktails. The easy-beach money. But PONZIs have been notorious to have been caught after several years and sometimes decades.

So sales guys, gear up, invest in your suits and boots, learn your product, learn your customer and their affiliations, pitch the benefits with emotional connect and just SELL. Don’t FAKE selling, it shows. Be passionate and start seeing the growth. Introspect what you want from selling and we’ll see you at the top.


Pakistanis – Remittances are not the ONLY Answer..!! VIVA – Vote is Voice of Allah

7 05 2011

6 million Pakistanis around the globe. Majority residing in Middle East. Most of them don’t know how to use the internet. The message is intended to be read and spread. Word of Mouth.

Pakistan, today, is the crossroads of history. Never, unprecedented, has any nation ever faced such multitude of dilemma, dichotomy amid its crumbling system. Examples are there but with such odds and negatives playing totally against the public, now the Army and the intelligence a.k.a ISI also joins the coterie and shares the grunt and the brunt. The global abuse. The media abuse. You Pakistanis have unfolded this unto yourself. One by acquiesced and silenced acceptance of the status quo and disowning your own country with no innovative sense and want of change. Hence hounds make rounds of our fates. Secondly by NOT voting. Vote or Note. Your choice.

No dictator, no leader, no councilor has ever stopped you from voting. Vote is power. Vote is language. Vote is right. Vote is Voice. Vote is better than watching Priyanka Chopras and Katrina Kaifs. Forget Saif and Shahrukh just for an hour’s sake and vote. Vote and just Vote.

Overseas Pakistanis are people who had talent but ON SALE..!! Yet they were limited in their visions. Instead of procreating opportunities at home through business ownership or roadside career initiation for the purpose, overseas Pakistanis saw 1 dollar to 86 degraded Pakistani Rupees as a better option.
But at what better price..?? At the cost of fading memories and their own people. Overseas Pakistanis thought, better metalled and black solid roads are way to making fortunes but nonetheless, dreams can only be achieved if Pakistan is on the top of the dream list.

With a 12 billion dollar contribution to Pakistan, the duty doesn’t end there. But its otherwise presumed. What have you done to Pakistan and for Pakistan. Your wife adorns the best of lawns and you consider that riches..? Your child takes a spider-man flashing on his backpack would make him stand out..? Would upgrading your wheel caps of your car bring you additional praise? You are most scorned than otherwise, but if you realise.

Show offs, over stretching yourself for the social status quo only lasts for 15 minutes on an average in any event. Your wife’s jewelery is only talked about that long. Your child’s Nike shoes are history when they get soiled. What are you running after..? Money..? Security..? Peace of mind..? Do you have it all yet..?

To stand out, to make it, you have to think out of the box, think but not like women. Think of giving back to have it back.
To start with the first step. How many Pakistanis have you endeared and touched their lives upon..? How many unemployed Pakistanis have got employment letter through your efforts (not to be read as reference)..? How many languages do you speak..? How many businesses have you opened up..? Are you trustworthy even to sell socks by the roadside..? How big is your unseen ego if you want to open up a roadside Fruit Chaat Shop (given if you are a graduate and a postgraduate)..? You want ego or money..? How good are you in public relations..? How often you mingle with people..? Do you often talk about mobile apps in a get together..?? If so, they you are a waste and your 12 billion dollars are just a pretext to acquiesce your own conscience.

Do you even smile without this this occurring to you that this person might ‘ask’ you for something. How many lives have you touched..? How many roads have been repaired with your own hands..? How many streets remain clean in your locality with your connivance..? Have you ever thought, the trash and waste your household in Pakistan disposes on daily basis, accentuated with the number of households by at least 50 times would be enough to generate electricity, if that project is on your mind ever..??

Are you really making a difference as a PAKISTANI..?? Are you really business minded for other Pakistanis..?? Have you ever thought that by recruiting Pakistanis in your own organisations will just empower you (provided a common vision is agreed upon, which again is unlikely)..??

Where do you stand..?? Economically..? Or are you just made to fill the coffers of the foreigners and make your own boss richer by the day and stay satiated with peanuts yourself..?? Justice or corporate bigotry..??

Now do you see the big picture..??

Do you want a change in Pakistan..?? Not the Theepa change but REAL change.

Then add this little thought of contributing VOTE on the election day. Make a difference. Don’t leave it to the hounds and dogs of the Parliament. Oh Hazrat Parliament.!!

Do you leave your children and wives at the mercy of the Police Wallahs when you travel abroad. Do you entrust the local councilor to take care of the daily chores of your household..?? Do you leave your property papers with the Patwaari..?

If not, then why the bloody country is left upon them..? 12 billion dollars is what we just DON’T want. We want your voice. The freedom of having complete justice. Voice your concern. Stick with the truth. When was the last time you spoke only and just only truth..?

Politics of Pakistan is an abandoned child. More worse than that, you abandoned it in the darker and filthier streets of degradation yourself. So why blame the already corrupt. You gave them the way. History.

Now what..?? CHANGE..!! With action and just action..!!

But are you ready for it..?? Are you serious about it..??

Pakistan Pa’aindabad.

Dubai – Castles of Sand (Part 1)

18 08 2010

Property is never a business. The economic growth isn’t productive; in a sense that the end result, the item, the commodity when delivered to the investor or occupier can’t put the stagnant and stationary flat, villa to some good production – like making lollypops or making flyers for an already bankrupt bank to sell its credit cards.

Absence of industrial estates shifts the pressure or, if there is, the pressure to luxury and residential units. Absence of industries limits jobs and influx of people. When goods aren’t circulating, so doesn’t the money, the effect of saved money doesn’t create jobs but liabilities, which have to be kept in tight grips for the rainy seasons. The affordability, then, for non-productive employees cannot be estimated, so they have to go. Sorry folks. Dubai’s Dubai. Rules have changed, so will the changing hands.

From soaring rents and property prices to falling of the same, buzz was anew on the hikes of petrol and school fees. Children and petrol, both fancier to our pockets. The reach of the middle class is getting more limited by the day. Who said Recession was indeed over. The sun has to rocket both the East and the West to complete the 24 hours cycle, recession is just the first part, the 12-hour period of recession itself hasn’t halted yet, the other 12-hour period, a.ka. the Depression has to show up. So wake UP..!! Wake UP everyone..!! Smell the Coffee..!!

Media itself wouldn’t really loosen its grips on the ground realities. That is where we live and land on when nothing works out. So folks, in the Middle East, the first step is luck and the final phase is purely luck. No matter how many certifications in between, seminars and tranings, exhibitions. Fact of the matter is, in a retail and consumer industry, you are robbed off quite so often in the name of anything.

Certifications, yeah good trick or placebos to delay your job lay offs. Trainings and pictures, yeah some of anti-biotics. But your boss isn’t that qualified and wouldn’t appreciate what you do, out of the juridisction to cement your cubicle which is made of Jumeirah beach’s sands. The castles made on sand.

Abandoned Cars in UAE

Recession bit hard. Too hard. Pushing nearly everything out of place and out of the country, the banks were seething with unpaid credit cards due payments and car dealers left scouring for customers who enjoyed plush vehicles which were left in and around Dubai, some of them even found in Al Ain laying idle and devoured by dust and heat. From flats to cars, properties to empty bank accounts to businesses, Dubai was left like an orphan. Fate of Abandoned Cars – Crackdown

While news are abound, that abandoned cars left last year were only 11, while rumours quoted around 3000+. 11 cars abandoned in Dubai.

Read on and enjoy..!! Enjoy Dubai..!!

Freelance Vs. Permanent Roles – Middle Eastern Black Hole

29 12 2009

Middle East is a vibrant and a fluctuating market. Period. But not for those surviving on the tether around them, confining them to their cubicles. And also, my sympathies for those who work in the Accounts and Finance departments; although Middle East is largely tax free throughtout all the seasons but accounts people suffer from most ailments one finds in the Middle East, Diabetes tops it, then Heart related. Accounts is not a romantic role, though, but nonetheless it pounces right at your heart.

After gaining a thorough 4+ years in the Middle East market, also bagging some certifications in ISO 9000:2008 for Internal Auditing and SAP; much of the experience provides me to leverage my efforts much more fruitfully for my own benefit. Job is where you agree to act like a slave. You agree to the terms and conditions of any website before registering, you don’t think twice. But before you do that in the Middle East, stop, consult, think, rethink again and rethink again. The shadowy areas are never discussed until you are cornered in your cubicles.

But, quality of service in the Middle East is always tainted and compromised. But the irony is, you’re expected to work and show yourself busy like Barack Obama. No offence meant but your boss would never commend your MIGHTY work. You would strain, stress, press, redress your efforts and resume but appreciation is an art which cannot be searched in the museums. Your boss envies it. So its out. Why..? Because your Boss is ALWAYS RIGHT..!!!

And that you don’t have a say here. No strikes, yeah, think about it and you’re aborted, deported and black listed. Now what shall we do. And yes, you can only work for one employer at a time and only that job which is mentioned onto your visa. Other than that, its illegal. Sounds Utopian right..? So what can you do?  Suffer is the first option, but that suffering brings with it its benefits. Firstly, Public relations, it is a grand big leverage to land yourself a role, perhaps a job if you’re persistent and know how to make and offer a lemonade for your to-be-boss.

Yeah that’s the trick; flatter others and you won’t find yourself lying flat in the airport lounge and flying out for good from the Middle East. Secondly, experience. Majority of the people who come here to the Middle East, are focused and poised just to EARN MONEY..!! But you won’t set your targets that perrenially retarted and puny.

You have to grow and Middle East is a growing and festering ‘hinterland’ (although it isn’t, pun intended) just for ENTREPRENEURS. So you again experience and not in one mode or area of interest, multi modal experience counts alot. Once you’re over 3 years of core and meaty experience in your and your sweet beautiful colleague’s (in the next cubicle) experience, you are ready to jump onto the next phase. And that is, community work..!! Kidding.

Next phase is where you would have amassed a bunch of newspapers (enough to fill 3 and a half warehouses, yeah the other half of the third would be vacant for the trucks to tow away the mice-nibbled and recyclable paper) and business cards already before you get down to real business. Freelancing is a better way to make your mark in the after-office hours. Abundant opportunities can be browsed through the local newspapers, get to know or hear from your peers (peers from the business cards, in short Networking helps) about upcoming developments. One can contact entities like companies and institutes to garner and utilise your abilities for a percentage. You both share. In this way, the first party (company / institute) doesn’t have to go through all the hassles to support you with the visa procedure which is like sun baking in the desert for them.

Start small and limited and you’ll get to see the wider scope. Start from the back of the pack, remember a movie is best watched and looking if you are at the last row somewhere in the middle, only action movies, mind you. Once you’re in, nothing stops you then. Neither your employer nor your urge to rush for a movie. Once the trend picks up, you would be amazed that you would be saving your whole salary and spending from your extra income. But that comes later, don’t jump and don’t be expensive. Now, you have extra money but not extra time. Outsource, sublet, get a group of friends again to divide and subdivide a mini task to mini projects.

Then again, get everything (projects, mini tasks and not mini skirts, you seem you CANNOT handle at this point as you would have quite a considerable connections and that you would earn a percentage on your networking and delegating capabilities.

From programming, web development, technical (Mechanical / Instrumental), education, financial advice (Year End support and preparation), repair and maintenance, tutoring, advice (Quality Management and Improvement, Supplies, Interior decoration, exploration, introducing (parties with each other, importer and exporter area, I love to do that) and the list goes on.

The service industry is better open after the office hours, although you might not hear the sweet voice of the secretary on the other end, who makes you to call her office for no reason. Yeah, live with it. But believe me her voice is chirpy, you don’t want to drive all the way down to see her. Reality d***s. So folks, if you’re planning to land in here anytime, make sure you have your swimsuits, goggles, a good business plan and guts to work and suffer under your illegitimate boss.

Good luck with your struggling careers..!!

Emergency-Benazir’s U-Turn, Imran Khan’s Bashing

14 11 2007

With a gallop Benazir who was on Musharraf’s bandwagon, has shifted gears, shifted intent. But this doesn’t come before deliberate discourse with the West on the hotline and spoonfeeding. Now she is one of the staunch opponents adding more to the feathers of hatred the West is bent upon to collect as evidence and pressure to mount against the Dictator who, till now, stands firm and solid. With the support of the army, which has the Swat valley dilemma under its fist now, the cleanup is going to be swift and unheard.

And with the Emergency on hold and Pakistanis now seemingly awaking to the sounds of mistrust embedded in the global protest, whereby recently, global warming was an issue which is nowhere, vanished and Pakistan is in the firing range; Maleeha Lodhi responded quite swiftly and smartly with the much awaited and appropriate response to the Commonwealth; of course, this is Pakistan’s internal policy matter. Pakistanis are not allowed to speak and observe the electoral process of the West. Not one example.

Now, with Benazir horse trading her political priorities, the ability she proved in the past, emergency has favoured the Government and allowed time to do homework, homework to avert the elections to their favour and keep Bibi jee as her presence is all very dangerous for the nukes of Pakistan, the extremists as they would expound their activities in rage to get even with her in Islamabad. Bibi’s slogan for secularism would be a blank cheque for her in Spain, she could take refuge there if there happens to be a civil uprising. But what about the commons? No respite, so keep her away.

More so, Imran’s benevolent figure and upright profile didn’t bring him glory today either. The national hero who brought in the World Cup for Pakistan, which is now a hoped beacon, a distant mysterious wish which is always done away with betting when the likes of Wasim Akram surround the arena.

Imran Khan was brutally received, which was unexpected from Punjab and her University. If the foreign deportation of Nawaz Sharif can be ruled out, saying “No Pakistani can be barred from his entering his Motheland”, then why was Imran denied entry. Particularly the mindset of University can be brought to question. But, another perspective could be to repel the alliance of Imran and Qazi which was very evident and expectedly formidable and under review and discourse upon this future possibility; so to avert this possibility from further cementing, some unseen but present forces broke through the rows of Studen’t faction of the Jamiat and blotched the Jamiat and threw the stone from Qazi’s shoulders. Who knows the people who kicked and dragged Imran were indeed from Jamiat. Police force in civilian dress also surfaced at the Supreme Court previously to drive off the lawyers. So why not the Schooling Uniform?

Normal life in Pakistan stayed at its best. Its the 100 and 150 people, who are in focus on every international media. I don’t remember, out of curiosity any T.V anchor stepped from the mainstream to portray Pakistan through another spectrum of People, culture, history, daily life and people again; as its the norm, the topic, ideology, area, country, sport under discussion, the backdrop surrounding it or making it happen too are covered for better for the inquisitive and unbiased collection of news. It seems, everyone is placing their share of anomaly to be instilled into the status quo of Pakistan, to portray the negative side ‘always’ to the every ignorant and media-believing masses.

An advice, for Imran, he is still premature to assess the political scenario. Well he is improving. Serving the public through ‘perfect’ application of funds and supervision of public welfare is but one aspect of politics, which although is unprecedented still in the politics of Pakistan and Imran has proved himself rising above the rest in this aspect, but manipulative politics is what is he is still groping in. He lacks the politics of manipulation, the politics of now, the now of seconds. He needs good advisors.  Moreover, Musharraf is trying to save Pakistan through his less-understood coy tactics. He still needs to exercise patience and political analysis; General Hameed Gul could be a good partner.

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