Sales Prospecting and Karachi Earthquake

16 04 2013
Earthquake and Sales Prospecting

How Earthquake and Sales Prospecting Relate

Well that were some strong jolts felt here in Karachi. The earthquake jolt originated from Iran – Pakistan border.

What was noticed, when earthquake hits, people throw in the frantic and people do notice and register the influence of the panic – which is negative. People then start rushing and gushing and blushing, whatever is possible. Journalists get an incident to report and people get to phone to inform their acquaintances of their safety.

Point is, how does this related to sales discussion – well here is the proposition – when and during earthquake, people cause the panic, they just don’t think twice of the reaction of the people around them, they just have one focus, safety for one and for all.

So what are we doing while Sales prospecting – do we have the focus..? If we don’t, we don’t cause the stir to initiate the sales discussion. Sales prospecting is all about confident attitude projection – most sales guys, not experts friends, the sales guys hesitate. Reason? The focus is not there, start revising your visions and dream goals. Plus, don’t just sit there and care what would people say, get out there and start talking with passion. Passion comes with powerful dreams..!!

Selling requires you to create JoltSo cause the frantic, get noticed, get your company the sales records hitting the roof and blowing through it.

Start talking without FEAR..!! FEAR is the call to take action in the path of FEAR. FEAR is invitation. Go and meet it head-on. 

Create the JOLT FACTORY Sales deserve..!!


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