Jinnah ka Yaum e Pedaaish manaanay ka sahi Tarikkaa.. (Jinnah’s Birthday’s Perfect Gift)

24 12 2010

Jinnah k purr musarrat yom e paidaaish pey thori aur corruption ko taiz kar k Jamhooriyat ka behtereen tohfa Jinnah sahab k huzoor dey saktay hein..

To phir dostoan..
Hor zoar laao…tey target pooray karo..
corruption..bijli chori..gas chori..aata chori..cheeni chori..sabzi chori..anda chori..murghi chori..tax chori..
seena zori..
munaafa khoari..
moo zoari..mein record moo toar izaafa yaqeeni banaaein..

Allah hum sub ka haami o naasir ho..


Dubai’s RERA and Zardari’s a Lutera / Wikileaks – Business of Blunders

10 12 2010

Wikileaks has done it. The global leaders did it again…Blunders and lots of blunders this time. East to West, everyone’s seems to be taking cover while Wikileaks seems to rain all over, with loads of stories of unprecedented mistrust and deceit.

Please no more Hiccups and Leaks - Earning Desperately in Progress

The most naive, the most obedient, the most unscrupulous, the most illogical of what has been said behind the iron curtains has been peeled off and drilled out. Wikileaks has done business on blunders. Assange is just one another smart guy out there.

His arrest might not assuage the rising career in the underworld of Hacking and cracking but has sent tremors an uplifting message to all and sundry that vice and vice versa have to live together but some have to put their acts together to avoid this embarrassment.

Don't Say A Word - Hush Assange

Nawaz, Chaudharies, Zardaris, Altaf Hussain, the Army, the Establishment of Pakistan have been at the centre point for Wikileaks. The puppets were they but the public is more aware and awake. The drop scene seems to be planned. New recruits and players have to be brought on board without spilling a drop of blood and oil. Both are precious in bureaucracy.

Wikileaks - Whistle Blower of the World

The damage is done. It cannot be rolled back or switched off. The moment Wikileaks raised the curtains and unfolded the drama, all politicians were bare baking their skins in the sunlight of media which burned their masks. Scathed and scratched almost everywhere, expect a retributive response in the coming weeks, a fiesta for the next year.

Speaking of the next year, Dubai’s DEWA is hiking its utilities’ bills by 15% for the end consumers, a herald which calls for Plan B options for consumers. Either have 2 jobs or 1 job + a part time business but something and everything has to be moving or YOU move OUT of the country.

Dubai's DEWA - Tax Free Utility

From January effective, the Government of the UAE has reduced the residence visa validity to 2 years which is 2/3rd of increase in the renewal income for the sponsor of the visa. So an expat has no say whatsoever. Award yourself the certificate of loyalty which comes with no viable and comprehensive fiscal value but could, that too could, save your neck at your job. The moment your service is outsourced to Bangalore, you aren’t employable by Bangalore even. Wake up and smell the Coffee. Rather taste it..!! Its even better.

Such are the laws in the Middle East which shall enable the employers to save AED 678 million. But what would employees save..?? Their life..?? or Wife..?. Unpredictable like the Pakistani Cricket Team. Rumours are up as usual; Javed Miandad is slated to be the coach. Yet again..?? Is it the money or is it fame or Nationalism Javed Sahab..??

Dubai’ RERA is pulling together its act of silent prospect and spectator all these years since 2001 when EMAAR or NAKHEEL launched the first ever property. Now RERA has little room to manoeuvre as developers have skipped but Investors didn’t skip any of the payment they were asked to rather had to pay. As non payment in the Middle East leads to the lock up, be it a credit card or a car installment or property installment. Developers have and had much say and liberty as opposed to investors who didn’t have control on either the contract nor their payments stuck in the escrow accounts. Now they wander in limbo.

Dubai's RERA - Real Estate's Boss

Countless projects, promised to be delivered by 2009, haven’t till started at all. Many projects are delayed for 3 years. This is one mess history should remember and keep recalling to invite recession again and again. Somebody should come forward and write a book on what happened with Real Estate in Middle East and Dubai. The Glitz, the Glamour, the Frustration is the perfect title of the book. Follow the link here – What to Ask RERA. Read the comments of the frustrated investors.
Also read this – EXCLUSIVE: Poor Dubai building quality will damage market – Bin Ghalaita

Middle East is a subject now. Should be taken up seriously as a major in Universities.

Hey Investors, did we say to invest out of your countries..?? We really sympathise for the finances you have lost, but till further notice, your property and your bank account has an outstanding credit to be paid, by January next year, or else.
We know you’re unemployed for the past one year but Happy New Year..!! Jingle Bells Jingle Bells all the way to the Lock UP..!! Meet Santa there as he missed his installment for this month of his carriage. There aren’t any deers so he has to fix a petrol generated engine to run this carriage which unfortunately isn’t anymore. All impounded. Welcome to the Bonded Labour Zone.

Meanwhile enjoy this. That is me with the first prize at the Toastmasters Club.

Sialkot and Pakistan need a Ghenghis Khan before Eid

26 08 2010

Ghengis Khan

Sialkot episode is the bloody perspective of the Pakistani community, so to say. The moral, social, economic, intellectual structure or infrastructure lays bare to rot and just rot.
Every other person in Pakistan needs a catharsis, so they got it. Police assumed this might not make headways to the public attention. But it did. Now, change of plans. Some serious change of plans.

Forget Ramazan, forget anything that is just so near to Islam. This is just my territory and no big force has ever intruded for the past 62 years. That is a fact and would remain so for the next 10 generations. That is my culture. And nobody dares comes near it.
Imported culture, imported lifestyle coupled with illiteracy and a patch of lands which extends quite a few and a half acres with local cattle to do the grazing all year round.

63 years and nothing left to moan and boast about. Unemployment has corrupted many minds and led the hands to slavery and short cut business – Kill for Money. But Sialkot event was not for money but vengeance. Vengeance of ignorance, against the system. The victims, the brothers were convenient scapegoats caught at the wrong place (a kilometre and a half far from their village). Vengeance against every other calamity that has struck our society and lifestyle.

From torching the lamps on the streets to tearing down banks, from mutilating bus seat covers to the lynching like these, our society is just there caught up in between, in a quandary, withered, clueless and leaderless. Did Muneeb and Mughis had to anything with these ill forms begotten our society?

Posterity and austerity, both stay in exile in the West and it prospers maintaining these. Alas, we were Turkish, they are better off.
We have gone a league ahead of animals in savagery. The lions attack one from the herds and go for the jugular to reduce the time lag of the marriage between life and death. We as Pakistanis have just found out a way to bliss in mercilessness.
Brutal, blatant, unmoving, undead compounded with 150 and we have self-gratifying achievements on streets but some have to forego much.

Sialkot episode will never fade away that easily. The blatant act, the gory scenes, the endurance of one of the victims gave it an unforgettable patch of trauma in many’s lives and minds for days to come. And it shall go away unremembered too.

As the days pass, more news replace the older ones. After all, the media has to earn the bread too. Now its the cricket match fixing scandals in attention. Why is it has to be Pakistan all the time. Don’t you players earn much already. Lesser than you are fortunate enough to go around the world like you. Why drag your national signature all the time. Where is your collective conscience?

From floods to Sialkot to the political crass. Everything’s just so in a rut and in utter confusion.

Notable however was Imran Khan’s appearance which has been taken seriously, the first time? Not once but this time the Providence has buckled up and pushed the Khan to answer the call. Angelina Jolie is fortunate enough to be called our Bhabi of the East. Not East Pakistan..!! That’s gone and bygone.
Perhaps Imran’s is causing ripples which made Gillani to sit up and voice his concern over the financial aid at risk of all being usurped by NGOs. And what about your Government. Cover Imran for 2 days and your ranking and Government would tank. Guaranteed. Take a risk, but you aren’t commando.

We just await the Ghenghis Khan’s silver lining. This time he should have a Pakistani passport and mongolian paraphernalia of war.

2 cents.

Jay & Jay Co. (Jiyaala & Joota Co.) and the Hidden Agenda

10 08 2010

And that Zardari sahab received a not so standing ovation. And why would he have? The French Chateau, the private visit, the jeans, the T-Shirts and the bloody floody situation back in the country, the falling Fauzias, Gondals and Kairas, nothing seemed to be in place and Providence wasn’t really happy about it.

But don’t forget the Airblue disaster meanwhile.

In the name of ethics, nearly every sane person everywhere opposed this visit. And why did Zardari have to take a walk in France and Britain? What a leadership. Immaculately selfish and devoid of sympathy. The leadership standards are just not so well understood at both ends.

The likes of Kaira, Fauzia Wahhab and Ph.D Babar Awan are on their toes but they too are prepared to defend the step taken by Zardari. Foreign but old whiskies are indeed enlightening.

What was the need? One must think. Zardari leaves at the height of disaster striking the central and North West part of Pakistan. Was it really a disaster? Perhaps, the water could have been set loose, to avert the attention of all and many from Airblue. Rumours are building up that Airblue was hijacked by Blackwater and that the Nuclear research center, Kahuta, the thorn in the West’s throat was the target but ‘averted’.

Averted or say jammed by the Pak Army which stays alert and keep an eye on the crawling insect around Islamabad. The Army was swift enough to have controlled the aircraft well before it made headway for Kahuta, as it had change course; a concern which shouldn’t have been let go without notice. One may wonder and why should I, Uncle Sam wonders why can’t they find any Zardaris, Kairas and Awans and Chaudhrys in Pak Army? Answer – Pak Army go to Universities, the Defence University. While Dastis are mere drop out who aren’t welcome, neither at the airports or the immigration.

While, if Airblue was hijacked and jammed by the Army or say latter wasn’t, the Head Pilot might have gone for the extreme nationalism and embraced martyrdom along with other 151 (152-1), the one who could’nt make it was the one who might have done the act for Sam. But couldn’t pull it through at the right time.

Then Zardari heading off immediately, could be apology visit for not accomplishing the Airblue feat gone sour. And perhaps, Indian RAW, American Blackwater might have received Zardari at the French Chateau. Who knows. The maintenance charges were due and the creditors wanted an answer. It was rush hour. An apology was necessary, Sam was fuming. While the majority of the populace was entangled and made busy. While the whole world lambasted Zardari and his ilk, the inside story was efficiently covered up. Peel it off.

It wasn’t 152 victims in the airplane disaster, it was the whole country. Cable operators are controlled by yet another mafia which has roots in England. Burning of newspaper was planted. Papers are harder than stone. Remember the game Paper, Rock, Scissors?? While internet is publishing the newspaper. Send Jiyaalaaz to Hong Kong and Dubai to tear down the servers. Pull the juice on the servers.

Zardari+Joota+Jiyaala+Jeneral+Judiciary+Journalist+Jamat e Islami = Pakistan.

While GEO and ARY are fuming and seething over the closure. Musharraf’s legacy lives on. Musharraf, no need to come back.

In-Kill-aab – Imran Khan, Wake Up to the History’s Call!!

21 07 2010

Ramazan’s approaching fast and prices are rising faster. Welcome Ramazan..!! Let’s hope Ramazan isn’t fortunate enough to evidence more imploding-from-poverty oriented suicides and improvised suicide attacks. Let’s hope and just hope.

The collective conscience of the public is DEAD..!! From yesterday’s Nurse’s episode, we had another on coming up from Jacobabad. The veracity, the non-callousness, the abrupt abuse of silence and injustice is so rife that a Divine intervention like Ghenghis Khan awaits this nation to be placed in rigorous cleansing mode. The abject absence of leadership and electricity, umm, does that sound familiar..? Perhaps, as Raja sahab isn’t the fit and misfit to run this electric chair.

Bilawal - Walking the trail which others did already

From Pakistan to Zombistan. Where do we head to next..?? Bilawal or Bakhtawar..? Naheed Khan, perhaps your office might re-open again, next to PM’s pretty soon. Start dusting it. The end seems nowhere as Army or Democracy is a circle of nuisance and oblivion infested with system and schemes of corruption. Kiyani gets the extension, while Zardari, Gillani & Co are counting their extended ‘bonus’ time till 2012 or 2013? Again the people’s movement or people altogether have been let to the dogs again.

Retired Army men are singing the tunes which no one wants to listen. Hey Ho! Javed Hashmi lands in Hospital while the Minister of NWFP (yeah its still NWFP for me as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa doesn’t improve my country men’s economic situation), loses his son to the eternal homeland. Everyone has to end up there, but where does posterity or audacity point our priorities to? IMF and World Bank are another begging bowl while the foreign bank accounts are already brimming but no one to question or be brought to justice.

The Judiciary is treading cautiously; the sensitive issue of misplaced and missing persons is not being taken. Zardari has his cards adeptly placed and dealt to avoid the missing persons to be noticed. Swiss cases or Swiss watches, the Judiciary has to play the sweep deftly but people can’t wait. They grow impatient with the rising temperatures while the rain water drains the electricity from the poles and electrocuted the WAPDA workers but cannot electrocute the Rajas and my Split air conditioner.

While Karachi has the same old 90’s story being re-enacted again. Nobody to take notice with the splash of dozens of media men who have grown their harvest of arrogance and consider themselves invincibles. Hence everyone or anyone searching for survival has to be a part of any cartel or conglomerates. ANP another bunch of living zombies are out there to lose every part of the Railway. The railway tracks have to be declared as national treasures. Linking Afghanistan and India was upto Islamabad and railways was always the good backbone to support such a scheme. Scheme it is as it shall be merrier for a counted 2% ruling elite of the country.

Karachi - Festering grounds of easy money, and blood

The Army given the carrot, while the public still kept under open arrest with dearth of issues of electricity, gas, power, flour, mango issue (perhaps could be stocked as Ramazan is approaching but mangoes need larger cold storages for which separate rental power plants would be needed to be installed in Gilgit or they get overheated and noticed.), sugar cane issue, police caning issue, education problem, infrastucture problem. Any remaining percentage of people who deceive or escape the above doctored calamities, are then fed efficiently as fodder to the suicide bombers. Americans get bombed on the other side, while anti-Americans on this side. Either the police should be replaced by Afghan refugees or Pakistani nation should get a new name for itself – United States of Pakistan (USP or USB – United States of Buffer Zone..??)

The nation is in a turmoil instead, although the children are on vacations, the roads would have been then. No economic policy seems to be fit or be introduced. The ruling elite counts its days and Bilawal wants to jump leagues of miles on his birthdays to see himself as the (Lord Forbid) PM. Well, Bilawal, remember Mujeeb ur Rehman?? He had his daughter studying then before being shot. So you should leave some Bhutto (or Zardari) legacy back in the UK.

Imran Khan - The unscathed option?

Imran Khan has been dealing, without deliberate notice, with the national status-quo but media are wary of his approach and vision. The youth of Pakistan side with him but nonetheless, the projection is missing. The team is there under the feathers of Khan but then again a great uprising or uprooting has to be either staged or else expect a comeback. But opium drained or opium injected nation is in deep slumber. A push, what push is needed. Imran are you upto the task? Your connect is just missing. You aren’t media’s favourite child. Although Dr. Shahid Masood covered you comprehensively and majority of anchors favour you but then again the spark seems missing. Either sit down with the top echelons of your party and brainstorm where things need repairing and listening. PP160 was a feat but what next? Where are we heading down to?

Shouldn’t you consider a mindset counselling of the JI first. The jawaans and the youth of JI are organised, charged and theologically attached to your concept and vision. We need serious regrouping. Going solo is brave but for how long. We need an army of civilians to take responsibility and control. Only and only attitude change can bring a major shift in the politics of Pakistan. Reach them to their very attitudes and address them. Regroup the youth in their localities to take care of everything. Make them see their localities not only growing but peaceful and much more cleaner. Our blunderous votes have limited the retarted and discarded class to Islamabad enclave. That is their reach, not further. Let’s forget them but also our localities and societies cannot be left to such hounds. Expecting beasts to milk the sheep? Is it? We need a social pilot project.

Imran, people hear you but want to see you too.

Spin Doctor – Skin the Rapiya Doctor

20 07 2010
Women Abuse in Pakistan

Taboo of Female Abuse in Pakistan

Another innocent soul was ravaged in Jinnah Hospital in Karachi. Not by any hoodlum or religious fanatic but the so called champions of superior liberalism, in spite of being educated, couldn’t resist the animalhood they reached which they tried to douse under the burden of books.

Perhaps, now either the cable television viewing should be curbed or the standards have to be put in place. How nice and serene it was with just PTV, OR, remove the AROUSING topics of reproduction, even of the plants, from the medical curricula. . The PTV era was the hey-days but then who would accuse Zia then if we sit down to miss those simple days.

A doctor or many doctors ravaging a nurse. Another from many cases now in the midst of attention. DARN, these media doesn’t really blend with religion yet can’t stand liberalism. No its not RAPE, its entertainment or another way of avenging old scores. Now that sounds civil and liberal.

Where on earth are the religious leaders to condemn and take action on this..? Either they cannot define the act, as they didn’t see it. 4 males are needed. But then again, they are so pre-occupied by American and Hillary, they either fall short of volunteers or the drive. Their acts of condemnation are financed to stoke the hate and heat against America.

What a blatant act. Bravo. For some reason, the media has taken up the cause and keeping both the victim and accused in focus. But how long. The authorities seem to have used the conventional tactics of hushing up, but to no avail. Nadia Khan covered it quite comprehensively, today on 20th July, changing her style from being overly glamorous to something realistic, victims can change the politics. Things do change in Pakistan but in the aftermath.

The Doctor’s profession is now under the axe and abuse. First it was the politicians, then the Judiciary, the era of great Dogars and now media is all voice against the Doctor’s mafia. Pakistan is in a grip of different mafias. Zardari mafia, Sugar mafia, Sharif mafia, Chaudhary mafia, Builder’s mafia, Property mafia, Labour mafia, Electricity a.k.a Raja Zafarul Haq mafia, IMF mafia, doctor’s mafia, media mafia, lawyer’s mafia, Warlord’s mafia, Utility store’s mafia.

The issue comes up at a high time of signing of transit agreement for India and Afghanistan. Pakistan acts or made to act like a Muppet Show’s Hermit the frog. To avert or divert, Pakistan has to bring up some major or trivial issue somehow or the other.

Poor's Electricity Facility

Electricity outages has leveraged the awareness of the masses through media.

Coming back to the doctor, Jabbar Mirza, is enjoying the protocol which is the birth right of the rich and influential families. Bhutto nationalised the industry, every industry so to say to eliminate the powerful influence of the families in the politics of Pakistan. Though those families didn’t fade, the industries did. Thanks Bhutto for transferring the power of the public from the families to the Bureaucracy.

While Jabbar and his ilk seem to enjoy the pleasure of crime. While the victim tends to hide faces. 37% of the rape cases go unreported in US. While the figures might be higher in Pakistan where law and order is in tatters while reporting of such cases again might be remote and rare, while quality might not be commentable.

Politico Weakness Vs. Mafias

Politico Weakness Vs. Mafias

Political parties are on their toes to keep and feed the police which have the national duty to cover such cases as the connections of the offenders usually link up somewhere with the political classes.

Now the event happened in Karachi. Same city where the public set the looters on fire not in the distant past. Same treatment should await this doctor. End of the story.

Note to the Public – stop bickering about the Government coming out to cover the unfit sewerage system and unattended clinics. Start taking responsibility. The 50+ retired lot should either commit suicide by jumping in the yet-not-dried open air sewerage nullahs or should be a part of social reform of their localities. Pakistan’s revival is purely based on the theory of Madina, where the epicentre of economy, society, cultural heritage and educational policy was only and only the MASJID.

The Pakistani community has to find the connect with the Masjid. Every trivial and ordinary matter of the social fabric has to go through the Masjid. The echelons of the Masjids, the Imams, too have to prove to the task and test. They should be double graduates with Masters, necessarily, in Economics. Should speak 4 languages, at least. Should teach higher level Mathematics in Persian and have the most beautiful wife(ves) of the whole community. That explains their higher authority, long forgotten since 1924, the year Khilaafah was dissolved and dismantled.

But is anyone listening..? The Zardaris, Sharifs, Niazis, Chaudharys, the Hassan Nisaars, Raoof Klaasras, Musharrafs and Kiyanis, the Journalists, the civil societies, the NGOs, Kamran Shafis. Are you listening..?? Can we civilians take some actions..??

The spin doctors – skin the RAPIYA DOCTORS..!! End of the Game..!!

Oath-Naama – Baraaye Terrorist – Stamp Paper 50 Rupees.

15 07 2010
  1. Thy shall not ATTACK Nawaz Sharif, his followers, his gatherings, protests, press conferences, his party, his Raiwind Ghareeb Khaana.
  2. Thy shall not send SMS to Zardari, Altaf Bhai right after successful operation, within 10 minutes of the attack.
  3. If your head is found by a police constable, thy shall utter the holy words
    1. “Give me a body of a cyborg and I’ll show you what Chitroal is..!!”.
    2. “Make my head your intikhaabi Nishaan in the by-elections, I like to be on the TV”.
    3. “Is my make-up still working or a lipo-suction is needed..?”
    4. “How much is the count this time..?? Abul ***** took 39 as per GEO for the Darbaar bombing and is enjoying 40 hooreinzzzz per victim. Gawd GEO is hit up there too. But can’t they report less..?”
    5. “Where is my NIC card..?? Now I want to book a flight next on PIA. Preferably I’ll get a first class, I know the SHO who runs the travel agency.”
    6. “Firdaus Aashiq Awaan Ko Thank You for making us the population reduction agents..!! Humdum doesn’t work anymore and we’re pre-greased..!!”
  4. Thy shall not target the corrupt and the deceitful. They have Spanish paradises and Hooreinzz already.
  5. Thy shall not wear lipstick and bangles.
  6. Thy shall not sign up for an interview at a talk show. Your head is already endorsed.
  7. Thy shall hate Universities, CD shops, Bazaar but shall not attack the graveyard. That is where the agent of Hooreinz would contact you.
  8. Thy shall not ask for emails of Hooreinz.
  9. Thy shall not have a choice for Hooreinz. Hooreinz quota are running lower with the level of water in Pakistan. Thy shall then blow up DAMS too.
  10. Thy shall avoid bureaucrats. They give you access in Pakistan.
  11. Thy shall not vote. Always chant BHUTTO BHUTTO..!!!
  12. Thy Boss is Reverend Rehman Malik..!! All loyalties to him..!!
  13. Thy shall get Hooreinz as much as the amount in the cheque given to the affectees by Shah Mehmood Qureishi. PKR 500,000 gives 500K hooreinz. Pray the next budget is made by your boss next time.
  14. The Gateway of Delhi is under maintenance, use Gateway to Paradise (Pakistan) as your transit port. The paradise flight costs less.
  15. Thy shall not PRAY in Masjids. Those are prime targets. Don’t get killed before killing.
  16. Thy shall be eligible for suicide bombing, if, following procedures are met
    1. That you should have dropped out from 5th grade. Better if you skipped 4th even. Even better if ran away from school. Hooreinz can stand graduates who have no job. Illiterate either are suicide bombers, or they get elected to the parliament if their bombs don’t go off or if their bombs get wet with their urine at the wrong time.

(cont’d..PART 2 coming soon..)

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