25 06 2013


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Selling With Dignity is HELL in UAE, instead ROB them with WAASTA

22 06 2013
Dubai Abra Souq Station

Dubai Abra Souq Station

Now selling is an art of scraping the needs, finding the value, connecting the client emotionally to the need+value+benefit and sell them the solution.

Clients are not interested what you sell – they look for convenience and solutions which make their lives easier.

Selling in UAE or working as a salesman doesn’t lead you to a dignified position. The focus of businesses is solely profit. But who’s making them a profit..? The sales guys of course. But in the Middle East, the situations is starkingly odd and different.

More or less, the employer is himself a misfit who assumes, business is won through, Waasta (personal references) and there is no such thing as Sales as an art and research.

The oil-rich region is abuzz with investments, business, networking, opportunities and just lots of money and glamour. What misses is this, Sales guys are not respected and are not highly paid executives.

On the other hand, Indian nationalities have done equal damage too – bringing the market rates to a level where only cats and South Indians can survive – on bones.

A market which sends its workforce, in sultry heat of June-October, expects to meet the targets is salaried at just a meagre Dhs.2000 (USD 544). Now how will Sales prosper..? Upon that 14 hours of gruelling work hours with traffic jams and harsher living conditions for expats. See also how expats spend their lives in such living conditions. Welcome the Paradise of Middle East – Dubai.

And this is how corporate companies in Dubai treat employees.

In such a dillemma, where no proper framework exists to allow Sales to grow out of perceptions – the old tabboos of doing business the traditional way is prevalent. Hawkers and sellers pitch by the road side.

Influence, emotionally connect and deliver value form the basis of stronger sales. UAE has just not learnt the right way of doing it. It might never would. WAASTA will give you PASTA in Emirates.

For your reading pleasure, check how expatriates live in UAE. And, how companies work in UAE and rob employees of their salaries.

Hence Proved Emergency in Pakistan was not futile

19 12 2007

A bomb blast rocks a city in the NWFP killing a couple of soldiers and civilians; another incident is marred in the most backward province of Pakistan, Sindh, where a train is derailed and scores are killed; although the ‘free’ but irresponsible media claims the lives lost are only 40 and no more. Although, if logically analysed, maximum of 44 people can occupy the seats only in each compartment and 14-16 got derailed. Now that what would spiral the statistics. Moreover, the occasion of Eid which sees overcrowding of passengers in this mode of travel hence, much would be accentuated at the ground level. What we see is what they want to show.

Hence proved, emergency was a cushion against the unseen and the anticipated. The unseen but terrorising elements, necessarily sponsored through foreign lobbies, kept squirming to reel out their acts in the open to paint a destabilised picture of Pakistan. But those 42 days of so-called captivity proved to be quite serene. But not even a single day, did media rest with its foul shenanigans. It sounded as if media was handed over to the Gitmo administration for 50 years. But 42 days of isolation were divine, like those of Abraham who was put to test in the fire which lit for 40 days.

Hence proved, emergency was healthy but not for GEO which kept the propaganda going for all these days. GEO kept Jinnah alive and it sounded through those excerpts that he said nothing for civilians but for Journalists for the years he lived and endeavoured and that Pakistan is not for anyone save journalists. And what a sham. Financially (read burger and cheap chips) sponsoring children were brought in from local small schools to stage a protest where the protesters could be counted on fingers. The famous Davis road, at the main gates of The Jang office were these protesters gathering just in minions, which didn’t cause a ripple and mosquitoes don’t cause revolutions but are a nuisance. Same was the naive attitude of GEO as if wailing like a child to have its services restored. Almost a month and some more, gagging of the media didn’t cause life in Pakistan to be arrested. Ground realities and life on the road and behind the scenes was normal. Life went on as usual.

Now some more on this ‘bloody’ eid; the same game is being upped again for the elections, making it monotonous a routine. Last time, the turnout was 23%, the same can be expected this time also. Simple civilians have one vote, the crooks, the paid gangsters of the cities have 100,000 votes per crook employed by the party he is working with. So the level field game is much again the same. Renewed promises but never delivered. Alas the Pakistani civilians are too weak and frail to rise even their heads to think as to how their wishes are manipulated.

If the lawyers wanted some change, a mass level intellectual movement should have been mobilised to cause a ruckus in the political baloon. Benazir trips over on the issue of restoration of the judiciary (read – anti P.C.O panel) as she brings in the Washington devised mandate. Nawaz comes in with the same or polished mandate. Old car but new polish and people are taken for the ride and pillion ride is not allowed but Nawaz and Benazir are on the same bandwagon.

Paradoxical are their motives. People who were given chances not once but twice, didn’t prove then, how can they be expected to be pariah this time. Did Bibi happen to visit the angels of the seventh skies to have soul washed? Nopes she was on the cloud #9 which rains on the roofs of the White House. While Nawaz is the poodle to Benazir as was Blair of Bush’s.

Pakistan civilians are in for yet another ride. The same cycle renews every 7-8 years. Hence proved, memory if not touched with corruption and news for 7-8 years tends to lose on information prior to 7-8 years. One advice for the Pakistan civilians, with the entry of either Bibi or Nawaz, prices are not plummeting. Petrol is not to be for PKR 2 and Tomatoes for PKR 3.

Hence proved, the Black emergency was benign from what is to come.


Just a note on Gulgee. His death, very tragic but what ‘terrorism’ could he have caused at the very frail age of 83? And that he was brutally murdered. Possible link to this could be India which wants Pakistan to be at a compromising position and herself have the greater share of the cake everytime and everywhere. Gulgee with the international repute had a stupendous impact or footprint in the arts industry. India too boasts talent but cannot bear to see Pakistan leveling it any time. Thus every industry sees rot recently, irrespective of its nature. Even wheat is being imported and local market being discouraged to promote bilateral relations which India less cares about.

Moreso, his death also comes at a point when the train derailment incident was in the news. It was feared that the casualty reported might go spiraling and GEO might be on a vengeance mode against the Government and might want to level some scores of the Emergency Plus. Thus to cover up and neutralise theĀ  effect of the train accident, Gulgee had to come under the Guillotine. Poor Soul. This could be another possibility.

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