Railway Track – Bilour Attack

15 10 2011

Dear Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Sahab,

Pakistan Railway - Will it make a comeback

Train is part of our rural culture. Any primary grade book will depict a smoke billowing and track chugging Train crossing in the background, with the fresh and lively culture of our villages in the foreground.

For us, the grown up, the expatriates, trains carry a sentimental value. The train stations, the lively scene of it springing back into life, the hustle and bustle of getting off and on the train, the loading and unloading, the chant and rant of the porters upon its arrival and the deserted look after its departure intrinsically is a picture of everyone’s life. The real Desi (South Asian) life with which we have been brought up. It is just etched into our minds. Trains run in our blood.

Memories breathe the smoke of the trains. We live our memories on those tracks still. But is the railway living to our expectations? Who has robbed it off the life out of our railways? Bilour Sahab, are you listening?

You have dilapidated the railway and it feels you have skinned me alive. There was once I could wait for hours just to catch the glimpse of it crossing at exactly 6.00 o’Clock arriving at Lahore from Rawalpindi. The sound, the roar, the magnanimity, the wonder, the fascination – railway was just all. It was a journey of a thousand miles each day for us. Life is well captured at the rail station. Why o why? Bilour Sahab, why?

UK has 15,000 Km of railway tracks. 5000+ Km of which run on electricity. The railway tracks that run in parallel can go up to 12 at some places. Europe thrives on railway economy. The signature of any region is railway access. UK has one of the busiest railway networks in Europe. 20% more than France, 60% more than Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherland and Norway combined. Do you feel pinged? Apply for a post in UK railway. Even a peon’s post for you would suffice to bring it down. A dead rat on the tracks and the railway would rot.

Bilour Sahab, either you’re on the payroll of Toyota and Ford working on their mission to phase out Railway and replace with heavier vehicular imports. Mercedes will NEVER hire you as you’re un-affordable and standard-less. Period.

Pakistan Railway - needs another Rafiq Sehgal?

While if this is not enough, destruction of Indian Railways can be possible too. But would Sarhadi Gandhi allow you to do that from the pits of the ashes he shall be in? Indian Railway is the 4th largest in the world. Spanning a complete 64,000+ Km of railway, it transported 7 billion people in 2009. Just imagine had you been the Minister and you levied at least 1 rupee on these 7 billion nuts – Swiss banks would never been happier. So to say. Bilour Sahab, you are not a good Banya. And even if you are, your resume is not well written. Fact is, you have never learnt to use the typewriter, what can be expected. Not your fault.

Better to amend your name under a known Trademark – Ghulam Ahmed Bilour ‘Scrappiya’ or if more reasonable, ‘Kabaariya’ – would look more prominent and will fetch quite a few million hits from the headhunters. How’s Bilouria Kabaariya Group as a name for your company?

India’s recently added metros in Delhi and Mumbai gross 6.7+ million passengers daily. Just imagine if you get to be a Federal Minister of United Indian Railways, how delighted would Sarhadi Gandhi be in the riverbed of Ganga? Was he cremated or buried?

If such is the progress of Indian Railways, it will supersede your earnings per day. Better you inject ANP weaponry system that your party so skillfully got installed in Karachi. Export your expertise Bilour Sahab. You will have a fleet of able advisors soon. The writer of this post would surely want to be on your side to support you. By the way how many years do you have more to live Bilour Sahab..??

Railway’s dead already. But what’s the next Ministry being awarded to you? Fisheries, they don’t drive though, driving them nuts will be a challenge still. But who knows, Bilawal Chemical Factory can be set up to mega-pollute it. Education Ministry already has got its last rights done. Doesn’t matter. Health, don’t ask, the dead have more calcium on their bones than the living dead.

What other Ministry, Bilour Sahab? Help me brainstorm. Perhaps the Prime Ministry? Who knows. But please next time I see you have a Ministry, Sohrab Bicycles and Servis shoes should have gone down. Please.


A concerned Dengue Mosquito.

P.S – Would any of the 180 million crowd stand up and hurl a shoe at this AS*-A-WHOLE..??


Saudiasation & Nationalisation & Emiratisation – Are you prepared..?

25 07 2011

Phenomenons carry the limits and the secrets to experiment. Experiment the Dolly, result is death. Fine.
Experiment with Atom and Hiroshima’s gone. Fine again.

But experiment with employment, food and the bread in the Middle East is stressful and diabetic and choleric. Not Fine. 70% of workforce in Saudi is foreign workers, who face an uncertain future ahead of them. Unskilled worker will have a lifeline of only 6 years. Period. Semi-skilled – tailor masters, scissor donning barbers, mechanics cranking your car and truck will have 10 years at most. While white collared people have an extended stay till 12 years. The years a cat has of its lifetime. So skilled people do have 9 lives now.
Source – The Glut Will End

What’s next..? Big question. Either migrate to taxing countries or stay back to count the days missed. Even the weekends will sound hollow and colourless. Switch jobs..? Not a good option. Middle East is still taking turns from recession and not yet in recovery mode.

Dubai’s Corporate metro still has many office spaces to offer enough to cover 3 Empire State Buildings. You have ONE, we have 3..!! Beat it..!

Question remains – what to do..? What next..? Who’s next..? No switching jobs, no business option, the gluttony of local businesses is just enough to burst the balloon already filled up just water.

Answer – Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Parallel set-up, Franchise business. Ready for that or would you brush it underneath the carpet saying its a SCAM. SCAMS happen in your industry too. SATYAM pulled a big scam. EXXON was a big SCAM. RECESSION wiped out many BIGGER and SMALLER businesses – were they SCAM too. Network Marketing too isn’t different.
Businesses sustain to go ahead, while the vanished make way for the sustainability. Price of wrong procedures, law of nature. Period. There are good schools, there are bad schools. So network marketing has to take a blame. All the time.

Not anymore. 110 billion dollar industry shouldn’t be missed. Old trend has been wiped out. Newer trend will see networks of networks being built, forged, endorsed and consolidated.

But question is..do you have a network already..? Is it regional..? Is it sustainable..? Is it alive..? Is it reliable..? Active..? Communicating..? Growing..? Spreading..? Questions every corporate has to answer and so does Network Marketing.

Network marketing is nothing but Advertising, packing, logistics, preparation, MOE, Mission Statement, Secretary – all handled by the company. Your role is to establish network of people without having an office or a table to establish yourself as a BOSS..!! Challenging..?? Yeah for the bosses. Solution – come out of the skin or be skinned in another 3-4 years.

Network Marketing

From a FAD to a fact, Network marketing has established itself as an industry. Even Wall Street has been ‘forced’ to recognise it. So Wake up and Smell the Coffee.
Direct Selling Feature in Wall Street Journal

Long gone are the days when voluptuous and stupendous salaries awaited you and your qualifications. Higher the qualification, bigger the tasks are and tougher the competition and one day get outsourced..!! More qualification, more employable. Where’the financial freedom you desired with your qualification..?

Emiratisation / Globalisation / Saudiasation / constipation..?? Choice is just yours..!!
So either you’re working or networking.

2008 Olympics – Chance to ‘Toy’ on Conspiracies

19 08 2007

China’s Silk Route to Recovery – Measures to be Sought.

With the recent spate of consumer backlash in America on ‘Leaded’ toys and pharma products. The American Media, as always, has been quite efficient to paint Red black and blue with bruises with barrage of conspiracies to divert the consumerism.

American consumerism, which is rated at the top, is also most vulnerable to changes. Be it politically motivated or factual, the herd of sheep bleats incessantly. However, China had to slow down, recuperating from 10.9% of growth from 11%ish during the first half of the year.

Beijing Olympics 2008As the Olympics approach, Beijing is all set and preparing for a gala event. China can mend ways too capitalising on the gold medals it has to get away with. This time the competition is 2 fold, to say the least.

Without divulging much on the crises that has gripped Chinese toy making industry and others and put her (China) in the limelight for what is being snobbed as lesser enforcements in quality check. Japan too, when introduced Toyota 25-30 years back, was being looked down upon. Who knew, it would be setting in its claws with 70% of its current market share as the leading country in the very industry.

Some of the measures that should be taken can be

  1. No retaliation, what so ever, be it political or any show of nervousness to be apparent before the world. But this is being said late. The head of Mattel has casted himself into the valley of quietness and setting a question mark. Although from the onset this was in repecussion of being held accountable and executable. Simply out of the fear of reprehension.
  2. Olympics are around the corner, Chinese officials better be on a look out for its financial arm to make a presence and a dint through its superior exhibition of its industries. Possible would be trade fairs which could attract even more tourist inflow which would be quite positive. Morover, much is to settle into ignonimity in the celebrations around the 5 rings.
  3. Better would be clamp up concerns which go for early profit making, compromising on quality. Profit should be recessed, not too much, quality should be emphasised. ISO 9000 and 14000 should be handy. Its high time, steps should be formulated and enforced, starting with hefty penalties for the prior offenders.
  4. Industrial monitors and watchdogs should be setup with tighter regulations. In its infancy, the support should come in from the Communist Party. A country wide affair needs to be put in place. Possible hotspots should be identified and clamped down upon. Piracy has been effectively put under stress, 72% to 80%, which is quite healthy.
  5. Olympics should also see expenses on the balance sheets to be recorded higher. This could be another bypass for the penalties by allowing ‘good and healthy’ concerns to exhibit their make. Free samples should be distributed, which should be certified, as stated above, among children appearing as guests for the event. Although, consumer weariness would linger on for some time, as long as Media is not surrounded by flabbergasted stories. Toy making was another gimmick and a pawn that was not given the attention and the gun to defend. The gun of quality.
  6. Industrial testing should be one of the facets of the Industrial monitors discussed above. Series of testing phases should be implemented in industrial concerns.
  7. A legislated syndicate should be initiated to list the units which are highly performing on the graph and that should make a global mark.
  8. Media control is where China still has to make a mark. Telecom and media go hand in hand. China should overcome the language barrier, for which it has endeavoured but much is still to be discovered. Global race of acquisitions may not be China’s way so as to invite attention but some alternative and initiative should be there to ward off the conspirating parties which want to see the Chinese giant to recede at some point. At this point, these unseen forces have succeeded.
  9. Some serious spending should be done on –
    1. Healthcare services – subsidies should be doled out. After all $ 1.2 trillion of reserves expect some better treatment.
    2. Pollution prevention – although China has stopped the input of Leaded fuel but rampant utility of lead products, which also dotted the toy recall, is still existing. Cheap labour means higher profits but cost cutting is short term business manipulative but not for long. 
    3. Research and Development – China surpasses Japan in this area, but innovation is still a thing to be desired. Pakistan youth can be very much helpful if Beijing intervenes through investment in Education in Pakistan in the Universities. The West brought with itself not only Cigarettes and Tea, but also Universities. Innovative industries can be set up at the West border of China, which would not only be remote and accessible to Pakistan. It would be a divident paying move.

c47eef75d93c15befe9818efd567d.jpgConcluding, China was preparing to go American with its Automotive industry, which sees itself stalled at the moment. It also sounds, the toys have punctured the Chinese car introduction in the America, for now. Though problems exist everywhere, time incentive and cushion should be given to the Communism.

China has been on a sprawl to engage Rover manufacturing and doling out Chinese cars for as meek as $10,000 in the American market. Cards needs to be reshuffled again and ‘Wait and See’ element needs to be exercised before the dust settles in.

 Source: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/BrokenChinaADysfunctionalNation.aspx


2 06 2007

MQM is obsessed to run over avenues money rich and eventually control them.
Karachi being the ONLY major industrial hub makes it a flower for the bee or a Gnat. The latter expression doesn’t quite nicely assimilate with MQM but nevertheless, Pakistan should see radical strategic planning to induce massive Industrialization pace and setups.

Attention to infrastructure, electricity hiccups which are common, law and regulations, training centers for the abundant but yet unskilled labour, labour laws, scrutiny of political setups in the industrial zones; politics should be barred from earning bread and butter.

All this can be done, if the leaders get serious enough and shift their offices frequently between cities for 2-3 months. Reagan did the same with GM to resuscitate it, and which it did.
Mass industrialisation would not only cut the unemployment slick but also contribute to the ethnic divide we have.
More to ethnic divide,like Malaysia, involve local people in businesses with flat 30% for the locals. This would not only localise the industry but general acceptance and an aura of cohesion would develop. It would not be <b>Punjabi.Vs.Pashtun, Punjabi.Vs.Urdu.Speaking.Sindhi,Punjabi.Vs.Baluchi, any combination.Vs.Punjabi</b>, as Punjab has been at the helm of the seat of rule.

Change the course; and this is short course.
Industrialisation sees acceptance of Research and development; when was the last time University of Faisalabad came out with crop growth inducing medicine or milk production improvement antidote? Not in the near past.

Hopeless situation, informal intellectuals bend over to pour over ideas but Pakistani governance is stuck up with the upcoming elections.

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