Your Child’s Story and Passionate Sales – Connecting People..?

18 04 2013

Selling to the Emotionally Connected Customer

More often, I have to confront first time parents or experienced parents with good kids or quite a lot of kids. Yeah. Lot of kids is a good thing, so much to see, so much to laugh around and record for the good and better years ahead.

But have you ever noticed, how parents are passionate about the first child? They love to talk about their first child’s sweet mischiefs and the tantrums sound like the sparrow’s morning song for them – the passion is quite evident and shines in the eyes. 

But, the problem is, I really really dislike the stories and character eulogy of anyone’s child – even I avoid telling high stories and avoid eulogising my own child. The child and his tantrums are sweet and passionately for parents to be told – but I don’t see that passion connecting me to that child who is not my own. How can I relate to what cannot be my own? How can I just connect to your child even if he has descended with super-natural powers? Even if he’s the Michael Jackson, I will not buy the Pepsi he will show in Ads. As I just don’t connect and match the frequency.


Connecting Emotions

So the parent’s passion doesn’t connect me, it puts me off to a point, where I try to divert the topic to something more, uh, apolitical and generalised. Though I believe, great minds discuss ideas, but parents discuss children. Your child isn’t a politician or a scientist yet for me to pause and listen.

Does this situation and predicament sound familiar – are you explaining your great and exclusive product who is not yet connected emotionally to your product, service and solution – no matter how martian version your product is with utopian technology, your customer is simply not ready to associate. Is this a common situation you’re facing? Well that happens. 

So what interests your customers? What problem are they facing? What solutions are they looking for? Are you supplying printers, while the customer is asking for a photocopier? 

Research what customers like – build bridges, don’t sing songs of your company – your customer doesn’t buy your company or your product, they buy the emotions connected with your product, your attitude, the emotions you uncover for the value of the product.

Connect emotionally, identify the needs, connect needs to emotions, plus add relationship to give more depth – release your customer from the defences.

Happy selling but let your child be free and out of sight..!! 




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