Sales Closing, and so it begins..

10 04 2013

Selling, Sales, Sale skills, Selling SkillsThe hardest part – closing? But what about the previous process? If the initial homework is setup gingerly, the prospecting, the selection mode before prospecting, the calculation of the project / sales plan before all this. The perfecting of the sales pitch, the preparation, the attire, the appointments, the voice pitch – all just matters in selling.

Once need analysis is caricatured, the features are blended with the needs – customers are only selfish about their need satiation folks, nothing more, with added passion, the ride to the closing is just an easy ball game. But not that easy. Hang on.

Here are some handy tips to take care of before you even venture out there to combat the competing vultures – 

  • Have the ultimate goal of the meeting – Sales have to be committed by both the sides.
  • Have a complete knowledge of the concerns of your prospects – needs, demands, change analysis, improvement and so much so on.
  • Scrutinise your proposal before your prospect does – be the devil’s advocate and slam hard your proposal on the wall – survival to salvation is a logical game, never to be left to luck and charms. Miracles only happen with angels.
  • Storytell your sales and achievements – get the prospects’ frequency toned up or down to your level – play the game the way you want to with storytelling.
  • Have an explanation ready for recommendations for your solution and product.
  • Have a Plan – B ready – if this doesn’t go ahead, the other plan and artillery will work.
  • If presentation starts to sound boring, the feeling is automatic for the sales expert, be quick to find out the leakages in the interest of the person.

After all the embellishments above achieved and embedded within the proposal – go straight, like a patriotic countrymen and start the closing. Straightforward and confident questioning in closing will create a space for the other person to manoeuvre around and give either of the signals – the affirmation or rejection, which is totally natural in sales call.

Closing the Sales – some useful tips

  • Start thinking like a ‘Closer’ – Able and expert closers have three qualities – Prompt, Persistent and Focused – upgrading skills at questioning and dialogue engagement.
  • Setting clear objective of the meeting – vagueness doesn’t support success, at any level, vague information is good for college statistics but in Sales you have to get and grow like a professional.
  • Check whether the customer is ready – ask questions, directly, openly but not being pushy, never push in a sale closing. Never. Questions like – ‘How would this work for you’ or ‘How do you see yourself in this program / project?’ or ‘Do you agree?’ or ‘Does any of this make sense to you?’
  • Close confidently – Summarise what you’re offering but lightly. Then initiate a final check to make sure the prospect has understood the proposal and surfaces the objections withheld still.
  • Close and ask for the business – upon sensing the green signals – ask for the business directly, E.g.: ‘Shall we start today / now?’ or ‘Are you giving us a go-ahead now?’

Let me know what I’ve missed. Share your thoughts. Follow me at Twitter with kaptainmirza

Write up inspired from – 

The Most Important Sales Skill of All by Geoffrey James (@Sales_Source) and 

8 Tips for a Tough Sell by Sally Hogshead




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