Sales – Like a Salesman or Like a Sales-Director..?

5 01 2013

Sell or Else


So, sales is difficult. For those who take the ride up the hill. But has anyone taken the ride down the hill..? How will that feel..? Exhilarating..? More exciting?

Indeed, why walk upstairs when you have the option to run down the hill with breeze of success brushing through your suave hair..?

Sales from the top comes from pure attitude, skills and passion. Miss any of these and Sales starts becoming cumbersome. The profession is quite underrated in many parts of the world, especially the Middle East including UAE where Salesman are not respected, not given the space. Yet Sales people settle for a low-paying job without researching what is best to work out with them.

Acquire the skillset, research the industry of passion – fire up the engines and you’re good to go.

So how do you sell – like a salesman? Or like a Sales Director or like Tiger Woods, who sells his golf career and brand for Nike – now that is intelligent outsourcing..!!

From Salesman perspective – chances are grim and low. Nothing is easy in this domain. Salaries will be low, like Dhs.2000 for a start in the UAE. Plus quite a many targets, which are non-achievable. Yet companies only and only thrive on this master trade of SELLING.

Salesman attitude is a sure shot way of killing oneself and shooting in the foot. Survival and penniless has no point. Oblivious life is not exciting at all. Yet Middle East bosses makes profits out of oblivious and exhausted and ran-over sales guys. They fall for the peanuts while missing the big picture.

Now from Sales Director perspective – what makes the picture different is the attitude towards the profession – bringing it from the top will make valuable, almost evangelic and that is where the real value gets the respect. Offer the solutions instead of begging to close the sales. What’s different about your offering? What makes you different? What’s in it for the customer?

Sales Director know where and how to hit.

Every company sells. Microsoft, DELL, Nike, FIFA, even Tiger Woods too. They all sell something and everything and every time.

So what attitude are you carrying today – the one of a salesman or that of a Sales PRO..? You decide and be dignified.




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