Dreams – How to Dream

16 12 2012
Since we are in a big business mode, a business which has a potential to set you FINANCIALLY FREE for the rest of your life – businesses are always done for a PURPOSE..!! The purpose of the person who is doing the business..
This purpose – are the collection of small / BIG DREAMS and Visions he / she seeks to accomplish in life.
These DREAMS will be short term / long term goals which you shall achieve with this business along the way, IN Shaa Allah..
REQUIRED – 20 Dreams (Big and Small) to be written down in a paper ,1 Dream per page – share it with me in 2-3 days MAX..
Purpose of DREAMS listing – everyone wishes to achieve but never achieve it as wishing never goes very far – similarly this business is NOT a wishing business, its a business of ACTION and BIG ACTION..
Fact 2 – Just like any business, our business also comes with lots of challenges, failures, disappointments, drawbacks, setbacks and so on – what will help you to jump back are you BIGGER DREAMS..those which are so big that failures will seem very tiny.
How to Dream – Sit down with yourself, give yourself the mental space and peace to understand why you have been created – when planning your dreams, always think from the heart – as that is the homeground for the dreams to prosper. This business is also done by the heart and NOT mind.
Sit down and think hard – as you shall be doing it for the first time – so dreams will not come easy, illusions will erupt first, just like rusted water out of a tap opened after many days – here we haven’t dreamt for centuries. So it will take time..
Once you’re deep down inside, exploring yourself – dreams will come about – it takes around 8 rounds of asking yourself – WHAT EXACTLY DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE..???
Each round, but, will have to take considerable time – by the time you reach the 8th round of asking yourself – you will have the answer – but each round will be done justice by thinking hard on just and just DREAMS – no distractions ALLOWED..!!!
Examples of DREAMS:
  • Financial Freedom..
  • Parallel Source of Income..
  • Time Freedom..
  • Own Business..
  • Personal Development..
  • Helping People..
  • Leaving a Legacy..
These categories – will help in defining the specific dreams you have – those will be materialistic and non-materialistic..
But DREAMS will be those that you cannot live without and you consider life uneasy, incomplete without them..
All great people had a Dream (Vision)..!!





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