IPhone 10+ Out NOW, Rental Dent-al in Dubai

24 09 2012

And IPhone 5 sells again, breaks the record, critics blame it, lovers tame it but still they manage to pull it through again. Soon the profits will be posted, Steve Jobs will be replaced with MORE profits. As more and more research and digg-ing (http://www.digg.com) will be done – the mystery of Steve Jobs and his charisma will be an open book like Sir Richard Branson’s maverick personality and his Virgin. The virgins of paradise, alas should be envious.

Technology, no matter, how sloppy, sells. Presentable? Doesn’t matter, when anchors of Top Gear, can be celebrities, then IPhone looks much better than Jeremy Clarkson. For now.

So what’s next, IPhone 5s or 6..? Nobody cares. So the race is on – Samsung SIII (S3), HTC, IPhone but Nokia? Nokia’s fighting for oxygen, still. Will it find a better market, a much fierce competitor (can it handle any more) or a buyer? Time and consumers will tell. One thing is for sure, Nokia will not DIE, that soon.

Do check out Nokia Lumia 800, (http://www.nokia.com/pk-en/products/phone/lumia800/), sounds promising. Very promising. Coming with slick block style featured apps and photo sharing, Nokia might cover the crevices of IPhone 5, which have started to show, check this link (http://gulfnews.com/business/technology/uae-retailers-cut-sim-to-fit-into-iphone5-1.1080208).

Nokia Lumia 800 will find customers surely. So Nokia’s extinct? Not exactly, its the return of the Jedi.

Good thing about Nokia Lumia is its researched and renewed style. All touch, resembles its rivals like Samsung mostly, for now. But that wouldn’t hurt. Seems Nokia has hired some serious photogenic designers.

While Dubai has had another wave of a tiny shock which has caught residents a bit by surprise – a rental scam pulled off, very smartly, by a middleman, who scooped around USD 1 Million from 100 rental tenants, who paid him in advance for almost 2 years and some paid for 6 months. While the landlords, didn’t get a penny out of those deposits.

The conman is on the run and so are the tenants, who face eviction from the landlords who, usually don’t let pennies go, have lost millions, are fuming red and white, want vengeance. Victimised, sodomised are tenants again. No reprieve, no house. Expats will be expats and boys will be boys.

Check this link – http://www.arabianbusiness.com/dubai-property-scammer-caught-in-lebanon-473261.html, and, http://gulfnews.com/about-gulf-news/al-nisr-portfolio/xpress/evict-shamyana-tenants-with-invalid-contracts-landlords-1.1078703 – now decide the fate of these tenants.

Silent Decency is the best answers to critics. Protestors, adopt decency..!! Please..!





2 responses

4 10 2012

You’re making a case for Nokia off of a product that was launched almost a year ago.. (http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/nokia-lumia-800-uk-release-date-and-price-detailed-1036614)

If you intend to really make a case FOR Nokia, you’re better off going with Lumia 920 (that should be launched by early next month).That phone is what Nokia is replying to Apple with. All what of what is mentined above on this topic is just a fight of the hardware, which is made by a number of other companies (even companies like ZTE that make really dumb CDMA phones for companies like zong (http://www.intomobile.com/2012/09/19/ztes-new-windows-phone-devices-coming-soon/)). The real comparison boils down to the OSes in the market.

Comparison between the iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone is what sets each phone in it’s respective ecosystem. That’s why Nokia’s struggle goes far beyond just the iPhone or the S3, because even though Nokia’s suppose to be the flagship phone for it’s ecosystem (Windows Phone) going against the flagship phones of others’ like the iPhone(iOS) and the S3 by Samsung(Android). It is also fighting an internal battle within its’ own ecosystem, with players like HTC with its 8X and Samsung’s Ativ S. Please note: Nokia is the only company in the smart phone market that deals solely in Windows Phone, all the other companies deal with both windows phone and android (the exception of LG and Sony; they deal with adroid only)

Nokia’s real test boils down to how it does aganist phones that are running the same OS with hardware not much different from it’s own. It is only after that, that it can fight with iPhone and S3.

4 10 2012

Agreed. I’m not a gadget fan, in any way. And yes, I learnt about the new Nokia just after I published this piece. Nokia Lumia 900 has got muscles and brains from Microsoft.

While the gadget war has never seen anyone go down into oblivion, some of them got merged like Sony Ericsson and some like Alcatel got possessed by Motorola’s promise and got awed.

Thanks for the reply. Do check back soon and if you like the piece, share it on and let’s see who else notices an year old Nokia and comes back to redeem it. 🙂

Have a happy weekend ahead..!!

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