Mini-Oscars | Red-Chillis for Missing Persons Case | Morning Shows | SEO in UAE

3 03 2012

So Pakistan is rejoicing the first-ever Oscar, Amir Khan couldn’t what a documentary could. Note to Amir – consider shifting to Pakistan?

The acid casualties in Pakistan aren’t a norm yet it exists, uncommon and unheard even if retrospected 10 levels down and up the family tree and pedigree of our ancestors, relatives and neighbours and already abandoned neighbourhoods. So its fairly uncommon. Even the Maasis (house-maids, daily wage workers) don’t report such an incident.

So a problem existing but in minimalist and microscopic terrain amid the ignorant classes, way too ignorant – that’s recognised and awarded. Bravo! What’s next?

A documentary on missing persons anyone? Sharmeen? Maya Khan? Mehreen Jabbar? Anyone? Filming secretly in developed countries will be dangerous, 50 years for piracy, perhaps 500 lashes for 500 years for filming controversial, political and classified reality.

Enough said, Pakistan morning shows simply suck. Non-productive, colourful and utterly stupid. Nadia Khan was the Founding Father, she too brought disgrace to herself with heavier furniture and conversation draped with high-bollywood mantras. Totally FLOP, then sacked. Never heard again. Recently coming into limelight is Maya. Rest is history washed with tears but seldom any remorse. Morning shows are simply a pain in the head. Non-serious, big coffee barrels, fashion talk, interrupting pseudo giggling and show goes on. Idea is more the colours and stupidity, a fraction more viewers to show the sponsors. 4 ka Funda, sub Thannda and this is Dhanda (business).


Biological Father of already-defunct Railways

This week’s personal favourite personality is – Ghulam Ahmed Bilour – next in line to win the Mini-Oscars for his unforgettable Nobel-sized innovative contribution in bringing down sick economic units in just no time.

U.A.E’s favourite searches have never gone beyond Facebook, Google, Hotmail, Dubizzle and here and there. Guys, research, innovate, market, Tag-it, Like-it, Prof-it. Simple. Come out of the box.

Cornered, idea-less, work-less? Not alone. Emerging markets and even more higher rising Oil prices – a concern for all. Solution? Shift to Social Media, build, populate favourite searches – research the searches. People are still clueless with internet. Bring it on, bring up new.

New topic – which washing powder is better, economical? I have to go shopping – so start pouring in the brands here.




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