Summer of 69 (Degrees) in Abu Dhabi

31 05 2011

Although it isn’t touching 69 degrees, we’re hoping so it would as that might arrange and fix the oil prices some day. Hot weather awaits the weekends in Abu Dhabi

What is gold today? Most of us aren’t on the lookout for better deals on wheels. Shopping eats up our money but investment doesn’t. Gold is a safest but fast running option. Today, it stands at $1521 per ounce in the international market. Did you know that or you thought your job is the safest in the world?
How safe has it been lately? Have you ever thought what the backup plan is ready for you? Or is it that you would be back to your home country. Is that the best option for an expatriate. Treat gold as an

Buzz in Abu Dhabi

investment, not to pamper your wife.
8 to 6 routine is what we dread mostly. Most of us. The deadly risk of losing it is always there and no insurance company covers it. So what do you do? Cover the risk by forgetting it? Or brush it under the carpet until its too late and you’re packing up the carpet to run back. Are you ready for another shock? Market crash? The volcanic ash has sent 250 flights off the board. Japan is into recession again. Toyota might be sold on per kilo basis the next time you decide, if you do, for a vehicle purchase.
On the other hand, Syria is bracing up to catch up with world record of having most kills. Kill the mocking bird, finally. While Abu Dhabi is catching up fast with recent real estate developments in and around the city. Saadiyat Island, Sowwah Island, Reem and others are sprouting up with jaw breaking pace. Just recently, the Jawaher Al Saadiyat scheme villas were put on display, the epic price tag goes up to Dhs 38 million (1 USD = Dhs. 3.672). Some people aren’t for learning lessons but are there to make the quick buck. Banks are doling out loans again, while companies like DAMAS are defaulting on their payments. The vicious circle is never ending; somewhere someone is getting hunted as this is being written.
So why not run out of this hassle and stretch yourself and unwind in the basking sun where the skies meet the green and blue oceans? Where tranquillity lives under every untouched stone and sand. Leave back the phone calls, credit cards and appointments; the perfect time to break out is never happening again. While you just sit back and enjoy the lemonade and get your face the glory of the sun shade, the world would still continue to move around you.
What are you missing? The good times, the movies with your wife, the games with your children and introspection. When was the last you decided to talk to yourself, while the news came in and went out and the stocks rose and fell?
Weekend’s approaching fast and so are the summers. Summers are a feast until you stay inside. Xbox or Playstation, I’ll prefer for the latter. Abu Dhabi’s traffic isn’t a treat too that I would venture to see the city which is already a forest of the concrete jungles. Many high rises are sprouting up on Reem and Sowwah Island. Investor’s delight..?? Think again. That’s what they said about Dubai whilst it remains orphaned to this date and its protectors and guardians, despite promises, are on the run for greener pastures.
Better option is get a tent, doesn’t cost you the patch of land and no governmental procedures. Plus get a goat roasted and a family to spend time besides the beaches. Sandy glittering but baked beaches. But for a splash, that compromise comes for free.
Are you up for grabs on this weekend or is it going to be another Mulla to Masjid run again. Innovate, think, explore and remember. That’s life.




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