Sialkot and Pakistan need a Ghenghis Khan before Eid

26 08 2010

Ghengis Khan

Sialkot episode is the bloody perspective of the Pakistani community, so to say. The moral, social, economic, intellectual structure or infrastructure lays bare to rot and just rot.
Every other person in Pakistan needs a catharsis, so they got it. Police assumed this might not make headways to the public attention. But it did. Now, change of plans. Some serious change of plans.

Forget Ramazan, forget anything that is just so near to Islam. This is just my territory and no big force has ever intruded for the past 62 years. That is a fact and would remain so for the next 10 generations. That is my culture. And nobody dares comes near it.
Imported culture, imported lifestyle coupled with illiteracy and a patch of lands which extends quite a few and a half acres with local cattle to do the grazing all year round.

63 years and nothing left to moan and boast about. Unemployment has corrupted many minds and led the hands to slavery and short cut business – Kill for Money. But Sialkot event was not for money but vengeance. Vengeance of ignorance, against the system. The victims, the brothers were convenient scapegoats caught at the wrong place (a kilometre and a half far from their village). Vengeance against every other calamity that has struck our society and lifestyle.

From torching the lamps on the streets to tearing down banks, from mutilating bus seat covers to the lynching like these, our society is just there caught up in between, in a quandary, withered, clueless and leaderless. Did Muneeb and Mughis had to anything with these ill forms begotten our society?

Posterity and austerity, both stay in exile in the West and it prospers maintaining these. Alas, we were Turkish, they are better off.
We have gone a league ahead of animals in savagery. The lions attack one from the herds and go for the jugular to reduce the time lag of the marriage between life and death. We as Pakistanis have just found out a way to bliss in mercilessness.
Brutal, blatant, unmoving, undead compounded with 150 and we have self-gratifying achievements on streets but some have to forego much.

Sialkot episode will never fade away that easily. The blatant act, the gory scenes, the endurance of one of the victims gave it an unforgettable patch of trauma in many’s lives and minds for days to come. And it shall go away unremembered too.

As the days pass, more news replace the older ones. After all, the media has to earn the bread too. Now its the cricket match fixing scandals in attention. Why is it has to be Pakistan all the time. Don’t you players earn much already. Lesser than you are fortunate enough to go around the world like you. Why drag your national signature all the time. Where is your collective conscience?

From floods to Sialkot to the political crass. Everything’s just so in a rut and in utter confusion.

Notable however was Imran Khan’s appearance which has been taken seriously, the first time? Not once but this time the Providence has buckled up and pushed the Khan to answer the call. Angelina Jolie is fortunate enough to be called our Bhabi of the East. Not East Pakistan..!! That’s gone and bygone.
Perhaps Imran’s is causing ripples which made Gillani to sit up and voice his concern over the financial aid at risk of all being usurped by NGOs. And what about your Government. Cover Imran for 2 days and your ranking and Government would tank. Guaranteed. Take a risk, but you aren’t commando.

We just await the Ghenghis Khan’s silver lining. This time he should have a Pakistani passport and mongolian paraphernalia of war.

2 cents.




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3 09 2010

Name your blog Farigh Chussein!!!
It sucks!!!

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