Dubai – Castles of Sand (Part 1)

18 08 2010

Property is never a business. The economic growth isn’t productive; in a sense that the end result, the item, the commodity when delivered to the investor or occupier can’t put the stagnant and stationary flat, villa to some good production – like making lollypops or making flyers for an already bankrupt bank to sell its credit cards.

Absence of industrial estates shifts the pressure or, if there is, the pressure to luxury and residential units. Absence of industries limits jobs and influx of people. When goods aren’t circulating, so doesn’t the money, the effect of saved money doesn’t create jobs but liabilities, which have to be kept in tight grips for the rainy seasons. The affordability, then, for non-productive employees cannot be estimated, so they have to go. Sorry folks. Dubai’s Dubai. Rules have changed, so will the changing hands.

From soaring rents and property prices to falling of the same, buzz was anew on the hikes of petrol and school fees. Children and petrol, both fancier to our pockets. The reach of the middle class is getting more limited by the day. Who said Recession was indeed over. The sun has to rocket both the East and the West to complete the 24 hours cycle, recession is just the first part, the 12-hour period of recession itself hasn’t halted yet, the other 12-hour period, a.ka. the Depression has to show up. So wake UP..!! Wake UP everyone..!! Smell the Coffee..!!

Media itself wouldn’t really loosen its grips on the ground realities. That is where we live and land on when nothing works out. So folks, in the Middle East, the first step is luck and the final phase is purely luck. No matter how many certifications in between, seminars and tranings, exhibitions. Fact of the matter is, in a retail and consumer industry, you are robbed off quite so often in the name of anything.

Certifications, yeah good trick or placebos to delay your job lay offs. Trainings and pictures, yeah some of anti-biotics. But your boss isn’t that qualified and wouldn’t appreciate what you do, out of the juridisction to cement your cubicle which is made of Jumeirah beach’s sands. The castles made on sand.

Abandoned Cars in UAE

Recession bit hard. Too hard. Pushing nearly everything out of place and out of the country, the banks were seething with unpaid credit cards due payments and car dealers left scouring for customers who enjoyed plush vehicles which were left in and around Dubai, some of them even found in Al Ain laying idle and devoured by dust and heat. From flats to cars, properties to empty bank accounts to businesses, Dubai was left like an orphan. Fate of Abandoned Cars – Crackdown

While news are abound, that abandoned cars left last year were only 11, while rumours quoted around 3000+. 11 cars abandoned in Dubai.

Read on and enjoy..!! Enjoy Dubai..!!




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20 08 2010
Dubai Holiday Rentals

Its’s a real shame, but the country only has itself to blame, when it won’t allow people to stay in the UAE without a job…even if they have bought cars or properties. In times of crisis, when job security is non existant – nobody wants to buy expensive items like cars and property – leaves no choice really. Great place, lots of things going for it…hope things improve.

24 09 2012

Things haven’t improved much. And now the Rental scam gives Dental pain to the Real Estate sector 🙂

Thanks for coming to the blog. Keep me posted on your whereabouts, its been a long time you checked back again. 🙂

25 05 2011

“Fact of the matter is, in a retail and consumer industry, you are robbed off quite so often in the name of anything.”

Ditto. You have a fancy way of capturing reality down to a pat.

24 09 2012

Catnip, accept my apologies for reading your comment this late. I wasn’t that a regular writer. But since you guys have motivated me to a level where I shall take the jump off the cliff to dive into the sea of passion in motivation, I’ll surely be in touch more often.

Let me know, what else would you want me to write on more. Thanks again. Have a great day ahead, keep posting positive.

18 09 2012

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24 09 2012

Kendrick, very thankful to see your comment. Do surely come back again to talk more. Would love to hear from intelligent people like you.

By the way you can reach me at kaptain.mirza [at]gmail – perhaps we could interact in depth for what you have.


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