Jay & Jay Co. (Jiyaala & Joota Co.) and the Hidden Agenda

10 08 2010

And that Zardari sahab received a not so standing ovation. And why would he have? The French Chateau, the private visit, the jeans, the T-Shirts and the bloody floody situation back in the country, the falling Fauzias, Gondals and Kairas, nothing seemed to be in place and Providence wasn’t really happy about it.

But don’t forget the Airblue disaster meanwhile.

In the name of ethics, nearly every sane person everywhere opposed this visit. And why did Zardari have to take a walk in France and Britain? What a leadership. Immaculately selfish and devoid of sympathy. The leadership standards are just not so well understood at both ends.

The likes of Kaira, Fauzia Wahhab and Ph.D Babar Awan are on their toes but they too are prepared to defend the step taken by Zardari. Foreign but old whiskies are indeed enlightening.

What was the need? One must think. Zardari leaves at the height of disaster striking the central and North West part of Pakistan. Was it really a disaster? Perhaps, the water could have been set loose, to avert the attention of all and many from Airblue. Rumours are building up that Airblue was hijacked by Blackwater and that the Nuclear research center, Kahuta, the thorn in the West’s throat was the target but ‘averted’.

Averted or say jammed by the Pak Army which stays alert and keep an eye on the crawling insect around Islamabad. The Army was swift enough to have controlled the aircraft well before it made headway for Kahuta, as it had change course; a concern which shouldn’t have been let go without notice. One may wonder and why should I, Uncle Sam wonders why can’t they find any Zardaris, Kairas and Awans and Chaudhrys in Pak Army? Answer – Pak Army go to Universities, the Defence University. While Dastis are mere drop out who aren’t welcome, neither at the airports or the immigration.

While, if Airblue was hijacked and jammed by the Army or say latter wasn’t, the Head Pilot might have gone for the extreme nationalism and embraced martyrdom along with other 151 (152-1), the one who could’nt make it was the one who might have done the act for Sam. But couldn’t pull it through at the right time.

Then Zardari heading off immediately, could be apology visit for not accomplishing the Airblue feat gone sour. And perhaps, Indian RAW, American Blackwater might have received Zardari at the French Chateau. Who knows. The maintenance charges were due and the creditors wanted an answer. It was rush hour. An apology was necessary, Sam was fuming. While the majority of the populace was entangled and made busy. While the whole world lambasted Zardari and his ilk, the inside story was efficiently covered up. Peel it off.

It wasn’t 152 victims in the airplane disaster, it was the whole country. Cable operators are controlled by yet another mafia which has roots in England. Burning of newspaper was planted. Papers are harder than stone. Remember the game Paper, Rock, Scissors?? While internet is publishing the newspaper. Send Jiyaalaaz to Hong Kong and Dubai to tear down the servers. Pull the juice on the servers.

Zardari+Joota+Jiyaala+Jeneral+Judiciary+Journalist+Jamat e Islami = Pakistan.

While GEO and ARY are fuming and seething over the closure. Musharraf’s legacy lives on. Musharraf, no need to come back.




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