2 08 2010


Looks do matter but not necessarily anymore. Although Brad Pitt is way par the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio who needs both face and talent to match the script. Brad is almost perfect for any.

SPY GAME isn’t all about acting and domination of the storyline by Al Pacino, where a man show is a must or other characters are seen almost everywhere. SPY GAME is duty beyond what matters. Love wins but quite expensively in this movie where the romantic concept was shoved aside under the rubbles of war but did manage to pull through with changing a life. At least one, which again is unrealistic in capitalistic world today. Or expect it in an already starved Somalia to re-enact the power of love. But such love needs electricity.

Brad play Bishop, an energetic army recruit who is head hunted for classified espionage by Nathan Muir which is exceptionally a beautiful placement of what goes behind the iron curtains of Espionage agencies around the world, of a near-to-retirement Army veteran who hasn’t missed a target nor a date of OPS. The veteran trains and deploys the Scout Bishop for a number of ‘assignments’ only which could be accomplished by Scout Bishop.

Be it the German plot or the assassination of the Palestinian leader, the relationship between the Scout and the veteran pays off. The veteran ran best of brain-washing but nothing in this world comes without a price. He had to let off his retirement benefits and the pseudo wives, 4 in his case.

Comes a woman and the price tag of Scout’s and the Veteran’s get a heavier twist and hike. The breakaway attempt of the Scout in the opening scene where a complex espionage had to be uncovered and the only attempt which went vain and hence the retirement money was deftly and expertly manuevred. The price to initiate and authorise a rescue and evacuation mission which was neatly summed up in just 5 minutes.

The 1 and a half hour story is gripping, intelligent and far more comprehensive which rendered a bit swerving off the course of interest. The natural flow didn’t seem to miss at the Intel Department’s office conference room where the Veteran’s experience was put to gruesome and extreme testing. And that is how Intel’s work around the world.

No mission or a suicide attack seem religious after watching this movie. The suicide attackers never know what they are going ahead for. Eternal damnation and an array of stars on someone’s chest.

Personal conflict to mentorship, Spy Game talks of War from the eyes of the Corporate world and the weakness of the Third World.

The plot couldn’t have been bettered without Brad whose execution was perfect but much was desired from him and his lesser domination was quite notable or was he elevating Redford with his limited presence.

A witty but quite impressive flick.  A must one time watch. No regrets. Thumbs Up..!!




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