In-Kill-aab – Imran Khan, Wake Up to the History’s Call!!

21 07 2010

Ramazan’s approaching fast and prices are rising faster. Welcome Ramazan..!! Let’s hope Ramazan isn’t fortunate enough to evidence more imploding-from-poverty oriented suicides and improvised suicide attacks. Let’s hope and just hope.

The collective conscience of the public is DEAD..!! From yesterday’s Nurse’s episode, we had another on coming up from Jacobabad. The veracity, the non-callousness, the abrupt abuse of silence and injustice is so rife that a Divine intervention like Ghenghis Khan awaits this nation to be placed in rigorous cleansing mode. The abject absence of leadership and electricity, umm, does that sound familiar..? Perhaps, as Raja sahab isn’t the fit and misfit to run this electric chair.

Bilawal - Walking the trail which others did already

From Pakistan to Zombistan. Where do we head to next..?? Bilawal or Bakhtawar..? Naheed Khan, perhaps your office might re-open again, next to PM’s pretty soon. Start dusting it. The end seems nowhere as Army or Democracy is a circle of nuisance and oblivion infested with system and schemes of corruption. Kiyani gets the extension, while Zardari, Gillani & Co are counting their extended ‘bonus’ time till 2012 or 2013? Again the people’s movement or people altogether have been let to the dogs again.

Retired Army men are singing the tunes which no one wants to listen. Hey Ho! Javed Hashmi lands in Hospital while the Minister of NWFP (yeah its still NWFP for me as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa doesn’t improve my country men’s economic situation), loses his son to the eternal homeland. Everyone has to end up there, but where does posterity or audacity point our priorities to? IMF and World Bank are another begging bowl while the foreign bank accounts are already brimming but no one to question or be brought to justice.

The Judiciary is treading cautiously; the sensitive issue of misplaced and missing persons is not being taken. Zardari has his cards adeptly placed and dealt to avoid the missing persons to be noticed. Swiss cases or Swiss watches, the Judiciary has to play the sweep deftly but people can’t wait. They grow impatient with the rising temperatures while the rain water drains the electricity from the poles and electrocuted the WAPDA workers but cannot electrocute the Rajas and my Split air conditioner.

While Karachi has the same old 90’s story being re-enacted again. Nobody to take notice with the splash of dozens of media men who have grown their harvest of arrogance and consider themselves invincibles. Hence everyone or anyone searching for survival has to be a part of any cartel or conglomerates. ANP another bunch of living zombies are out there to lose every part of the Railway. The railway tracks have to be declared as national treasures. Linking Afghanistan and India was upto Islamabad and railways was always the good backbone to support such a scheme. Scheme it is as it shall be merrier for a counted 2% ruling elite of the country.

Karachi - Festering grounds of easy money, and blood

The Army given the carrot, while the public still kept under open arrest with dearth of issues of electricity, gas, power, flour, mango issue (perhaps could be stocked as Ramazan is approaching but mangoes need larger cold storages for which separate rental power plants would be needed to be installed in Gilgit or they get overheated and noticed.), sugar cane issue, police caning issue, education problem, infrastucture problem. Any remaining percentage of people who deceive or escape the above doctored calamities, are then fed efficiently as fodder to the suicide bombers. Americans get bombed on the other side, while anti-Americans on this side. Either the police should be replaced by Afghan refugees or Pakistani nation should get a new name for itself – United States of Pakistan (USP or USB – United States of Buffer Zone..??)

The nation is in a turmoil instead, although the children are on vacations, the roads would have been then. No economic policy seems to be fit or be introduced. The ruling elite counts its days and Bilawal wants to jump leagues of miles on his birthdays to see himself as the (Lord Forbid) PM. Well, Bilawal, remember Mujeeb ur Rehman?? He had his daughter studying then before being shot. So you should leave some Bhutto (or Zardari) legacy back in the UK.

Imran Khan - The unscathed option?

Imran Khan has been dealing, without deliberate notice, with the national status-quo but media are wary of his approach and vision. The youth of Pakistan side with him but nonetheless, the projection is missing. The team is there under the feathers of Khan but then again a great uprising or uprooting has to be either staged or else expect a comeback. But opium drained or opium injected nation is in deep slumber. A push, what push is needed. Imran are you upto the task? Your connect is just missing. You aren’t media’s favourite child. Although Dr. Shahid Masood covered you comprehensively and majority of anchors favour you but then again the spark seems missing. Either sit down with the top echelons of your party and brainstorm where things need repairing and listening. PP160 was a feat but what next? Where are we heading down to?

Shouldn’t you consider a mindset counselling of the JI first. The jawaans and the youth of JI are organised, charged and theologically attached to your concept and vision. We need serious regrouping. Going solo is brave but for how long. We need an army of civilians to take responsibility and control. Only and only attitude change can bring a major shift in the politics of Pakistan. Reach them to their very attitudes and address them. Regroup the youth in their localities to take care of everything. Make them see their localities not only growing but peaceful and much more cleaner. Our blunderous votes have limited the retarted and discarded class to Islamabad enclave. That is their reach, not further. Let’s forget them but also our localities and societies cannot be left to such hounds. Expecting beasts to milk the sheep? Is it? We need a social pilot project.

Imran, people hear you but want to see you too.




One response

23 08 2010

Kaptain, we need a marxist revolution similar to France, kill every politician, A-Z. I am on you with the NWFP name, as the current name has only brought misery and a bad curse…pukhtoon khuwar ho kar rah gaya.

Hope you get the message.

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