Oath-Naama – Baraaye Terrorist – Stamp Paper 50 Rupees.

15 07 2010
  1. Thy shall not ATTACK Nawaz Sharif, his followers, his gatherings, protests, press conferences, his party, his Raiwind Ghareeb Khaana.
  2. Thy shall not send SMS to Zardari, Altaf Bhai right after successful operation, within 10 minutes of the attack.
  3. If your head is found by a police constable, thy shall utter the holy words
    1. “Give me a body of a cyborg and I’ll show you what Chitroal is..!!”.
    2. “Make my head your intikhaabi Nishaan in the by-elections, I like to be on the TV”.
    3. “Is my make-up still working or a lipo-suction is needed..?”
    4. “How much is the count this time..?? Abul ***** took 39 as per GEO for the Darbaar bombing and is enjoying 40 hooreinzzzz per victim. Gawd GEO is hit up there too. But can’t they report less..?”
    5. “Where is my NIC card..?? Now I want to book a flight next on PIA. Preferably I’ll get a first class, I know the SHO who runs the travel agency.”
    6. “Firdaus Aashiq Awaan Ko Thank You for making us the population reduction agents..!! Humdum doesn’t work anymore and we’re pre-greased..!!”
  4. Thy shall not target the corrupt and the deceitful. They have Spanish paradises and Hooreinzz already.
  5. Thy shall not wear lipstick and bangles.
  6. Thy shall not sign up for an interview at a talk show. Your head is already endorsed.
  7. Thy shall hate Universities, CD shops, Bazaar but shall not attack the graveyard. That is where the agent of Hooreinz would contact you.
  8. Thy shall not ask for emails of Hooreinz.
  9. Thy shall not have a choice for Hooreinz. Hooreinz quota are running lower with the level of water in Pakistan. Thy shall then blow up DAMS too.
  10. Thy shall avoid bureaucrats. They give you access in Pakistan.
  11. Thy shall not vote. Always chant BHUTTO BHUTTO..!!!
  12. Thy Boss is Reverend Rehman Malik..!! All loyalties to him..!!
  13. Thy shall get Hooreinz as much as the amount in the cheque given to the affectees by Shah Mehmood Qureishi. PKR 500,000 gives 500K hooreinz. Pray the next budget is made by your boss next time.
  14. The Gateway of Delhi is under maintenance, use Gateway to Paradise (Pakistan) as your transit port. The paradise flight costs less.
  15. Thy shall not PRAY in Masjids. Those are prime targets. Don’t get killed before killing.
  16. Thy shall be eligible for suicide bombing, if, following procedures are met
    1. That you should have dropped out from 5th grade. Better if you skipped 4th even. Even better if ran away from school. Hooreinz can stand graduates who have no job. Illiterate either are suicide bombers, or they get elected to the parliament if their bombs don’t go off or if their bombs get wet with their urine at the wrong time.

(cont’d..PART 2 coming soon..)




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