PP34 – Sargodha – Shaheen’s Frontier

7 07 2010

Beloved Countrymen..

PP160 might have been a victory for the opponents but not without unanticipated and unexpected stress the opponents were put through. The trials and tribulations for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf are carving and paving ways ahead in the future for the better of the nations, at least with a vision.

Maira Vote Pakistan..!!

Maira Vote Pakistan..!!

PP160 was an apparatus and a litmus test which Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf passed with higher confidence, although it lost in numbers and defeat of number is never a defeat, as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf doesn’t believe in the politics of rigging. Rather it believes in the social revival and economic improvement of Pakistan’s own people.

PP160 was heavily rigged, which enabled PML (N) to carve a victory. A victory which is lame and weak in its foundation can never last as the awareness and knowledge of the public has outgrown the political but dishonest manipulation of the other parties. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes in honesty before executing its much transparent policies of politics.

PML (N) secured 29,000 votes which includes thousands of fake votes, while Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf rallied much better with 19,000+ votes without rigging and with lesser opportunity of fairness and equal right to contest. The banners and posters were mutilated and removed to lessen the influence, but Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes in ruling the hearts rather the fake Diamonds which cannot be traded twice.

The Shaheens of Change

The Shaheens of Change

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf knows its strategy, which is based on honesty and cooperation. Your cooperation is again requested this time for Sargodha. Let’s bring a CHANGE. Sargodha needs a CHANGE. You are the CHANGE, you can show the CHANGE with your own VOTE.
Start the winds of CHANGE from Sargodha. The city of Shaheens. Only and only Shaheens know the limit of skies.

Kargaz ka Jahaan Aur, Shahee’n Ka Aur.

Vote is Victory and Vote is independent of Note. Vote for Principles, Vote for Jinnah, Vote for Pakistan. Pakistan is your vote. Please don’t waste it. Vote so that the world knows your thoughts are born in Freedom, the freedom Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf envisions for its future generations.

Pakistan Paáindabad.

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