Berlin Wall Falls Again – Red Matadors Tamed The Antelopes

7 07 2010

Germans sweated, exhausted, played their streak. And that Germany is out of the World Cup. Schweinsteiger and Podolski’s chemistry fell quite short. A goal in the 70th minute regime was an ice breaker, revealing Spain’s stronghold defensive and distressing strategy.

A cheetah chases an antelope for 4 miles as beyond that the neurology of antelope starts to recede and the quest of life surrenders to the exhaustion. And Germans were sweating and exhausted. Their abilities were well judged a night before or prior to the

FIFA World Cup

opening of the second round and Spaniards are good observers, it seems. Meticulous homework and teamwork was quite definitively showing. Change of strategy and choosy coach was a good apt approach.

The defensive Spaniards wore red and tried to ensue and infuriate the German bulls who were in their own right. But the bulls were reduced to panting antelopes who gave way to much more energetic, coordinating Spaniards. Years of legacy shone quite smartly.

The loss of energy wasn’t much planned by the Germans. The endurance of German machinations wasn’t greased well enough. Perhaps, the self-confidence leaped into the over-confidence’s NO-NO and the cards started falling like dominoes.

Smaller and quicker passes were efficiently executed, but Spain lacked, due to pressure of Semi-Finals in the D of the opponents; or say the legacy of the Germans made the Spaniards falter being team young still and this being the first time it sees the day of the Finals. Germans yielded to weaker defenses but couldn’t fare better, their muscle might went unled and unreformed. Perhaps, the coach told them to stick to old strategy of best try. When opponents change, so do the faces and expectations. Or perhaps, streak of three times World Champion perhaps sent lethargy down the German spines. Victory in routine in unmotivating.

David Villa of Spain

Nadal, Hockey and now Football. Spaniards are fighters in their play. The gateway of Mediterreanean and Olive producers, the Europe’s industrial underdog isn’t one in the Sports industry. The mettle is proven with merit and strength where corporate manipulations lay ineffective to promote industrial forte in branding. UK is a classic case but already in the blur to find a reputable discovery to make a comeback in the sports realm. Sly minds don’t make better muscles. Its sheer practise and more practise.

Spaniards have already won the Finals. Goals or victories don’t matter. What matter is who stood where and how they performed.

Vivá Lá Spaniá. When heads are incorruptible, desire burn as Olympic torches, otherwise talents are.

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2 responses

7 07 2010

Excellent Article Khaan Sb…

7 07 2010

Thanks Boss. The mastery isn’t in writing but the Spaniards shared the winning spirit today. 🙂

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