He loves Me / He Loves Met NOT..!! Graduate or NOT a Graduate..!!

5 07 2010

And why should our revered elite be educated..?? When, allegedly, our Father of the nation, Jinnah was a non-graduate, then why should we be..?? And why should be lament the pressures of studies and lynching of our teachers..?Having the best laugh

And why shouldn’t we be using booties to make a safer exit and an entry in to the assemblies..? Honestly speaking, has there been any connect with what we cram over and over again with what we have to face in the wide wide world..?? Ever..??

And then Einstein was a drop out, his nation then dropped the Atom Bomb. Bill Gates, another abhorred, and disliked by ladies stuff, but world’s experience brought him divine respect and fame. Steve Jobs or Mr. IPhone, was another varsity failure and gave the world a world in their palms.

So, with this imperative and chemistry, drop outs achieve out of this world ideas. Impossible in schools are possible in the wide world of the school. QED.??

In that case, Wazeer e Aala Ka Khaab, Parha Likha Punjab (Chief Minister’s Dream, Literate Punjab, (doesn’t sound poetic in English, it neved did, Shakespeare was just another Media’s Shilpa Shetty and Sania Shoaib like character and historians call it renaissance..!! )..), then every resident of Punjab is a born scientist..!! WOW..!!

If Jinnah wasn’t graduate, so isn’t Zardari. So are we correct to assume we shall see a new Pakistan soon..?? err..Geographically or hypothetically..?? As anything outside the Assemblies rides on paper boats destined to be flushed down the already choked sewers and Monsoon’s already approaching. Don’t save any water please, as a bit of relief to Pakistanis and they achieve much. They achieved the BOMB in sullen peace, so keep them moving, keep them scattered but never keep them thinking. If they start thinking, you lose.  Chaudhary Iftikhar didn’t think, he denied. And you see the ruckus Mr. Musharraf..??

Many theories have been afloat to emancipate the nation, but only and only NON GRADUATES carry the torch. Believe me, Chaudhary Iftikhar Sahab, if all the NON GRADUATES are kicked out to UK, Spain, to the Bosphorus, the States (but since when States allowed political gurus to take refuge in exile in her land..? No traitor was great enough to secure a flat, after the sun of rule set and blurred their fates.), then who stays back to run the affairs..? Mr. Justice, the Graduates of our country are made to run the mills and wheels of Western economies and not ours. The remaining have to endure heat, corruption, inflation, filthy politics and what else graduates have to do..?

Jinnah knew the fact, so he got away with it without a degree but something quite valuable instead. So guys, go for something valuable, a piece of paper or a piece of land..? You decide.

So NON GRADUATES are the grease of our machinations. Imran Khan is a graduate, his mistake. NON GRADUATES and Dasti NON GRADUATES are the answer to the problems of the world. Its not the terrorists, they are GRADUATES too..!!

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