The Boon, The Bane, The Tali-bane

18 05 2009

What a lifestyle. This piece of writing is influenced after viewing a not so earlier watched video clip of how Tali-bane have slaughtered numerous people whom ‘they’ or their esteemed and advanced ‘intellect’ deemed as spies, spying for Allied forces.

But have they ever thought why would one risk his / her life to spy for someone who carries a spotless record of being brutal and ruthless and that if compared with Gitmoz, wouldn’t even come near down to it? The latter seems civil then.
Economic disparity which even the Tali-bane seemed never to have given a thought ever and wouldn’t even ever like Ghenghiz Khan and his ilk.

Had this been the Islam 1400 years back, it would have vanished right after the demise of the Messenger (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) and wouldn’t have crossed the twin Holy cities. But where do they get the logic to interpret what they have left practically centuries back and re-incarnating what is just a merely enough to be labeled as Muslims? Where is the justification, without appropriate backup of knowledge and research, to carry out a decree such as this? So inhumane and barbaric, reminds of the stone age.
The intellectual development is absent in the Muslim world. Period. And there is no sign of it being revived. Also it’s highly politicized. And with the population explosion, what we have are herds of sheep which don’t think, but this time these sheep have claws and jaws, a serious mutilation of genetics of the Zombie class.

Rule is not to spread hatred and bigotry flowing from the pen, but this piece is indeed aimed at doing it. Such a class is thriving between us deserves to be ignored socially and left to implode. The self-professed and mastered theology has beaten all odds and likes of savageness.
There are plentiful videos to see and witness it by one.

A note to Tali-bane
Either you are demented (which you say brainwashed); as you’re easy to be and vulnerable; you oppose education and consequently ravage the fraternity of the society. You are unwelcome and unclean in your intent. Illiteracy and sick mentality is your forte. We as educated class reject your concept of religion. This isn’t by the way.
With this state of your mind which is worth research again like the Pharoahs of Egypt, no Virgin of Heaven would dare betroth you; rather would opt for a mass suicide. Do you also know that you need a nationality to cross into Heavens? Rules have changed up there too; the passports explicitly mention, all countries except for Tali-bane. You exist as Hell’s reject.

Also if you find this demeaning to your stature, kindly arrange for a discourse, not execution at the moment and send educated members, if you have managed some within your ranks. Otherwise don’t bother as the rest of the work to eliminate you has already started and your history wouldn’t be carried ahead as legacy but rather diminished under the weight of the pen which you don’t accept to infuse it within you, although that is the first word ordained by your Lord in your Book.




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