Recession – No jobs, but fun of life?

7 05 2009

For children and students who are anticipating their oncoming vacations, don’t be burden on your parents. Do something worthwhile this time. Change should be the motto. The whole life is ahead to waste it, don’t waste ‘these’ vacations at least, give it a try. Give the ‘Change’ a try this time and be serious! READ ON

Recessions, liquidities, vanishing and evaporating jobs and businesses, out of money, out of life as well? No not yet, pessimism hasn’t taken over our beliefs and hopes. Although recession has sent a jolt all over and experts are saying this is the tip of the iceberg we all see. Well experts too have to draw salaries so they say whatever suits their expensive suits and their cabins.
The vacations are drawing in pretty fast, which would leave Dubai look thirsty for manpower and look deserted without children who might not return until the black clouds of recession are replaced by storming clouds of rain in Dubai, another scarcity.
So out of job, now out of education for the next 3 months. What to do? Pretty much is around the corner. Either waste it watching T.V which never made Einstein what is he is believed to be today. T.V never made leaders from the beanbags. What else? Fun and frolic helps in vacations but not for long. Monotonous has to be killed. Step out, find work or rather indulge in small trade as a youngster, which requires no insurance or offices, lucky for you; no need for PRO too.
Research, discuss, innovate areas of your interest. What remains then out of the remaining time has to be invested in some more interesting ventures; work out (exercise). The industry which is neglected by youth, thanks to the internet, chatting online makes friends but who knows who’s talking to you, her father or herself, but didn’t fail of recession. Greek mythology respected people with great physique, so why waste a talent on typing? Join a gym, if that is expensive, go swimming, the whole sea has been laid out and it’s free. Take friends and enjoy the maximum. Live life well, it’s once but no speeding.
Work out needs attention and before that consistency which only comes with planning and strong will. At this age, planning with strong will would train you to take up on challenges and by then you would have a strong fan following for your biceps and with a group on Facebook, although I hate using it. It just wastes time.
Next in list comes network gaming. If you cannot trade your luxury of parting from your computer, then this option is an addiction. Tournaments are plenty in the city off and on. Get your friends in groups and see how frail your relationship grows when one on one in opposition with them. Counter strike, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour (the latter is my dead favourite till date but no gamers for it, sadly). Practice head shots and Pakistani youth can see themselves competing in Japan and Dubai for international stage, if you can’t be a politician, you can be a gamer to promote Pakistan. Easy? Wait till you get your hands on Counter strike, it takes months if not days to master techniques on head shot.
If you are more serious to capitalize your time with results, get into learning languages, machines, business, hardware, business development, resourcing. But all these require a bit of age, but at your age stick to learning languages, that will pay off and you might land a job even before you are eligible to vote. DON’T VOTE POLITICIANS who don’t have an account on Facebook!!
Languages like Arabic, Persian, French and German carry in them their rich culture, language is the gateway to explore it. Moreover, you cross the barriers of culture too, public relations chances are increased if you plan to launch your own product.
Last but not the least, Pakistanis have long innovated something since the 1998 Nuclear tests. That was an achievement, you too are born to perform and win achievements and be in the newspapers’ front page, not the inside ones at least.
Think, innovate and share your knowledge. Nobody can take your place because, the one who teaches learns twice so the teacher is always ahead; ahead in opportunities and luck. But Pakistanis lack this understanding, shun this mentality, nobody can snatch your ability and jobs, if you are responsible and smart which you are of course since birth. Every Pakistani is. Fact is we have to rise up to realize it.
Pakistan Paaindabad.
P.S – Approach Pakistan Association Dubai in groups and show your intent to learn languages, they can work it out for you.

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3 09 2009

Can you give me your email address? I wanted to consult with you regarding SAP

26 12 2009

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