Resurrection of Pakistan Society, is it?

25 03 2008

With all in limbo before and after the elections in Pakistan, dawning from the assassination of Benazir, the newly elected government, although playing its cards cautiously is seen a savior, for now. Although many in the coterie don’t bring in a good past profile, many at the helm have a nuisance value still haunting them and haunt them that should for some time, till when they start to deliver. Deliver what? Deliver what remains incomplete; restructuring of bureaucracy, the restoration of the Judiciary, incomplete and yet-to-be-started-and-awaited-projects, tackling unemployment with better infusion of industry at all levels, reclaiming the foreign policy which has seen serious stooping towards foes and that which has not yielded anything but disparage from the opponent’s side.

However, the political parties coming together, for the first time, a cartel which might go in favour of the public or else. Nonetheless, the upstart for the political parties has associated with it the duty of Jesus; to wield and correct everything. From the lowest rank to the Presidential powers which has not rendered the political scenario easy.

The very first move by Gillani is commendable for ordering the release of the Chief Justice. Nowhere, in legitimate setups, is the judiciary held hostage. The system needs a complete biopsy to the core. How well the parties go through this specimen is very hard to digest; they have to roll-back the policies or continue if it goes with the public sentiments but public is much subdued and restless.

Raison d’etre  for the parties coming together in cohesion, till now, is solely the renaissance of the judiciary and the civil society.  Hadn’t it been awakened in half-sleep, the very scenario would be the same exploitation of the common and ill-voiced public. Leadership is nowhere to exist. But Zardari steps in, taking prudent steps but has many enemies and that too prudent.

Speedy justice would leash the corrupt circles, the wage gaps with the inflated pricing. Task are mountainous and gigantic and requires much sweat and blood and sometimes only blood. Let’s see, where the balance tip over.

Meanwhile in the UAE, Pakistan Association Dubai had lots to say and express this 23rd March; the association launched its slicker website, for all the overseas Pakistanis anywhere. The website is another phase to being a comprehensive portal in the coming days ahead.




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