Fall Of Bhutto – Inside Story – Pakistan Finally Cornered II

29 12 2007

Although, if noticed the previous Government takes a back seat, the control is transferred and Benazir dies. Nobody from the previous plot has to face discredit, save the President, who himself seemed perturbed.

With the facades of truth and evidence coming in, more of curtains are falling, it shows that the gunman was amongst the crowd and that the vehicle was not moving due to the populace of supporters. The gunman made sure the bullet crossed the head of the leaders as the flaps of the sunroof which were bullet proof and that wouldn’t have done the purpose. The gunman who had only a splice of a time to aim and hit without a miss itself points to many directions. Firstly, given such a training, under which the action is to be taken in intensely populated and secured feature, requires adept and hours in days of flawless and relentless training. This raises a question as to which areas, groups are allowed such frequent access to facilities which train, brainwash, finance the recruits. This is a full fledged network which selected one of the comrades to fore go his life along with the leader’s.

Now the fact that has dawned here, the politicians, whether of magnitude or not, are on the hit list. This is what seems now. Or, according to the word making rounds, Benazir was not attracting the numbers which were expected from her political and personal aura she maintained which ingrained the possibility of failure in the upcoming elections; thus making her quite vulnerable and dispensable for those who employed her and fixed her in the Pakistan politics yet again. This dastardly act might have come from their sides too; wherein the saying, ‘What goes around, comes around’ doesn’t seem to hold. However, some of the names, looking at the fashion of attack can be nominated here –

  • Lashkar e Toiba – A militancy arm of Jamaat ud Dawa. Benazir promised handing over Ameer of the Jamaa’t; Hafiz Saeed.
  • MQM – the erstwhile opponent had to settle many scores with the lady. Naseerullah Babar, under Benazir, ordered operation against the MQM in Karachi in the 1990’s. Many supporters had to go under the guillotine.
  • Jaish e Mohammadi – Although depicts a religious faction but nonetheless not very Islamic; headed by Molana Azhar who had an indian passenger plane hijacked to have his release ensured some time back. The plane was stationed in Afghanistan during the times of the Taliban, which was then eventually released on the eve of the new year to cover up the killing of the passenger on board.

Principally these names strike first. The maintain training facilities in and out of Pakistan; wherein MQM had their workers (read comrades) trained in India to counter the military and have Karachi seperated from Pakistan during the 1990’s.

Although, international media and the representatives are reeling on the incident alongside India, which surely suggests that the West had a certain expectation with the late lady who was working on their protocol but left it incomplete. No perfect replacement is in sight.

The Bhutto legacy ended abruptly. PPP was riding on this. The party’s perturbed, leaderless, has met the same fate as Hitler’s party. Should it have been the Labour Party like England’s, easy replacement would be there; and why would a leader of a ‘democratic’ party be killed when the leadership is rotating around the objectives of a party and not a fascist, in the first place? Serious discourse is needed to review and revive the party politics of Pakistan. Every party is individualistic based and focused then why wain about dictatorship. Isn’t the same being followed in a democratic parties which advocate democracy but themselves run hollow in itself?

Lastly what about ‘contract’ workers of PPP? Like Naheed Khan, Sherry Rehman. Are they going for the greener pastures? They should, when they have the chance to improve their resumes and not change the national stance from the national view. I feel sorry for Naheed Khan, so near yet so far. Naheed Khan is out of job now. So is Sherry Rehman.

The perpetrators knew it that alone a bomb blast won’t suffice; thus the bullet route was taken, with all evidence gone laters. The election campaign is on hold and receded to much an extent. Nawaz Sharif, who blows the trumpet of nationalism and sympathy for the unheard and unheeded masses, too won’t take a risk to come in the open and under the sun when perpetrators are open. Confusion and the premiership is now more difficult than thought. Investigations, reviews, analysis won’t do any good if serious revival at the top is not implemented. The people, before heading to any party assuming it to be saviour, should equip intellectually the pros and cons of democracy. Awareness has to be proactive and comprehensive. And nobody is ready to do that, for now.




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