Emergency-Benazir’s U-Turn, Imran Khan’s Bashing

14 11 2007

With a gallop Benazir who was on Musharraf’s bandwagon, has shifted gears, shifted intent. But this doesn’t come before deliberate discourse with the West on the hotline and spoonfeeding. Now she is one of the staunch opponents adding more to the feathers of hatred the West is bent upon to collect as evidence and pressure to mount against the Dictator who, till now, stands firm and solid. With the support of the army, which has the Swat valley dilemma under its fist now, the cleanup is going to be swift and unheard.

And with the Emergency on hold and Pakistanis now seemingly awaking to the sounds of mistrust embedded in the global protest, whereby recently, global warming was an issue which is nowhere, vanished and Pakistan is in the firing range; Maleeha Lodhi responded quite swiftly and smartly with the much awaited and appropriate response to the Commonwealth; of course, this is Pakistan’s internal policy matter. Pakistanis are not allowed to speak and observe the electoral process of the West. Not one example.

Now, with Benazir horse trading her political priorities, the ability she proved in the past, emergency has favoured the Government and allowed time to do homework, homework to avert the elections to their favour and keep Bibi jee as her presence is all very dangerous for the nukes of Pakistan, the extremists as they would expound their activities in rage to get even with her in Islamabad. Bibi’s slogan for secularism would be a blank cheque for her in Spain, she could take refuge there if there happens to be a civil uprising. But what about the commons? No respite, so keep her away.

More so, Imran’s benevolent figure and upright profile didn’t bring him glory today either. The national hero who brought in the World Cup for Pakistan, which is now a hoped beacon, a distant mysterious wish which is always done away with betting when the likes of Wasim Akram surround the arena.

Imran Khan was brutally received, which was unexpected from Punjab and her University. If the foreign deportation of Nawaz Sharif can be ruled out, saying “No Pakistani can be barred from his entering his Motheland”, then why was Imran denied entry. Particularly the mindset of University can be brought to question. But, another perspective could be to repel the alliance of Imran and Qazi which was very evident and expectedly formidable and under review and discourse upon this future possibility; so to avert this possibility from further cementing, some unseen but present forces broke through the rows of Studen’t faction of the Jamiat and blotched the Jamiat and threw the stone from Qazi’s shoulders. Who knows the people who kicked and dragged Imran were indeed from Jamiat. Police force in civilian dress also surfaced at the Supreme Court previously to drive off the lawyers. So why not the Schooling Uniform?

Normal life in Pakistan stayed at its best. Its the 100 and 150 people, who are in focus on every international media. I don’t remember, out of curiosity any T.V anchor stepped from the mainstream to portray Pakistan through another spectrum of People, culture, history, daily life and people again; as its the norm, the topic, ideology, area, country, sport under discussion, the backdrop surrounding it or making it happen too are covered for better for the inquisitive and unbiased collection of news. It seems, everyone is placing their share of anomaly to be instilled into the status quo of Pakistan, to portray the negative side ‘always’ to the every ignorant and media-believing masses.

An advice, for Imran, he is still premature to assess the political scenario. Well he is improving. Serving the public through ‘perfect’ application of funds and supervision of public welfare is but one aspect of politics, which although is unprecedented still in the politics of Pakistan and Imran has proved himself rising above the rest in this aspect, but manipulative politics is what is he is still groping in. He lacks the politics of manipulation, the politics of now, the now of seconds. He needs good advisors.  Moreover, Musharraf is trying to save Pakistan through his less-understood coy tactics. He still needs to exercise patience and political analysis; General Hameed Gul could be a good partner.




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14 11 2007
mullah cimoc

mullah cimoc say tribal elders in waziristan all say same thing.

look like benazir working as agent in place for western intel. cia and british seeking to depose musharaff (or chastize severely him ) for refuse commiting the war crime against him tribal people in NWFP.

this walking coup all the concoct in washington dc and him cia agent write the script.

neocon spy in whitehouse and pentagon him wanting benazir for puppet while cia control all and mass the murder of the tribes.

usa media so control for keep usa people the ignorant. but usa be punish even now. him daughter take the LBT (low back tattoo) and slut have him sex with every man, even usa gang member. this the true punish for ameriki let wicked to killing so many people of middle east.

18 11 2007

well both the Labour party pakistan,LLP and National students of fedartion and others will support imran khan and his PTI agaginst facist government of mash now.

18 11 2007

well this IJT/JI alliance was unnatural and forced the only game in town now is khan and bb and ns even if u dont like the centrist PPP-P and PML-N but like the bit leftist PTI/PPP-SB etc.

18 11 2007

the IJT/JI and mullah mash and facist-us alliance have shot themsleves in the foot by challenging imran khan becuse now the PTI/NSF will smash the rightist mafia at PU etc.

9 12 2007

well done mr Imran khan becuse the IJT/JI have been wrong-footed now and its a great chance for the leftistNSF/PTI to dominate pakistani universites soon.

12 12 2007

we talk about BB working on U.S agenda but what about the man who sold the country to United States? His name is Musharraf.

What about the institution “ARMY” who for years have used the stigma of traitor on BB and their propoganda that she sold the Khialistan Sikh Movement by giving away the names of it’s leaders to India…
What about Pak Army which not only gave names, hideouts, and arrested leaders of Taaliban to United States…and not just that but abducting Pakistani citizens and selling them at $50,000 per head to United States and transferring them to GITMO….



12 12 2007

P.S. I am not a pro BB person ….just sick hearing BB bashing for years…

22 06 2008
mr shivji

it must be understand that you just have imran khan has the leader of the leftist forces in pakistan and yes even the NSF would be with the ISF in most unis these days.

10 11 2008
t rao

we must get over the old faults lines and yes worry about both NSF and ISF comrades who control the leftist students in pakistan.

3 11 2009

Imran khan’s future in politics is bright.

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