Benazir, The Return of the Jedi.

18 10 2007

As this is written, Karachi’s evidencing a welcome unmatched. A welcome which all expected, the international media too anticipated; after all American support and finance did the magic. The leader, with blotched political career and loads of allegations which under the surface are proven, comes back with little promise. Promise to the nation would be starker and thin. Reforms which are being awaited would have to be waited some more. Now the hullabaloo advances into the stage set for the upcoming elections.

Alas, Pakistani Nation is adrift with adrenaline and succumbs to short memory. The past is past and the loyalist are gathered today to receive the lady, who comes but to secure the coffers for her generations who are being tutored by the foreign universities.

Nonetheless, commendable is the Government’s stance which was a silent ‘protester’ and exhibited show of patience. MQM, hails from the same coterie of plunderers and murderers, which sent in a welcoming stance altogether. Yet another show of incongruence and hypocrisy; that it was the same MQM which ran havoc the day Chief Justice had to don Karachi.

However, with the arrival, the political scenario is to change manifold, giving it a confused aura all the way, putting the precious cards of Government powerless. But its premature to say as to how Benazir would be effective in turning the tables in her favour.

Although, at one point she is vocal to restore democracy. But BB jee is it ‘true’ and ‘fair’ democracy which would voice the public? That is just the selling card for the elections. All the promises of development are left in abeyance till the prior one year of elections. Developments spring up, public put to believe that white lining has shone. But….

Possible Prediction – With the entrance, Benazir has let herself to be in a surrendering position in the hands of the Government. Government of Pakistan can now initiate the cases in the Swiss courts, provided the Reconciliatory Ordinance is promulgated as void from the Supreme Court, which has turned a new leaf. The potential of which has been unleashed and continues to address through it. Recently being the agriculture land around Islamabad, which allegedly was turned into lavish residential area for the higher ups in the Government, including the General.

If the Ordinance is negated, Swiss cases would be re-initiated which would put the Mohtarma in a dilemma. One being casted by herself; her arrival in Pakistan, or the forbidden fruit in the clutches of the Tiger; either crush it or consume it whole. Period.

Or perhaps, if Allied forces are not meddled with more casualties in Afghanistan and the Forces get a jolt from Taliban, Benazir can see herself re-elected the 3rd time which is again challenge able. If the forces have to beat a retreat, Pakistan and Taliban can play their cards safe, can see Benazir being tried and adjudged illegitimate. But these could be fantasies.

Taliban is the soft but vicious card, Pakistan has held to itself. A message clear to the lobbies and BB that, if something goes, something can wrong for them from here too. Story being intertwined gets more bloodier. And the past has proven that, the past not that far. Foes could be friends, had Abdur Rasheed Ghazi of the Lal Masjid waited till this time, perhaps the General might have been more benevolent.

Moreover, the Military has never been comfortable with the Mohtarma. This is another theory. Another anti-PPP card.

The upcoming elections is what is being held a turning point for Pakistan. Let’s hope so. But the fate of the public is on the roads which wouldn’t get repaired soon.




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