Lawyer’s Day or Media’s?

29 09 2007

Every day in Pakistan is a tourism attractive day, without exaggeration. At least for the journalists if not the tourists. Yesterday it was Supreme Court which saw disrespect from the Civilian side, exposing its weaker point against the necessity of the Uniform and today it was the Election Commission. What would be tomorrow? Minister’s mansion? Utility stores? University? Shahra e Dastoor (yet again)?

Name any place, which needs attention from the authorities for various reasons; sanitation, upkeep, maintenance. Call the opposition, throw a regale, pay through the foreign bank accounts, a little promises, nasty last minute meetings and within minutes the place would be the hot spot, springing to action, much talked about. Due to unemployment, manpower is abundant. Opposition at least can, in the upcoming elections, boast of amassing unemployed people for the past 5 years and providing quality entertainment at the expense of ill-treatment, ill-repute, traffic blocks, disinvestment, etc and swaying away their daily tension doses through such vast and unyielding arrangements. But what about the Opposition’s Balance Sheets? Leave it to the NAB for another time.

Just for the day, today was yet another extra ordinary day. Pakistan had nothing so to show today, neither Jinnah remembered it nor Iqbal. But the lawyers and media people swarmed in around the Election Commission which passed the nominations of Musharraf and other of his opposing en troupe.

Without notice and invitation, Police started baton charging the lawyers, in the first episode, then the media people were taken by surprise. Shelling and then Baton Charge. A battlefield had erupted right before the Supreme Court and the Election Commission in the Capital of Pakistan. Where in the world such dynamism is evident. Stone age? Not necessarily but Stone aged mentalities of the sheep which fail to understand, Black Sheep (sponsored by political parties and their leadership, which were altogether absent today, financed ) which are present thinly, among the deceived and unsuspecting crowd, but loaded with stones and with yesterday’s arena even tomatoes and eggs were the ammunition to start off the ruckus; to bring both the parties at a point of physical conflict and Pakistani nation never hesitates to jump into one. Result? International media, which in some cases sponsors such acts of humiliation for Pakistan under the dictation of hidden lobbies working underhand to destabilise her, leaves no stone unturned to project Pakistan as a failed ‘Nuclear State’.

Working hands and minds in the assemblies are gearing up for yet another episode. It could be tomorrow or now. No one knows; but its apparent someone and something has to benefit from this unrest. Musharraf? Perhaps. Opposition? It was never sincere. Ruling parties? They too have to have an honourable and financially sustaining retired life. Foreign lobbies? They can’t stand the nuclear capability. Rajiv Gandhi, was not the most sly of all the Gandhis, but clever enough to deal with Khalistan issue through Benazir Bhutto who deftly gave in the lists and captured the premiership. Wanted is rule’s court’s ownership, no matter at what cost.

Nothing seems stable in Pakistan. Prices to Politics. Eyes watching her. With October the 6th approaching fast, with today’s perspective, arrangements are getting underway to humiliate and blotch the uniform again and in a more worse manner. Today’s saga could be a trailer. Who knows.




2 responses

6 10 2007
online conveyancing solicitors

this all is due to the wrong policies ,. i think they must refresh their policies .

19 10 2007
emploment solicitor

yes thats true i feel we should keep check in the policies.

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