Supreme Court Tailors the Uniform

28 09 2007

Awaited verdict, arriving winters through September and it brings in faltering hopes of the political parties which lost no chance to criticise the same Supreme Court and the Chief Justice, for which they rallied and braved the heat of Punjab in June and July, when the Uniform was declared as legal today around at 15.00 (PST, +500 GMT).

Political parties, which had all preparations in place, had the President and the commander been stripped off. The bets lay lose and naked. The same anticipation was in the air when the Big B (Nawaz Sharif) was expected to be around and sent back to his old refuge, old barracks yet again. The anticipation was blown to pieces. Alas, Pakistan public yet again fails to realise what good differs from bad and how. Goats and sheep all get crowded when its time to get slaughtered, amassed doesn’t entitle celebration.

The Government, has been sly, cautiously accepting criticism but knowingly peeking into other’s cards but keeping low on it’s. Government yet again gets a breath of life, though this time it doesn’t look so short. The present Government now can envisage a confirmed victory in the upcoming elections when, at the critical and sensitive moment, Supreme Court rallies in to shove and show its support for the Army.

Sharifs and Bhuttos, who saw convenient death of their so-called ‘Charter of Democracy’. Rumours are around that Benazir engineered the slip of Nawaz Sharif this time. Once a rival, always a rival; in between a relationship of convenience, relationship of Brothers and Sisters. Raakhi Bandhan gets sour. Dirty savage politics.

Be it the uniform or else, the poor public stays numbed and sidelined as ever. Inflation spiralling smoothly, coffers being filled, bridges are falling. No not the London Bridge but the Mayor’s Bridge. Friends and relatives enjoying protocols and services. Uniform does come in with compromises, much work too has been done. Political parties even now after the passage of 5 years, didn’t prove themselves deserving.

Not a single university, hospital, energy sector regulation, industrialisation, unified support against inflation sprouted from the Province of NWFP, where MMA enjoys its monopoly. Undoubtedly, the present Government would have been on its toes had the MMA delivered its promise. Had there been a single percent improvement in education in NWFP, the Madrassahs would never have been in the news. MMA stands failed here. Totally flop.

How could then Political parties come out in protest. What blank cheque have they delivered to the public? How come can they imagine support in the upcoming election? How can Election Commission expect free and fair election? With paltry situation and ground facts lying bare like this, where exquisite airports are constructed around slums, how would the public even care to use their right which is financed from their taxes and nominates Wolves of the jungle roaming around?

All thing aside, the lawyers, who joined the procession and breathed life in the independence of Courts, reduced down to savage usage of language right after the verdict. Anticipating sunny day and down came the rain. What to do? Run but they slander the Judges who were quite indiscriminate and professional with 6-3 difference. Even the Golden Goal, if applied, Uniform wins. Respect the law. Whatsoever. Period.

Before the international Media, the better half of thoughts should be exercised. A little respect is expected. Whatever comes down their way, its good. What goes around the block, they get personal. How justified is this?  Everyday is not a Sunday.




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28 09 2007
MMA News » Supreme Court Tailors the Uniform

[…] baileycunning wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHad there been a single percent improvement in education in NWFP, the Madrassahs would never have been in the news. MMA stands failed here. Totally flop…. […]

28 09 2007
Supreme Court Tailors the Uniform ·

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