Double Sawaari Ban for Nawaz Sharif

11 09 2007

What a fiasco indeed; Court orders return, so he returns but has to take the next flight back and “casted back to where it whence came from”. No not Mordor or Mount Doom, but indeed Pakistan Muslim League (N) has faced a setback for once; revealing its underlying crevices and miscommunication and ill coordination. But nonetheless, the political drama, which was in global focus and most spoken about in every media, was an interesting flick. Police baton charge, running workers, news flash and the media makes some money to keep it alive for another days. Unexpected becomes hot and expected get an easy but also unwanted exit. Nawaz Sharif probably didn’t envisage for surely the jampacked and the talked about ‘Double Sawaari’ (pillion riding, one flight and the next).

Many a players are now counting their cards, the experts who thought have good cards are bewildered how a confused state and more confused being the Rulers are, managed to avoid a massive conflict that would have overtaken the clout over Islamabad. The clout of 8 years, the clout of the Uniform.

Indeed Musharraf, was walking a thin line, under which lies the Molten lava of Mount Doom, but nonetheless after exiting the club of his intelligence advisors, Shujaat has shown him the respite in Q league. Better steps are being taken, Supreme Court being dealt responsibly and with respect, Benazir sent into quandary and lesser votes and confidence which was the need of the hour to soothe the rising of the confused herd of sheep in Pakistanis, as ever.

With Nawaz Sharif now taking the back seat uncomfortably, he has left his icon back in London to put in pressure maintained and keep it simmering. But, everyday is not a Sunday. Bygones are bygones. Shahbaz and Kulsoom combined can revive the rusting Ittefaq Foundries but not their party to rule Pakistan for 4 years. Not even 4 hours.

Hopeful Benazir too is surrounded, she must cautiously opt to have a peaceful kill to her leadership and party, which seems is the motive of the ruling parties and let music go on as usual. Benazir assumed with the return of the Big B a.k.a Nawaz, she might win some of the grounds to take over the ruling party through their psychotic acquired pressure that had mounted on them since March 9, but now the tables have turned but dust has not settled down for sure. With this incident, the ruling party has sent across the message that, “we have global partners and affiliations and powers locally, so step in with care.”

Stoking regional interest, which saw Saad Hariri and Saudi parties to intervene though in a softer tone, revealed that Musharraf and his coterie had been at work for the past 8 years. The claims that Musharraf’s party hadn’t had any Foreign policy as such have been humbly tamed.

Not to mention, this validates the economic policies of Shaukat Aziz as well. But all is not flowery and neither its spring season; the nation is looking forward to the upcoming elections either tainted or fair and free. Nothing’s free in the corporate world. Even time is money. PML (N), PPP are running fast out of time and options. At the end of the tunnel, only 2 people seem emerging, Musharraf and Chief Justice.

For the reception, its reported that MMA and none of its workers were there to receive the 2 time PM. My sympathies for PML (N).  Imran Khan too sounded acquiesced over this, perhaps there is much to come for him from the above. Promises and protocol, perhaps.

Now what seems to be on the cards for the Government is, how to brush aside Bibi Jee. With the recent development or call a feather in their hat, this isn’t collossal as well. Bibi Jee is not a spanish Bull and the Matador this time is armed. Armed with advisors, Shujaat, Police force from Pervaiz Ilahi and the Military Guns.




One response

11 09 2007

Ch. Parvaiz has certainly shown his administrative ability in controlling Punjab. He effectively shut down the little bit of PML(N) mobilization without being brutal. This must give Mushy some confidence in dealing with bibi.

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