What A Democray – Birth to Shahadat

1 09 2007

To have the brand of ‘S’ along side one’s name on the epitaph, surely one should be a politician or simply a sweating worker.

Name any corrupt politician; from Bhutto (Bhattu in Abbotabadi and Pindi’ish lexicon) to BB and Nawaz, everyone’s a Shaheed, surely.

Recently conjectured and registered was Nawab Akbar Bugti. Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti. And the Westernised elite say Mullahs are the cause of Religious fallacy and confusion.

More so, Altaf Bhai Shaheed, Nawaz Shareef to Nawaz Shaheed, Sherafgan ‘Shiheed’, Wasi Zafar ‘B.Ch** Shaheed’ and the list goes on.

Even the angels would anticipate a political ticket to the entrace to the Gardens of Aden to allow a free pass and a brigade of security guards and a phone to hold speeches in the Pindaals.

Democracy is a backdoor for the military to jump in. Military would keep jumping in as long as ‘Loyal’ candidates jump from one party to another.

Democracy in Pakistan is Fascism. Isn’t it time, like the West, after every 3-4 years, the presidency should rotate between the workers of the Party?
Who is the Heir to BB, if a security guard is missing in the protective cover and the bullet passes through that expensive crevice? Of course, her son, Bilawal, who surely won’t be thorough in Urdu as his mother – giving a notion to compare this linguistic ignorance to Jinnah. Hallucinations, excuse me. Where’s my Jooti?

Altaf Bhai has been running the enterprise since eternity; same for Shareefs and same for Jehangir Badar whose son is Zulfiqar Ali Badar; what is missing in his heir’s name is just ‘Hutto’. Hatto jee.

Democracy is ill but not on death bed. The poor take that place instead.

So many ills are around us but Geo, ARY seem to preposterously painting a rosy picture and a garland around the politicians. Representing a meek 2% Islamabadians won’t do some good.
Bringing out hordes of celebrating tantrums for a whole month on completion of 5 years (GEO in point) doesn’t do some good either.

We are going round in circles weaved by vicious hands with fog around.

Democracy should be ‘Shiheed Democracy’.




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