22 07 2007

Chief Justice of PakistanGen.Musharraf

Off goes the verdict and off goes the bell. Celebrations are evidenced everywhere in Pakistan. Jubilant ‘civilians’ herald the verdict as yet another milestone after the nation’s independence in 1947. Indeed it should be. Changing stances and positions and media coverage has added spice to the recent developments, ill-fated or silver lining.

But the question is, why would a government, which has a track record of manipulating issues right from the beginning of the aftermath of 9/11, would take such a step where its fallout was visible and predictable? Why would a government risk a backlash of the masses. Although Government rose from the embers of the ill-repute it has earned. Although it doesn’t blemish the position after all. But why again would such a step to be taken?

Before digging in further, let’s see some of the facts, though informally collected but nonetheless interesting.

When the Chief Justice was called in, Intelligence heads were around. Why? What role or card were they supposed to play? Secondly, Chief Justice had been in the panel, which approved the legitimacy of the Army Head to run for presidency in his uniform when the issue was first taken up years back. A point note worthy here.

With this, it can be roughly deduced, Chief Justice, the President, the Intelligence agencies have weaved up a plan to round up the PPP. Yes, PPP although seems to be cringing and desperately counting on the lines of the palms to get ahead with the deal, either suspiciously or with a hefty sacrifice on the Party’s end, the Government, no matter how benevolent towards the leadership of the party, has old scores to settle. Not to mention, the lists of the freedom fighters of Khalistan.

March 9, was when the script was handed over to the Chief Justice, to which he conceded, as he had to, but denied resigning from his office (this was the part of the script).

Possibly, the Government, which has drenched itself with much criticism and remains steadfast, would enter a deal with the PPP, the Law would also ratify it. But, this is where the mouse is trapped. Benazir travels in, the Government welcomes her, Supreme Court on the wink of the Government intervenes and the crime files are opened. Many a coffers have to be filled in, but at the expense of Bibi. Bibi is stepping in to play the last move.

Files are opened, under the notorious but blessed ‘Suo Moto’ action and Bibi has to face the fate, as the Government would shrug its shoulders saying, “Even the Military boot couldn’t make it bid adieu; but our sympathies are with you”. Eventually, her party would see her role foiled up, with much property being conceded to the Government. Charges would be put up and Bibi’s politics would see an abrupt end. Unlike her father, she would not be hanged. And that she would also not prefer; its better to put back the premiership and chairperson ship of the party and acts as a civilian. And PPP would be reduced to a meager party to form coalition every time it goes through an election. The cerebral contribution, the much lifeline of the party would history, soon.

Musharraf, is walking the same line as Ayyub Khan but with the vices of Nationalisation around him of which are the offspring like corruption and red tape culture, thanks to Z.A.Bhutto. Musharraf was keen enough to change the strategic innuendos and standing of the country. But he has to creep in where other nations found it easily surpassing it.

Justice Chaudhary Iftikhar, is not a product of incidence but a depiction of keen and insightful selection of elements who would be defining the next role of Pakistan in the coming years.

Vicious it is as it is. Truth is best Twisted when sincere corrupt are playing at the helm.




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