What’s Next, Dear Opposition?

21 07 2007

Opposition - Bad.Habits.Go.Hard

The ruckus, the crisis of all crises, the marriage of protest and ridicule, the criticism has ended.

What‘s next, Dear Opposition? Yeah, another protest as to why the CJ was out of office all these months. Or, maybe, another one to restore and renovate his loo. You need a reason to live. And a reason to make a living.

A reason always, to be on the screens, on the ‘American Satellites‘, on the Umreeki papers to be the favourite hodgepodge coterie needed for the upcoming elections. Tickets are to be sold again. Loyalties with gleeful smiles and promises. The drama folds and unfolds in the same way.
Same faces, different parties. The fate remain the same.

What‘s next, Dear Opposition?
The Supreme Court gives the verdict here and the celebration starts there. The Jamia Hafsa issue is no longer heard. The cries of wounded, the misplaced, the insignificant bodies registered with eternity, the missing children; all dissipated in the hullabaloo of the celebration.
Same picture, colours different. Same picture of May 12, Carnage in Karachi and celebrations in Islamabad. But this time a bit of Religious green was there.

What‘s next, Dear Opposition?
Advocates of Democracy, the anti-Military-rule doctrine preaching minds; can they point out any legitimate reason to go for Democracy, the democratic representation?
What if this issue came up during the Democratic rule? Would it have been in a fragile setup (coalition government, one threatening to side by CJ, supposedly, and another opposing), able to contain it.
But look here, a swift and a thoughtful card, is played and many are hushed.
The memorable of love stories are tragic where the love bonds but lovers don‘t. Devdas in case.
But the case in point, CJ gets married to his job again.

What‘s next, Dear Opposition?
The same cronies, who sided with Nawaz, are under the umbrella of Musharraf. Is it Musharraf‘s fault? Same loyal figures would be seen badmouthing him. This is assured.
At least, military chooses the most shapest, the smartest, the sly piece who could take up this chess game with many players at a time. Media, Foreign lobbies, neighbours, Foreign investment, interior ministry, common man. Everyone has to be taken care of, at the expense of any one of these, or all of these. Vicious it is as it is.

Double game, double face, double standards, rich richer poor poorer. Musharraf being lauded as reliable partner, sometimes put to test for siding with, hideously though, with the Talibanese, the Chinese.

What would have democracy done in this case. Some would have resigned just to add more fuel to the fire. Some would have been lull. Most would have had changed parties.
But here, started the issue, took the criticism, face is stoned, put the lid back, back to square one.
What goes around, comes around.

Reading Orya Maqbool Jan, today‘s edition of Express (www.express.com.pk), citing the Spanish General who took Army recruitment in 1888, went ahead to be the head of the state, crushed the masses, unemployment was rampant, no industry, his cabinet was promoted but the end seemed to be not favouring the General. Had to flee the armed agitation. Died ignoble death out of Diabetes.

Why is 2007 compared to 1888? Were there India and Afghanistan as neighbours? Was there America to poke itself around? Nuclear states? Shaikh Rasheed?
Name any odd even. Not even far enough is there any similarity.
However, fate of the latter is predicted with the former. One what grounds?
Through all these series of melodramatic soap show, through 2006, Musharraf proved to be unnerved. No matter how hard tried, this ain‘t the place to nail in.

Argument gets longer, but concluding, democracy altogether is a toddler which wants Pakistan to kneel as well as itself.

But what‘s next, dear Opposition?

And yes, America grits its defeat in Afghanistan, yet again. The land cannot be captured or won, Uncle Sam prepares to proceed to Pakistan, for where it has prepared legitimate but unfounded proof on Al-Qaeda. This would be third and Final American wish and blunder. Every sequel ends on third, with Harry Potter as the exception. America is not an exception, neither is this a fantasy land weaved by Pentagon.




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