25 06 2007

Army and PPP are edging towards a deal. A fact that took the garb of a rumour, then a fact but never made a headline but keeps the scene simmering with anticipations. If its unclear, its most spoken about. If its certain, the suspense is all gone. Government has elements spread out and around the media to have the ripples one time or the other.

Now the most awaited ceremony is the Supreme Court’s verdict for the Chief Justice. He might be restored as Chief Justice or Government might win but that would cause and outroar. It would be like extinguishing a growing fire with gasoline.

Now, with pieces being set into their places, PPP and Musharraf are inching forward to get onto the deal wagon and which they would, but, interestingly the Supreme Court then would be moved, upon the green signal of the Government to go for a verdict which is soothing for the public and moreover containing Benazir that she cannot run for the third time. Killing two birds with a stone. Musharraf can shrug Benazir saying, “I did what you and America wanted, but its late now, again.”

Thus Benazir would more be fumed than defamed. The corruption cases against her would be brought forward and activated. To calm the public, perhaps the Kalabagh Dam would be given a shot. After all, public is seething with inflation, load sheddings, unemployment.

A pandora’s box is waiting to be opened. Its uphill from here but its getting interesting as well.

After all, you can play safe with predictions and you have listeners too. And you listened.




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