25 06 2007

Jamia Hafsa is being pointed fingers at again. Thanks to the media which is full throttle against the Madressah. And quite expectingly, results are paying off.
Offsprings and mentally switched-off minds tend to go with the lines, which usually, is half a piece of the statement about the facts..

Ironically, majority TV viewers add to the mayhem currently under view. But this could be another gimmick, sort of yes. Government has been riddled naked (somehow) with the CJ issue which is platonic for the common man and much covered and discussed in the foreign media. Jamia Hafsa could be another card from the government to sway the attention CJ is receiving. After all, the government is in boiling waters and would be in testing grounds in the upcoming elections.
The much awaited decree from the supreme court in favour / against the CJ is again much anticipated. All the bets are being placed smartly from both sides.

With a usual observation, when CJ leaves for Multan from Lahore, Jamia Hafsa takes in Chinese people. Why Chinese? As they (Chinese) have a cordial and maintained relations with Pakistan, with such a move, attention and a half is diverted which it did.

Now when the verdict comes in, let’s see what parallel Shakespearean play comes to the fore. And surely it would.

And also, media is another fetus in the womb, which can kick but cannot walk. Its always dictated. Whatever the poles, its always tainted; tainted to the core.
Taliban, meted out the most effective law system in presence of scant infrastructure. And the results? Magnanimous. Total peace and that too without democracy. Fishy indeed.
Media then came up with the garb of women subjugation; the masses are evaded and Afghanistan is attacked.
I didn’t see for myself in Afghanistan how women were given the treatment but this can be surely maintained with ample evidence the law and order system was exemplary.
But Islamic law and order has to be preserved ONLY in the books in the libraries of the Vatican. A well kept secret. Even the oldest bible is not in the access to the walk in but religious disciple.

Vicious cycle, which indeed has interested vested in the global economies and finances has to pull the strings everywhere.

So, coming to the Jamia Hafsa thing; the Madressa investigated the said massage center. Not in one day but over a considerable period in days.
Finally, the Chinese were ‘abducted’, released as well. The release is always anticipated.
No casualties, though. But media is out again with all the brouhaha.
What causes Jamia and the ilk of it to go on such a venture? Its the void of time and the authorities. Time of many years, nobody has noticed any considerable amped up performance metrics of the Law enforcing agencies being scrutinized. Rather the coffers were and are being filled.
So if somebody, stands up and out of the crowd, I don’t see the complication.

Thing is again, the rosary of media – No beards, No Burqas are to prevail. If Imran would have gone this mile, he would have been media’s favourite child.
But as said, the strings.

Let the dust settle and point of view is to change, but Taliban were not there again. And this is the second time, religious forces are mustering up their scattered strength. All they lack is, proper tutoring and engineers. Third time it would be on a massive scale. Perhaps covering whole of Pakistan. This may not be soon, but the bear is stepping out of hibernation.




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4 06 2008
chinese brothels

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