18 06 2007

Another topic to linger for days on stretch. Aah we do have much time here.

Instead, to dilute the extravaganza heat of emotions, Altaf Bhai should be given the honour.

Sir Altaf Bhai.
Sub milkay kaho, ‘Sir.Altaf.Bhai ka Martaba Buland o Baala Ho’.

He stands in the same stead, difference only being pen and bullet. Latter is notorious with him and life long friend.
After all, he has the patience to stay away from his so-dear motherland. His patience should be re-war-ded.

Bichaara Altaf Bhai.
Kahan Wattan ki Mitti or Sehan ki Manji.

Nonetheless, Altaf would be counting the days when the Knighthood would be announced for him. And following the aftermath of May 12, the popularity of MQM has taken a dip; the Queen might be reconsidering the award to have ‘Sir’ Altaf to re-emerge from what has sent him in confusion since May 12th before the Karachiites.
Although, 13th is supposed to be ominous, but even the devils erred that day, in London.
Long live Ghoondaz. Oh ‘Sir’ Ghoondaz.




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18 06 2007

Apna naam aur pata aur number deijyega zara, ap sey hum milna chahtey hain.


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